Photos from Mabul, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia

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No worries
Bohay Dulang
Stilt house
A boat that is being lived in
Mother and children
The Bajo tribe at Botgaya Island
Kid on sampan
Some of the stilt houses
The kids
Happy day
The view from our accommodation
Our accommodation
The view from the island
Boat crew
The view on our way to Maiga Island
Grass or Pipefish?
Chromodoris Coi Nudibranch
Sansibia(?) Soft Coral
Red Tube Worm
Nembrotha Cristata Nudibranch
Mabul Rainbow
Mabul Sunset
Blue and Yellow Ribbon Eel
Photo 17
Dale and the starfish
Sophie on the beach
Sea gypsy children
Sea gypsies in their canoes
Mabul beach local
Sophie walking to the other side of the island
Sophie in the cool beach chair
Boat & Sunset
Sea gypsies by the resort
Dale and Sipidan
Mabul pier
Coral on Mabul
Patient crowd
Nudi branch
vanilla sky
Dolphin Lagoon
Mabul island
Dans les rues de Hong Kong 2
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