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February 10th 2007
Published: March 11th 2007
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The lovers bellThe lovers bellThe lovers bell

I dont think your meant to ring it if you go there alone- but i did!
For my last long weekend in Japan and for Rebekahs birthday we took a trip to Izu, the peninsula opposite to Shizuoka, and part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. So here it is....

Counting Fun in Izu!!!!


Unexplored peninsula, home of onsens, WHITE sand beaches and rugged coastline. And begonias, apparently.


Tentative, shy and very naked bodies in a steaming hot onsen with a bathload of Japanese women in Shuzenji.


Bitter, twisted and very single girls trekking to Koibito Misaki (Sweet Lovers Point) the week before Varentines Day. At least the view of Fuji was good.


Hire car wheels screeching up a very steep drive to Marty Mouse Youth Hostel in Shiruhama (which nearly resulted in 4 hire care wheels reversing into a wall at the bottom of teh very steep drive to Marty Mouse Hostel.


Hours spent driving around looking for food over the weekend (there seemed to be a severe lack of eating places that were open in Izu.


Skittles waiting to be knocked over in a sideshow alley that we syumbled upn after onsening.


Beautiful shells collected on Shiruhama beach. Beautiful white sand, unheard of in my Japan experience!!


Shiruhama BeachShiruhama BeachShiruhama Beach

We thought this tree looked like a big bonsai. The weather looks perfect, little nippy tho!!
of the Jyoren waterfalls trying to get me perfectly 'on the side'


Dollars for a pretty pricey sprig of wasabi!!


Songs sung at the top of our lungs to distract me from sea sickness in the 60 minute ferry ride from Shimizu to Izu.


Birthday candles on Rebekahs Snickers cake. Actually there were only two but she was 28 years old.


Knot winds that prevented us from taking the scenic cruise along Dogashimas' limestone coast.


Winding corners up and down mountains- resulting in


case of car sickness.


Cherry blossoms at the festival that had at least


stalls. The blossoms arrived earlier than Shiz, we're still waiting for the full effect here.

Additional photos below
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Good timing! Smile birthday girl!Good timing! Smile birthday girl!
Good timing! Smile birthday girl!

We took a break from singing to take a few snaps
Jyoren WaterfallsJyoren Waterfalls
Jyoren Waterfalls

There is no photo of me on the side coz Rebekah couldnt get it right!!
Wasabi at JyorenWasabi at Jyoren
Wasabi at Jyoren

Izu is known for its wasabi, its like a waterlily, with the root being the bit you eat.
Marty MouseMarty Mouse
Marty Mouse

And its pink door!
Rebekah SenseiRebekah Sensei
Rebekah Sensei

Doing a birthday dance! This is in our room at Marty Mouse- the name was Wooty Mouse- 500 yen for anyone that can explain!!

12th March 2007

Sweet Love and Steam - save that thought for Austria ;)
To my koibito, Amy...another impressive blog, love all the photos, especially Fuji of course! (RIP). Never realised Izu was so diverse, will definitely have to visit. Those fish were seriously scary!!! Just two more weeks, can't wait! Today went to the Adelaide Cup, it was a great day except I got totally burnt, didn't see any horses and lost my bet, ah well! Saturday, saw Mel, she had a fantastic time overseas, was great seeing her! xxxxx
12th March 2007

Hi Aims
Guess, ya will be a bit of a celeb when you get home. Maybe a scoot on Getaway or something similar would be approp. Anyway, great pic's and fab blog, thanks for your great stories, absolutely jealous!. c ya when ya get home. Ben rat.
14th March 2007

Hi Amy HAven't looked at Yahoo for ages so missed your blog! Great pics. I liked the kaleidescope best. My brother Alan, wife Ayuko and Ryosuke have just gone home...we miss them so much already and Claire wants to get on the next plane to visit!! Ayuko made sushi for us but we had run out of sushi and had to ring every house in the street to find someone to lend us some! (there are actually only 5 houses on the street). Alan brought over a huge kite he had made and we nearly lost Matthew when the wind blew hard and lifted him right off the ground. Lucky it wasn't Claire, she might have ended up anyway. Played lots of golf with Alan and Ayuko...so cheap over here (apparently!!) Love Sheila
17th March 2007

ni Japan desuka?
Looks like fun!! I wish I was in Japan... You dont have too much longer there right? *sigh.... What will I do without all the pictures of Japan?

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