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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island October 5th 2008

This last Sunday I left Hong Kong for the Las Vegas of Asia...Macau. This is a fun, casino/hotel-packed, old Portugese special region where gambling is legal, hence why it is Vegas of the East. This time around, I was heading for the Venetian hotel, and it's so big I spent the whole day there! Having been to the Venetian in Vegas it was interesting to compare! They are both massive! After a 1 hour ferry and a border crossing, a free bus to the Venetian my friends and I were in a grand lobby, purchasing tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show that evening. We had a fantastic Asian buffet lunch for $200 (about £12) before wandering around 'Venice' sort of! We crossed bridges over the grand canal, and strolled along to St. Mark's square! All ... read more
The Grand canal...sort of!
Bringing the outdoors in
The casino floor...heaving

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island June 2nd 2008

This morning we woke up got ready then headed down to the hotel restaurant for some breakfast. It was a huge buffet with all sorts of Asian foods, most of which Hannah and I wouldn't eat. We found some cereal and bread, ate breakfast then headed to reception to take the free shuttle bus to the Ferry Terminal on Macau Peninsula. We waited for a while but eventually the bus came and we were taken across to Central Macau. It was quite easy to get around in Macau because most of the casinos offered free bus shuttle to and from their casino to the Ferry Terminal. Once we arrived we jumped on the shuttle bus to 'The Sands' hotel and casino and had a quick look around inside. We went outside took some photos and walked ... read more

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island June 1st 2008

We woke up today and packed up our stuff ready to head down to reception and take a taxi to Bangkok airport. We arrived at the airport and checked in our luggage then went to a café upstairs and played cards while we waited for our flight to Macau. It was a short flight and we arrived at the tiny airport in the middle of the afternoon. After we cleared immigration we started to look for the best way to get to our hotel, the Grand Waldo on Tapai Island. To our pleasant surprise it was the closest hotel to the airport and was only a 5 minute drive. When we arrived we went straight to check in and after quite a wait at reception we finally were taken to our room. The room was fantastic, ... read more

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island April 7th 2008

So i finally got on the plane and left! 8 hours later i arrived at Hong Kong Airport. Hopped straight onto a train, then onto the ferry over to Macau to meet up with my friend Samo. I spent 4 years at uni with sam, and not seen him for 6 months, so it was great to see him again. Macau is something to be seen, and i think arriving at night i got the best intro. It's a small island just west of Hong Kong, and hour ferry ride, and for many years was owned by the portugese, not the Chinese. So unlike in China gambling is legal there. It's known as the "las Vegas" of China, and is now not owned by portugese but the chinese, but gained its independence not so long ago. ... read more
Macau 103
Macau 136
Macau 107

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island February 9th 2008

An old Chinese proverb says : For Chinese New Year you should head off to Macau for a Police concert. Well who am I to resist the tradition? I thus spent a couple of days in Macau, which is a small group of islands an hour away from HK, by ferry ride. If you are super posh you can also go there by helicopter, which is super fast and glamourous (given my already glamourous life in HK I felt it was time to do things a bit more normally). Macau used to be a Portuguese colony and you can still see some remnants of this. Street names are in Portuguese, sometimes bearing names of Portuguese big shots. The architecture is most fascinating, with many streets of multicoloured low rise colonial houses. Walking through the old colonial ... read more
The Lisboa casino & hotel
Lovely street food
Portuguese colonial remnants

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