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Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 21st 2019

REFLEXIONS VOYAGEUSES Découvrir, rencontrer, vivre libre, confronter, analyser… Les intérêts du voyage au long cours sont multiples. Il m’arrive, au cours de ce voyage, depuis mon arrivée en Asie du sud-est en particulier, de penser récurremment à deux choses. Elles n’ont rien à voir entre elles. L’une concerne l’état d’âme du voyageur et son lien à ses origines, donc assez futile et d’ordre individuel. L’autre est d’ambition planétaire, d’avenir de l’humanité peut-être, il s’agit de la place grandissante et insidieuse de la Chine. Vous voyez que cela n’a aucun rapport, pour autant, aucun voyageur pris dans son utopie libertaire, n’échappe maintenant, acteur inactif, au rouleau compresseur chinois. Avec mes trois mois de voyage continu, je suis très souvent « petit jeu » parmi la masse des voyageurs de cette partie du monde. Beaucoup partent de chez ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha March 16th 2019

INTERMEDE THAILANDAIS Voici 2 jours à peine que j’ai quitté l’Inde, où je suis resté près de deux mois, et cela me semble déjà très loin. Le souvenir physique que j’en garde est cette piqûre de raie à la plante de mon pied gauche qui recommence à me lancer. Pour le reste, le contraste est tel, et mon nouvel environnement connu, comme si je rentrais chez moi, que je m’adapte facilement à ce tout autre univers. LES CHIANG SISTERS CHIANG SISTER ONE : CHIANG MAI Comme d’habitude maintenant, je zappe Bangkok et me rend directement à Chiang Mai au nord de la Thaïlande. Je déjeune avec Noi et une de ses amies. Noi est maintenant agent immobilier, en plus de son activité habituelle. Elle cible avant tout les investisseurs et expatriés étrangers, je ne tarde pas ... read more

Asia » Laos » North January 4th 2019

Boten, Laos 11-22-2018 Boten, Laos Nam 1955 My ung ho chanh phu Lao chong lai nhom than cong goi la Pathet Lao dua den cuoc chien bung no du doi vao nam1962 vi Pathet Lao duoc su ung ho cua Bac Viet vao Bac Viet chiem dong mot phan dat Lao vao thoi gian nay va dung dat Lao de la duong tiep te cho cuoc chien chong Nam Viet Nam. My ung ho Nam Viet Nam va bo bom du doi Lao. Nam 1968 Bac Viet ung ho Pathet Lao de lat do chanh quyen Lao. My bat dau chien dich dung B52 tha bom du doi vao Lao de giup Vuong quoc Lao va ngan Bac Viet dung duong mon Ho Chi Minh . Trung binh 8 phut moi trai bom duoc tha xuong ... read more

Asia » Laos » North January 4th 2019

Bangkok; Thailand, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 0 Thailand, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 1 Thai, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 2 Thailand, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 3 Thailand, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 4 Thailand, Laos 11-2018 DVD 203141 5 2018-11 Laos Mekong river Sunrise and Sunset Tour 11 2018 2018-11 Tiffany Show 11 2018 2018-... read more

Asia » Laos » North May 26th 2018

Laos: img= 41:39 2018, 5 Thailand, Laos, Macau, Hong Kong DVD 191703 2 No views26 seconds ago... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Viang Thong April 7th 2018

When it comes to crossing international borders, I tend to err on the side of caution. I have heard too many stories of corruption at "unofficial" border crossings. Rule One: Always, I repeat, always get your passport stamped when you enter or leave a country. Did I say ALWAYS!!! Most of you know I crossed a rather notorious border back in 1971, from West Berlin to East Berlin. I would consider that one of the most unique, and dangerous border crossings of my life. The East Germans pointed a machine gun at me when I crossed. I also told you that I went across on foot with an American hippie couple. She was rather attractive, so of course, they strip-searched her!!! We flew over the world's tallest international border. That would be none other than Mount ... read more
Always expect the unexpected
A bad selfie
St Taffy's and the Vatican

Asia » Laos » North February 26th 2018

The last two days of our trip, both traveling days. Having negotiated a private boat to take us from Muang Ngoi back to Nong Khiaw, we six (including Frank, Joanne, Julie & Alan) breakfast together on banana pancakes, baguettes, eggs, fruit and plentiful Laos Coffee before sailing from the jetty at 8.30am. The cloud is very low and all those spectacular views are hidden, so not too many photo opportunities. We were fascinated to watch villagers wading up to their waists collecting river weed, which is a local delicacy, hard cold work on this day! The plan on arrival at NK is that Frank and Joanne check into their new accommodation for one night, whilst us four head the one and a half kilometre route to the Bus Station to bag seats on the 11.00am minivan ... read more
Plenty of room for our luggage.
Relaxing in Muang Ngoi.
Gathering River Weed from the Nam Ou River.

Asia » Laos » North February 24th 2018

Up early today for our local trek, estimate roundtrip length, 15kms. We are delayed due to the low cloud, so our early breakfast intention becomes a late slow one, as we sit with our newly acquired friends. This is actually a bonus as Paula books us an exclusive private river boat for the 4/6 of us for our return on Sunday at a time that suits us and only £30 between us. We leave after a very average breakfast, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, bread, or pancakes, although Leo, having a sweet tooth, did enjoy his banana and custardy pancake. We set off along the only road out of town, to walk through the Mountains Via ? Caves where the Villagers used to hide from the B 52 Bombers then on to the tribal village of Ban ... read more
Muang Ngoi Main Street
Main street, 9.30am, Muang Ngoi Village, no rush hour traffic here.

Asia » Laos » North February 23rd 2018

What a storm last night. It raged on throughout the night with long growls of thunder and cracks of lightning. Paula says it was a very long night, Leo was enthralled. Big difference of opinion, clearly! Packed early, popped along to restaurant for breakfast. Lots of fellow guests looking a bit damp and in need of a good, hot breakfast, which is exactly what we got. Maybe the best breakfast yet on this trip, and we've had some good ones over the last few weeks. We have a ten minute walk to the ferry terminal for our 10.30am trip north east this morning, so ask housekeeping for a couple of large plastic bags to cover our backpacks, as the rain is starting to drizzle again, and it's likely we will get wet. With our tickets pre-bought ... read more
Morning Mist

Asia » Laos » North February 22nd 2018

Awake early and anticipate breakfast. Walk into main street and book tickets for Kuang Si Waterfall, 30kms out of town. Just the mini-van, no tour guide or cave add-ons, thank you. Leisurely walk around town, and picked up 11.30am as stated. Bit of an interesting journey, and we eventually arrive at the fall at 12.50pm which took longer than anticipated. We reckon we had the two most interesting seats in the overfilled mini-van, Paula next to driver, Leo front passenger. a bit cramped for two tall Westerners. This road adds a whole new dimension to potholes! The traffic is relatively light so we navigate most without damage, but we agree this route would be a definite 'No No' at night. Driver says 'back at bus by 3.30pm. This is great news, as we only expected two ... read more

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