Christopher Brighton Fay Winning


Christopher Brighton Fay Winning

Fay and Chris are about to embark on 4 months away together. Visiting Perth, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
Current plans - 3rd February 2010 Fly to Kuala Lumpur (Fun time begins!)
5th February Continue on to Perth
16h February Fly to Bali
26th February Fly to Singapore
No plans until 25th May when we fly to Hong Kong
2nd June Fly home :-(

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Braintree July 9th 2010

What a year...... On this glorious day, in what has been a fantastic year 2010 (so far), which has been the best year 2010 which we have ever witnessed, I thought I would share the musings of a 22 year old jobseeker! Me and Fay have been home just over a month, and whilst adjusting to life post travelling has been very difficult, and very frustrating at times, things have by no means been as bad as we have expected. After a four month trip in which the two of us frequently rued the day we would be travelling home to Braintree, and even more frequently lamented the country we would be going home to, commonly labelling the place as boring and rubbish - and even some slightly less savory words which i wont repeat, ... read more

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island June 3rd 2010

Sorry this blog has taken so long to complete and isn't written in the same upbeat tone of previous blogs, the pain of being home makes writing this rather difficult! The warm embrace of an old friend.... Thanks to Fay's abnormalities, red shirted protesters and overzealous government officials in Thailand, or in over simplified terms "Fate" has brought us to Malaysia's capital city for the third time in 4 months. Kuala Lumpur has become like an old friend, a warm and welcoming friend devoid of the grotesque people in Hanoi. Sure.... Malaysia's capital is far from perfect, but it sure as hell feels a lot more welcoming than Hanoi. Its streets are walkable, the people are friendly and we wake up happy to be here! After an extended stay in Vietnam's ugly capital we are much ... read more
Photo 4
Happy couple at Happy Valley

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Braintree June 3rd 2010

Being Home!! Home is where the heart is. Or so the saying goes. But after a perfectly good flight, on a perfectly good airline, with a perfectly good travelling companion, the heart isn't too sure where it belongs. A clear day and large airplane windows brings perfect views of Southend, Essex and London. Arriving at Heathrow, the arduous walk to Passport Control allows us to contemplate our lives past customs. A reality beckons, one that neither of us are prepared for and one we are not the least bit interested in. Our arrival at Heathrow was far more low key than our send off 119 days later. Nevertheless, our homecoming was greeted with excitement (By Mummy Lesley and Mummy Rachel). As we walked through the arrivals hall to our Mum's reality stuck Chris like a ... read more

Asia » Vietnam May 20th 2010

Historical, hands on Hue! We hopped about a little bit with our blogs, trying to bring you the more important news first. Now we are out of hospital, fay is on the mend, and we are just about ready to leave Vietnam. So Now we will try and convey some more of this beautiful country to you. After our rushed departure from Hoi An, we departed for Hue (this time in a comparitively comfortable seated bus!). Our ambitious timetable in Vietnam means we have allowed ourselves 2 nights, but only one day, in Vietnams historic former capital.  By the time we arrive the neon lights of night time in the city are already sparkling. Filling the panoramic windows of our city view room. Luckily for us, Phil gets thirsty waiting for Fay to get ready! ... read more
Fay on Bike tour!
Rice Farming on bike tour...
Prayer at Pagoda

Asia May 19th 2010

After wishing we had more time in Vietnam throughout our journey north to Hanoi, we have found a way to stay longer. Unfortunatly, this doesn't allow us to make our way up to Sapa, an area in the north of the country which looks stunning and a great base for trekking, nor does it allow us to visit the Red River Delta and spend some nights on a floating homestay. Instead we get to experience healthcare Vietnam style!  The small red area on Fay's leg, first spotted in Hoi An, has balloned up into an angry yellow, red and black bump by the end of our Ha Long Bay trip. It's causing her considerable discomfort, so much so that Fay struggles to walk. The small complaint about the little red mark in Hoi An, recieved little ... read more
Swollen Ankle!
Fay leg issues captivate audience!
The Knot.

