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Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island January 24th 2018

Wednesday, 24th January 2018 I took a full day sightseeing tour of Ishigaki and Taketomi Islands today. Public transportation options do exist and it is possible to do it DIY if time permits. The full day tour is rather easy to arrange having booked the program prior to my arrival in Okinawa. It includes a delicious set lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. My day started at the small bus station next to my accomodation. Commentaries were conducted in Japanese so I did some read-up on the web prior to the tour. Since Ishigaki is a small island, we didn't have to travel far before reaching the various tourist spots that the bus would bring. Our first stop this morning is the Toujin Grave (Chinese Tomb) about 15 minutes from where we started in the ... read more
Tamatorizaki Observatory Point

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island January 23rd 2018

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 After breakfast today, there was still a bit of time for me to continue exploring the grounds of the Ocean Expo Park before my flight to Ishigaki Island in the afternoon. When it was finally time for me to say goodbye to the cute dolphins and beautiful aquarium, I boarded a Yanbaru Express bus (2,000 Yen) to Naha Airport to continue my vacation at Ishigaki Island. I was really impressed by the one hour ANA flight today. The stewardess were really kind and upon knowing that I couldn't speak Japanese, she made a special effort to pop by mid-way through the flight just to make sure that everything was okay for me. This was really genuine Japanese hospitality at its best that ANA should be really proud of! My flight landed on ... read more
My flight to Ishigaki
My Hotel

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island July 10th 2010

Hey people! So today the calender say the 10th of July, though I'm writing a bit about my diving trip with manta and other fish! I have taken many pictures, and a lot of video's, though most of them are to big to be uploaded, anyone know of a good way to make them smaller in size? anyway back to the 4th, I woke up haft past 7, took a quick shower and went down to the convinient store to buy some quick breakfast. after swallowing the rice I went over to the diving shop (200 meters from the hostel) and prepared for dives. we where 5 people and 2 instructors. 2 people where taking their licenses while the rest of us went exploring. we started at nizakanzen point and there we dived to around 18 ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island July 4th 2010

30 / 06 - 2010 I really didn't do much today, though I did write some emails, read some in my book, and wrote on my blog. at 15.00 I heard a knock on my door, and saw the owner. He told me that Yumi wouldn't be coming to pick me up, and that she didn't have time to go get Yoko and her American friend (Michelle), who where to arrive at 16.40. I decided to go by myself, and arrived at the airport 16.30. after meeting them, we took a taxi and went to Hotel art box where Michelle is living until tomorrow (the 3rd). We drove into town and placed Yoko sensei's stuff in our room(we share room). Then we went to a Izakaya to drink a couple of beers and and ate some ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island June 30th 2010

27 / 06 - 2010 I woke up around 10 in the morning, feeling well relaxed. I took a shower and cleaned the room a bit. Takuma came by around 11.30 and together we drove down to a “secret” beach, with 2 staff members from the hotel. Fortunately the hotel had plenty of snorkeling equipment to borrow from, so with the trunk full of beverage and equipment, the 3 lads and I rode down to take a swim. It was low tide, so it was somewhat hard to get out into deeper waters due to the poisonous coral, but we managed. There I took some pictures and some movies, which I have posted. Unfortunately the pictures don't show all the multitude of colors, apparently I hadn't set the cameras configuration correct, bummer!. We swam quit a ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island June 28th 2010

25 / 06 - 2010 So i woke at 06:40, totally startled, surprised that my iPod hadn't notified me at 06.15 as the alarm was set to. So i looked at it, to find out it was out of battery.. damn lucky i woke up by myself. (praise jet-lag), had I woken up much later, then I wouldn't have made my flight from Hanada. Got onboard the plain around 10, after spending sometime going through security. The good part of the trip was I didn't have to pay for the 6 kilos of overweight I had in my trunk, luck was really with me on that day. There where no problems at all from Hanada to Ishigaki, though it was a bit long and tiresome. When I arrived at Ishigaki airport, I hit a wall of ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Ishigaki Island August 23rd 2005

So I'm in Ishigaki now and this place is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I spent the rest of the afternoon on monday walking around the shops in Naha again and even though my boat didn't leave til 8pm I planned to get there around 7pm just to be on the safe side, so i started to make my way back to the ferry terminal around 6.30pm that evening, knowing it may take me a while to walk back with my backpack, and it probably sounds silly that I went that early but I used every minute of that time, as things turned out not as I would have hoped. Not bad, but well let me explain... I walked to the ferry terminal that I had been dropped off at the night before ... read more
Sandy streets
Cute little houses

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