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Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu August 11th 2009

As I promised, here is part 2 of my Japan adventure. This entry will finish off the photos from the Izu peninsula and then I will talk about Kyoto in the 3rd part. More mountains, flowers, clouds, sea and food to see! I also have included the crazy maze of a journey that we had at our first (Hotel) that has 14 different pictures to capture the journey from our personal room to the front door (exit). In between each picture I took several steps. It really was a very long (exciting) walk. Along with all of that there are extensive Waterfall pictures! I need to get the pictures from my parents of me swimming in the waterfall!!!! :) SOOOO cool! OOH! and a sprial bridge!!! 3 times!!! heehee! It all ends with a mountain top ... read more
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0264
Jeffrey and Charles
Clouds, mountains and trees!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu July 5th 2009

We started our travels by staying a few days in Shimoda 下田 on the Izu Peninsula 伊豆半島. While there we rented a car and traveled all along the coast taking hundreds of pictures as we went. It was "off" season, so the roads and tourist areas were not busy. Good thing for the roads especially! They are very much like the roads you find in the peak district in England. Beautiful, narrow, and very curvy! Fun but a little scary at times. Also the onsens (Natural hot springs heated from the earth's core), were mostly empty so we could relax in our own private baths. While in Shimoda, we stayed at a Ryokan. (Ryokan are Japanese style inns - Guests stay in Japanese style rooms with tatami floor and a low table. Shoes are usually removed ... read more
Bird of Paradise!
Our first views of Japan

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu March 9th 2008

On the weekend Mario and I went to our favourite place, the Izu Peninsula, for his birthday and our last trip away before we leave Japan. In Kawazu, there is a different type of cherry blossom that flowers much earlier than the others, so we made a stop there catching our last glimpse of the beautiful flowers before we leave Japan. We stayed near Shirahama beach, at a very nice Japanese ryokan, the owner was super nice, the place too! The next day was Mario's birthday, we had cake after breakfast, went for a walk along the beach then had lunch at a Japanese lobster restaurant! It was delicious, but I preferred the lobster cooked so put the pieces in my hot miso soup! :) On our drive home, we really didn't want the trip to ... read more
Very Japanese
We went back!  but this time there was no water in the pool
Sexist but funny toilet sign haha

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu August 5th 2007

Another perfect weekend away with Mario at Izu, my favourite peninsula! I love Izu because it feels like it is miles away from Japan, like somewhere in Europe almost! The scenery is so beautiful and everyone is relaxed and friendly - it has a real holiday feel!... read more
A colourful japanese beach on the east coast of Izu
We stopped briefly at Atami, or was it Nice?
Definitely enjoying my icecream!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu June 21st 2007

Summer time has definitely begun in Japan, I am pretty sure I am going to melt this summer. A friend and I decided to escape the heat and head for the coast yesterday. We made our way out to the Izu Peninsula an area just west of Shizuoka that is famous for ohnsen and beautiful coast lines. It is also famous for a small town called Shimoda which is where a US consulate was set up in 1856 when Japan first opened its ports to Commodore Perry and Westerners. Leslie is another Nova teacher I met back in March at a kids training session. She lives in Numazu, a city about one hour north of Shizuoka by local train and on the way to the Izu Peninsula. We met in Numazu and took the train ... read more
The Black Ship
View of the Jogasaki Coast
The Suspension Bridge

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu June 15th 2007

Woke early to enjoy the onsen before breakfast! I met an Australian lady at the onsen. It’s her 2nd time staying at this traditional Ryokan which has charmed her and left wonderful memories when she 1st visited it years ago with her husband. Now, they are back with their daughters who are about my age! She had actually woken at 5am to come to the onsen and this made us lazy bums who only managed to crawl out of bed at 7am. Haha… What a relaxing way to start the day! We would love to stay longer in the onsen but we have arranged for breakfast to be served at 8am. Ryokan breakfast was an interesting affair once again! Though not as WOW as the dinner, the dishes were yummy too! Especially the half-boiled egg, ... read more
Breakfast! we love the egg!!
Approaching Shirahama beach!! Beautiful!
White sandy Shirahama beach!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu June 8th 2007

Despite the rain, we decided to leave Hakone early in order to be able to explore our next destination, Shimoda! Instead of taking the bus through the winding mountain road which will take about an hour plus to reach Odawara, we chose the more comfortable train ride. Back to Gora where we bought more souvenirs and local specialties and caught a train to Odawara. Initial plan was to explore the vibrant Odawara town center but we decided against it when we found out that the next train will be 2hrs later! As we were expecting a long train ride, we rushed to buy our bento sets before boarding the train bound for Izu Peninsula. Japanese bento sets aren’t just attractive in their packaging, but very delicious too. Dear chose a bento with pork slices marinated ... read more
"Only women" carriage from 730am to 930am
dear's bento: Sliced pork
my assortment of bento dishes! yummy!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu May 26th 2007

On Saturday, Mario and I, along with 'Blue Angel', caught the ferry from Shimizu to Toi. After some takoyaki (octopus balls) for breakfast, we geared up and set off to Koibito Misaki - Sweet Lovers Point. We headed down the coast to a monkey park, then had a nap in the grass, before stopping at the southern most tip of the peninsula - Irozaki. We then continued to drive, actually ride, around the coast, checked out another beach and then decided to return to Irozaki for sunset. It was soooo windy at the top there was a bell that began ringing by itself! We stayed the night at a nice onsen (hot spring) ryokan in Shimoda and after our baths (separately), I was spoiled with Moet and strawberries! We got up early (for Japan standards) and ... read more
Beautiful Sunset
Shirahama Beach

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Izu February 10th 2007

For my last long weekend in Japan and for Rebekahs birthday we took a trip to Izu, the peninsula opposite to Shizuoka, and part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. So here it is.... Counting Fun in Izu!!!! 1 Unexplored peninsula, home of onsens, WHITE sand beaches and rugged coastline. And begonias, apparently. 2 Tentative, shy and very naked bodies in a steaming hot onsen with a bathload of Japanese women in Shuzenji. 3 Bitter, twisted and very single girls trekking to Koibito Misaki (Sweet Lovers Point) the week before Varentines Day. At least the view of Fuji was good. 4 Hire car wheels screeching up a very steep drive to Marty Mouse Youth Hostel in Shiruhama (which nearly resulted in 4 hire care wheels reversing into a wall at the bottom of teh very steep drive ... read more
Shiruhama Beach
Human Kaleidoscope
Hire car fun!!

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