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March 22nd 2006
Published: March 22nd 2006
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Kyo wa march 21st

It’s spring! Happy spring to everybody! I think that springs deserve that we say happy spring to each other… it’s a day that announces reborn… renew, freshness and warm sun. Today was my before last last day in Akita… it went sooo fast… well two weeks is always passing fast but I really feel I didn’t spend enough time here to bath myself in it… don’t know if I’m clear but oh well… Since last time, what did I do?

We had this big party on Friday, it was a really nice evening. Diana invited all her friends for dinner. There was: The family, Kazuhide and his mom, Yoko, Nakagawa and Waga. Yoko is really nice, she’s 19 and doesn’t speak Japanese… so we didn’t say much but I felt we could get along together… she was kind in a bad mood because the guy she loved just quit her… and she still loves him… all night she just repeated even when she was laughing‘ I just can’t forget him’ and oh I would have like to talk to her because I went through that not long ago…you know when you have a good time but you still have the thought of a lost love at the back of your head, accompagning you everywhere you go every second? Anyway I would have like to tell her that it was possible to feel better, that it would come without her noticing but that she had to go through that, that this pain was impossible to avoid…We had a big feast with plenty of yaki nasu (grilled eggplant… sooo good) and good drinks. We decided then to go at the karaoke. There were not much English songs and nobody knew them except me so I didn’t sing much but it was fun. Kazuhide is one of the students at the English school, he’s 17 and his English is not bad but he can’t have any conversation yet, but still, he tried singing a song in English, that made me happy! Waga invited me to go to Disney land with him and other people I guess this summer… he said that it was on him… I didn’t refuse… but you know… it’s weird, don’t know if I like that… he’s kind of old… I guess he’s not mean but still… I’m not the kind to be attracted to old men… hihi.

During these two weeks I improve a lot my Japanese… I can understand some complete sentences now! I studied a lot of kanji, I must know about 50 now! You know, these complicated signs that mean 10 different things at a time? It’s complicated, all about Japanese language is hard… but I realized how much the brain is able to learn… and I know now that I can learn Japanese if I want.

I enjoyed really much my time here. Takashi is so nice and we talked a lot… it’s not often that I feel confortable to speak that much to someone and he has been a great hear. It was nice to say what was in my head… once in a while it reminds you who you are. And Takashi is really close from his mood I would say… hihi… he’s really living in the present and trying to analyse how he feels and saying ‘life is beautiful’ every time he feels bad. And he always says ‘Wow’ even when there’s nothing to ‘wow’ about… I just think it’s great! I say more wow now! He gave me a book from CHOSE, called 11 minutes… here’s some passages I liked really much… I don’t say that I think exactly like her, but still, it’s nice:

‘When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side. I saw this happen today as the sun went down. And yet if something goes wrong, there is nothing left! No herons, no distant music, not even the taste of his lips. How is it possible for the beauty that was there only minutes before to vanish so quickly?

Life moves very fast. It rushes us from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds.’

Diana is just great with kids… you should see her while teaching… she’s the one teaching to the youngest ones… and she fits perfectly… she has a youngest heart than me! Yeah… I still feel kind of ackward with the kids… I really don’t know with them, I’m kind of frozen… I guess it comes with time! And if I was speaking their language too it would help a lot! Diana is so a hard-worker… she sleeps not much, get up in the morning to take care of her three tornado daughters and then teach and work all day…and cooks at 11PM for the day after… wow… We are really different her and I but we have these points in common… like our craziness… and we like to laugh.

The three girls are just amazing… they have sooo much imagination, creativity, it’s crazy! The energy they have, I hope they’ll keep it for long! They’re all gonna become great women, I’m sure! Miku is the most calm one… she’s 9 but looks 15… sometimes she gazes for long minutes… like if she was having her existential crisis… yesterday she talked to me… didn’t know what she was saying so we asked her mother… and it was a poem… really deep poem… wow… She’s sincere and independent, and at the same time she has her craziness… sometimes she just go crazy and shout out loud for nothing (I just love that) …I see her hit the road, visit many countries and sing songs with her guitar… or something else I don’t know… hihi… Anyway I can’t wait to see what these are gonna become and I hope the best for her.

And then there’s Toyo… I like his geek side… he’s really nice and sometimes you realize that he’s less shy than he seems. We also have something in common him and I… some kind of similar vibe… can’t tell what… maybe the fact that we are both geeks…

Tomorrow is my last day here… I’m leaving for something big, really big! It’s gonna be for three months and a half this time! Wow! I’ll pass by Tokyo on Thursday to spend a day with Seb and Yanick. I kind of miss them now! Yanick probably found me a place to sleep (I have no money for hotel!) because he’s staying at Keita’s place so maybe I’ll go there too! So that makes the four of us, maybe more, to have a nice party before I go at school and study hard! So I’ll give you some other news soon I guess!

Hum, if by chance you’re looking for new music to listen… download some Iron and Wine. It’s my suggestion of the week… one of my favorite bands… I’m listening to them a lot these time… I would describe it as ‘neutral music that makes you feel good even if you can’t tell why’

Mayu and ChrisMayu and ChrisMayu and Chris

She could jsut sleep there... in a karaoke... crazy!

Mata ne!


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22nd March 2006

よこ かわいい です Yep its pretty complicated learning Kanjis.. Mostly the fact they all have 2 sound, the japanese and chinese one. And you have to figure out which one it is when reading.. anyway. Im still at the early step of memorising my kanas.. so =
22nd March 2006

est ce que tu es en train dessayer de mexpliquer comment les kanjis fonctionnent? hihi, non je blague, cest surement pour expliquer aux autres gens que tu le fais! ;)
25th March 2006

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Super beau tes cheveux!! Pardonne mon silence, je te redonne des nouvelles trèes bientôt.

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