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Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote April 14th 2017

As we planned our trip, we worked with Inside Japan Tours ( on an itinerary that would follow the blooming of Japan’s famous cherry trees. We started in Tokyo and didn’t move to the very northern areas until early April. While in Japan, we read studies documenting the effects of global warming on the bloom: it’s occurring earlier each year. NOT THIS YEAR. This spring, storms and unseasonably cool temperatures followed us throughout our trip. We’ve been consistently 5-7 days ahead of the blossoms. “Oh, we are so sorry. They bloom next week …” However, this itinerary also sent us through some of the most beautiful parts of northern Japan, even though we saw more snow than flowers. We caught a few bravely flowering trees in Kyoto and Kanazawa, but most of the time, we saw ... read more
Yep -- it's over my head
Thatched roof in Shirakawa-go
Our Ryokan in Takayama

Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote February 20th 2010

This year I spent Valentine's Day in Akita with the boy. Took the night bus on Wednesday night from Tokyo and arrived Thursday morning. After some much needed sleep we went spent a lazy Thursday at his place just enjoying each other's company. We cooked up a delicious batch of chicken kabuli and got unintentionally drunk on two gingerhais. (Black Stone shochu is far too smooth to be 40%!) It was pretty nice night regardless :) Friday we went to Meat Men with everyone for Chika's birthday - the same place we went for my birthday in December. It was just as delicious the second time around and only cost $40! Considering the amount of meat and alcohol you get it's totally worth it. I couldn't go there more than once a month though. It's just ... read more
Snow Lanterns
Penis Man Statue
I was loving it

Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote March 22nd 2006

Kyo wa march 21st It’s spring! Happy spring to everybody! I think that springs deserve that we say happy spring to each other… it’s a day that announces reborn… renew, freshness and warm sun. Today was my before last last day in Akita… it went sooo fast… well two weeks is always passing fast but I really feel I didn’t spend enough time here to bath myself in it… don’t know if I’m clear but oh well… Since last time, what did I do? We had this big party on Friday, it was a really nice evening. Diana invited all her friends for dinner. There was: The family, Kazuhide and his mom, Yoko, Nakagawa and Waga. Yoko is really nice, she’s 19 and doesn’t speak Japanese… so we didn’t say much but I felt we could ... read more
Toyo and his bear jacket
Me and Yoko
Diana in a crazy moment!

Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote March 17th 2006

Yo! Comment ça va dans votre patelin qu’est le Québec! Ici la neige a déjà toute fondue, il ne reste plus que les champs qui sont encore couverts… Yokote semble être un coin populaire du Japon. Tout le monde n’arrête pas de me dire, à chaque fois que je goûte quelque chose de nouveau : « Oh, tu sais, cette affaire là est reconnue comme une des meilleures au Japon. » C’est ça pour les champignons, une sorte de brochette de poulet, l’eau, le sake, les daikon (une sorte de cornichon fumé… pas très bon) le lait de soya, les belles filles et j’en oublie! Ils ont aussi un dialecte très prononcé, certains disent même que ce n’est plus du Japonais. En tout cas il est sûr que les gens sont fiers de leur région ici! ... read more
Le Japonais vraiment cool, Toyo et moi
Le Japonais vraiment cool et moi
Miku... avouez quelle na pas lair dune fille de 9 ans...

Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote March 15th 2006

Hi! This week I’ve been very busy! Or I should say these last two weeks! I didn’t think I would write that late. But here it’s pretty a working beat so there isn’t too much big events to talk about. Still, I’ve plenty of things to say! I’m homestay in a family of five: Diana, Toyo and their three daughters: Miku, Mayu and Lina, 9, 6 and 4 years old. Their house is also Diana’s private school, so I’m sleeping in the classroom. She has something like 70 students plus she goes in kindergarden and elementary school few times a week. Takaashi is working for her, they’re splitting the job. My job is to go with them and help them with the classes! It’s all very basic courses: alphabet, numbers, days of the week, self-presentation and ... read more
Lina sleeping with her tamagochi
Mayu and I
special demand

Asia » Japan » Akita » Yokote March 5th 2006

Konnichiwa minnasan! Je suis enfin arrivée à Yokote, où je serai pour les 3 prochaines semaines. Je dis enfin : laissez-moi expliquer l’ampleur du mot ‘enfin’ ici. Comme j’ai écrit dans mon dernier message, jeudi a été la journée la plus cool que j’ai passée jusqu'à maintenant au Japon… j’avais dit aussi que j’avais manqué mon bus, n’est-ce pas? Bon, après avoir payé pour un autre billet, nous avons passé une soirée pas mal tranquille, en partie à attendre une fille que Yanick avait rencontré la soirée d’avant… et qui a été 2 heures en retard… mais bon c’est un détail car après nous avons rejoint Mayumi et Chris qui avaient passé la journée dans un internet café à essayer de dormir… tout le monde était vraiment épuisé de la soirée d’avant! Nous avons été manger ... read more
Une gang de freaks vraiment cool
Une gang de freaks vraiment cool

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