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July 10th 2010
Published: July 10th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

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at the bottom
Hey people!
So today the calender say the 10th of July, though I'm writing a bit about my diving trip with manta and other fish! I have taken many pictures, and a lot of video's, though most of them are to big to be uploaded, anyone know of a good way to make them smaller in size?

anyway back to the 4th, I woke up haft past 7, took a quick shower and went down to the convinient store to buy some quick breakfast. after swallowing the rice I went over to the diving shop (200 meters from the hostel) and prepared for dives. we where 5 people and 2 instructors. 2 people where taking their licenses while the rest of us went exploring. we started at nizakanzen point and there we dived to around 18 meters for 38 minutes. the sight was good and the water temperature was around 28 degrees. there where many stony walls surrounding us, which we had to swim in between - fun! many fish and other sightings!

we had a one hour break with lunch. so after eating the bento(lunchbox) I went snorkelling a bit. and after that we sailed on to the

these pictures are taken with my camera
next diving point.

The next diving point was called Manta Scramble - and I understand why! there where dozens of them! everywhere 2 - 3.5 meters in "wingspan" creatures flying through the water and moving with a ease only water-creatures can. WOW! It was a bit terrifying having such a beast swimming one 1 meter above you, who then suddenly switches direction. nearly swallowed water once and a while.
can't really explain it in words, simply amazing! hope the pictures show some of it!

Stay tuned!

Additional photos below
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the view was much better then shown on the pictures. sad

here lives Nemo


more of those fish thingie's

don't really know what it is! something under water maybe?

11th July 2010

how to resize pics
I use paint.net or shrinkpictures.com

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