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An May 16th 2010

Leaving Ho Chi Minh and hello Da Lat! Despite religious overtures, Ho Chi Minh City is a godforsaken place; from the bent taxi drivers, who take you round in circles (even when your watching them on a map), to the snatch a run petty thieves, from the lazy nose picking police, to the rude crowds who shove us out of the way at the palace!! So we are more than happy to be leaving this place for the cooler clims of Da Lat. Apart from being much, much colder, Da Lat isalso the centre of kitch and tackiness in Vietnam! Da Lat is relaxed, friendly and fun. We have now got company in the form of Cat and Phil, who have the same timetable as us and provide excellent travelling companions! Although, some scary comparisons ... read more
My Son - What the Americans didn't destroy...
King and Queen - Da Lat Summer Palace!
King and Queen

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi May 15th 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men..... Sitting in this hospital, nusing poor little Fay, leads one to become fairly philisophical. Travelling is a curious thing, an intricate set of plans either on paper or in the head of the traveller. Plans like; where next? How will we get there? And more concrete plans like prebooked flights and visa dates makes timing increasingly important. Our time in Vietnam, thus far, has been spent hurtling through this long diverse country, all aiming for our 15th may deadline and our flight to Bangkok. How pointless that all seems now, as fay lays in her hospital bed. Dressed to the nines in a beautiful white, one-piece, gown! She sleeps serenely, after another traumatic needle inserting incident.  Needless to say, We missed the flight. A blessing in disguise, a ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 May 14th 2010

Vietnam, unlucky, painful vietnam!! Part one..... Ok we are slightly behind, but our dramatic time in Vietnam is definately worth a read. The country has been incredibly infuriating and still impressively beautiful.   Our journey through this country started with a head spinning introduction in Ho Chi Minh City. ( saigon). Which is busting at the seams.  Our arrival was greeted with a cacophony of noise, as hundreds of scooters and horns permiating the air! The sheer volume of traffic, means the streets are best crossed blindfolded, with the innocent bravery of a child!  On our first day in the city we get a disturbing introduction to the American war and it's aftermath. The war reminants museum provides some grusome photos, most notabily the photo's of an American soldier holding the detached head and torso ... read more
Cat and Phil (Cu Chi Tunnels)
Renunification Palace (ho Chi Minh City!)
Notre Dam Cathedral HCMC

Asia April 27th 2010

Phnom Penh and Cambodia's dark history! After leaving Siem Reap, our almost perfect introduction to Cambodia, we headed to Phnom Penh the slightly more Intense city. Gone are our short jaunts into town on our bicycles, instead we are confronted with a city with an acute sanitation problem. When walking through the back streets piles of rubbish are swept up awaiting consumption by birds or other interesting creatures. Phnom Pehn is huge in size (well compared to Siem Reap at least). It makes our arrival in the city rather daunting, especially with our get there and wing-it style which we seem to have perfected in recent weeks! The city's main attractions, bar that of the Palace and National Museum lend itself to the dark period of Cambodia's recent past, Pol Pot and the reign of ... read more
A list of Rules for the Prisoners.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar April 12th 2010

Goodbye wonderful Chiang Mai We really loved Chiang Mai. Despite being the hinterland of the working class red shirts who have taken over Bangkok, we have found the people to be extremely friendly, far more relaxed and much more fun than their Southern counterparts. We won't forget the friendly hospitality of A, our cooking school host, or the smiling faces along the river during our rafting tour. We really wish we had more time for the place but after seven nights in Thailand's relaxed second city its time to head south, and on towards Cambodia. Not before one last activity in Chiang Mai though. We venture 40 miles north of the city to the forest, where we spend 2 hours swinging through the trees at Jungle Flight. Its all good fun, and very entertaining, even ... read more
2nd Class Sleeper Train!
The Railway station porter!
Our friend on our 3rd class train To Cha'am!

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