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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 10th 2011

So today when I went to get breakfast I realized I couldn’t find my meal card. So I ended up just walking in anyways and eating my free meal. Because we were leaving today for Guangzhou we all had to be packed and ready in the lobby by 9am. Today we went to the Macau museum for another lecture on Macau from a cultural perspective. After that I bought another shot glass in the museum souvenir store. And then we proceeded into this very interesting tourist town. This part of Macau that we were in resembled the European style of architecture even down to the tiles they used instead of tar. I found a dairy queen!! So naturally I order a kit-kat blizzard, it was amazing! Then we ate Japanese style in some building and after ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 9th 2011

So we entered Macau today. We entered by ferry. It was about an hour long ferry. Once we entered Macau the first thing I noticed was that everything was trilingual. The instructions were in Cantonese, Portuguese, and English. It was so strange to see streets and buildings in Portuguese in Southern china. So we board a bus and head towards a fancy restaurant but meanwhile all you can see are casinos everywhere! And I mean EVERYWHERE. Every other building was a casino! This gaming industry in Macau was definitely no joke! So we eat at this fancy restaurant and after that head to our hotel. After that we had a lecture on gambling and “Macau the sin city”. I’m going to skip the lecture because in all honesty nobody paid much attention. I actually videotaped everyone ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 9th 2011

We departed Hong Kong today for Macau. It took us about an hour to get to Macau on the ferry. We again had to go through immigration, because Macau is also a special administrative region. It was given back to mainland China, from Portugal, in 1999. Macau is known for its gambling which I experienced first hand today. The students were given a lecture on gambling and culture in Macau at the University of Macau. It is interesting to think that 80% of Macau's revenue comes from gambling, and its 32 casinos. After lecture, I had Portuguese food for dinner. The Portuguese have excellent desserts. I had a vanilla type pudding with crushed cookies. I also sampled some almond cookies. After dinner, I went to two casinos. The Venetian was my favorite, but we also visited ... read more
A Ma Temple
A Ma Temple
A Ma Temple

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island October 17th 2010

I sit gazing out across the hazy shores of Macau from Seb's flat on the 35th floor of the Manhattan Tower (, as the light slowly fades and my weekend here draws to a close. Dawn will bring the true beginning of my adventure, when I leave the comfort of my friend's luxurious abode and set out alone into the wild unknown! My adjournment in Macau has not been uneventful though, so as Seb is on his way to Beijing for a business meeting tomorrow and I'm left to entertain myself for the evening, I thought I'd try my hand at writing the first instalment of this blog and fill you in on the details. As I sat on the plane to Hong Kong the enormity of what I'm doing had yet to hit me, pre-occupied ... read more

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island June 3rd 2010

Sorry this blog has taken so long to complete and isn't written in the same upbeat tone of previous blogs, the pain of being home makes writing this rather difficult! The warm embrace of an old friend.... Thanks to Fay's abnormalities, red shirted protesters and overzealous government officials in Thailand, or in over simplified terms "Fate" has brought us to Malaysia's capital city for the third time in 4 months. Kuala Lumpur has become like an old friend, a warm and welcoming friend devoid of the grotesque people in Hanoi. Sure.... Malaysia's capital is far from perfect, but it sure as hell feels a lot more welcoming than Hanoi. Its streets are walkable, the people are friendly and we wake up happy to be here! After an extended stay in Vietnam's ugly capital we are much ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island February 3rd 2010

Master Kai’s first international rugby tournament - Hong Kong (Sandy Bay) VS Macau on Sunday 31st, 2010. Excitement abound Master Kai scored the opening try by a strong break down the wing. Fun was had by all and then to the beach. So Daddy could knock back sangria . ... read more

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island October 30th 2009

This morning Pepsi and I flew to Macau and Justin flew back to London via BKK. The last thing Justin did when he saw him off was accidently break Pepsi's sunglasses. Pepsi was so sad the whole afternoon his $20 go-lo glasses were broken. We landed in Macau at lunchtime and checked into the Grand Waldo hotel. It was nice to be back in a decent hotel where we could have a decent shower and relax. The day was quite relaxing and we played some blackjack and explored around the Cotai area. The Venetian is one of the biggest Casinos in the world and it was huge, very similar to the one in Vegas. The new City of Dreams complex was very impressive and we had prioirty tickets to the Bubble show there. The bubble show ... read more
Our Hotel
Buffet Dinner
City of Dreams

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island August 6th 2009

Taipa es la más pequeña de las islas pertenecientes a la región administrativa especial de Macao. En Taipa contrastan las construcciones que aún permanecen de estilo colonial portugués y algunos templos tradicionales chinos, con otras nuevas construcciones, así como los nuevos complejos hoteleros y casinos, ya en Cotai, el itsmo que conecta Taipa con Coloane. La comida riquísima. ... read more
TAIPA ISLAND (Macao)    (3)
TAIPA ISLAND (Macao)    (7)
TAIPA ISLAND (Macao)    (5)

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island May 11th 2009

Dear friends, This morning we leave our hotel in Hong Kong for a 3 days and 2 nights escape in the Venetian Casino and Resort Hotel Macau. We read about the Venetian Hotel in the weekly travelpart of the Algemeen Dagblad (a Dutch newspaper). The hotel is open since 2007 and is the largest casino and resort hotel in Macau - Taipa Island. Bear booked this escape as a farewell UMCG present for Monkey. It is here really great. The suite is fantastic, the service is great and there are also five swimmingpools with private cabanas (including airconditioning and a huge tvscreen). We played many times on the slotmachines and all that we lost was 200 Hong Kong dollar (around 18 euro), but we have lots of fun!!!!! We also went to a performance of Cirque ... read more
Impression of our suite in the Venetian Casino and Resort Hotel
Impression of our suite in the Venetian Casino and Resort Hotel
Impression of our suite in the Venetian Casino and Resort Hotel

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island December 27th 2008

在一個紅白兩色的亭子裡, 有一個地方像桌子, 上面放了麵飽、橄欖、芝士、葡萄牙肉腸片等東西. 遊客不停的走過來, 品嚐這些有特色的食物. 麵飽切了一小塊一小塊, 我取了一塊, 用牙簽把兩三塊肉腸片放在上面, 然後再放一塊麵飽, 像三文治一樣的放在口裡面, 味道很好. 我再多吃幾個三文治, 站在亭子裡面的職員不介意我吃了多少, 只看看我, 然後繼續替遊客添飲料. 我像在吃免費自助餐, 省下晚飯的錢. 這裡叫「葡韻嘉年華」, 是澳門一年一度的盛事 (但我只是今天才知道). 政府推廣文化活動, 在平常很少遊客留意的住宅式博物館前面的空地, 擺設了很多攤位, 有來自南美洲或是非洲的食物、工藝品和表演. 住宅式博物館在澳門的離島「乙水」仔, 只有幾間兩層高的房屋. 從... read more

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