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August 11th 2009
Published: October 20th 2009
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Just like Korea, due to shortage of land space, the Japanese will create a cemetery anywhere they can. It is in the main town on a side street.
As I promised, here is part 2 of my Japan adventure.
This entry will finish off the photos from the Izu peninsula and then I will talk about Kyoto in the 3rd part.
More mountains, flowers, clouds, sea and food to see!
I also have included the crazy maze of a journey that we had at our first (Hotel) that has 14 different pictures to capture the journey from our personal room to the front door (exit).
In between each picture I took several steps. It really was a very long (exciting) walk.
Along with all of that there are extensive Waterfall pictures!
I need to get the pictures from my parents of me swimming in the waterfall!!!! 😊 SOOOO cool!
OOH! and a sprial bridge!!! 3 times!!! heehee!
It all ends with a mountain top garden and saying hello to Captain Jack Sparrow!
Izu was wonderful!



(I started this entry about 4 months ago, and now I have finished. sorry for the delay)
(part 3 coming...hopefully soon)

Additional photos below
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Jeffrey and CharlesJeffrey and Charles
Jeffrey and Charles

taking pictures
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily02392009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0239
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0239

Trying to get a picture of the Bamboo was very difficult.
Travelling along the coastTravelling along the coast
Travelling along the coast

taking pictures all along the way
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily02542009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0254
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0254

so that red line is the road that we were dring on
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily02552009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0255
2009 0621JapanBusanWithFamily0255

The road looks like a wet noodle!

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