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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram February 23rd 2013

Now i been in Indonesia for 3 weaks.Everyday have been totaly awsome. No stress just do what ever.So now its time to start this trip for real. I just bougt a bike and in two days i will start biking from Mataram to Florens. Its quite good roads throw Lombok so that will not be a problem. Sumbawa will be an big adveture. It will be fun to se how long time this will take me. Im supposed to meet 3 friends in Florens in about 7-9 days. Next uppdate i hope i can bring some pitcures from the begining of the trip. Love life ! Peace! Tjo Sverige! Idag fixade jag en ganska fet cykel i Mataram Huvudstaden i Lombok. Langade typ 600 svenska for en begagnad super cykel.Helt ok jag kenner mig lite som ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok January 10th 2013

Visit to lombok at our 14 Night Gems of Asia Cruise onboard Celebrity Millennium It was the first large cruise ship that visited Lombok - so that local authorities were not experienced. It meant little traffic problems around the harbor and problems with logistics - but we did however go on our tour of Lombok. The coastline on the east coast is very beautiful. On the east side of the island is cultivated mainly rice, while there is very dry in the northern part of the island. Housing and living conditions are very primitive. We ate lunch at a restaurant and the island's largest waterfall. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta December 18th 2012

Tuesday morning I went surfing the first morning with a group from the homestay (Miles, Dan, Rafael, Tom and me) at Gerupak Bay. A 7km drive from Kuta but one that is over pretty poorly kept roads, where it is safer and easier and more comfortable to drive on the soft gravel shoulder than on the road itself. Got to the bay and rented a boat (an outrigger canoe) to take out to the surf break. We ended up at "Insides," one of the five breaks in the bay. I had never surfed off a boat before and it was a really cool experience. It gave a whole new perspective on the motion of the wave itself and the paddle out was so much easier! The break was pretty crowded but I still managed a few ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Meno October 9th 2012

THE GILI ISLANDS The next stage of our journey was one I’d been looking forward to. The Gili Islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno & Gili Air – are just north-west of Lombok, a 1.5 hour speedboat journey from Bali. These three small islands (Gili literally means “small island”) are where people go to get a taste of the Robinson Crusoe experience. Traveller’s tip: there are a few companies who offer transport to the Gilis. Do not book directly on their website as you’ll end up paying much more - up to 1.4m rupiah for a return ticket. We paid 500k for a return, including transfers to and from Ubud. Check around lots of travel agents in Bali as they offer big discounts. We did a lot of haggling, but I have heard of people getting ... read more
Gili T
Gili T
Gili T

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Meno September 17th 2012

When we arrived in Bali the cloud of sad thoughts was upon us....were we really to leave Asia in just 10 days? It was kind of hard to believe, considering that we have spent past 11 months exploring different corners of that vast continent. We still had a lot of places to see on our list but no time left to see it all. Have we miscalculated the amount of time we needed to complete this part of our trip? Maybe we overstayed too long in some places because we liked it there so much. Nevertheless we had to make a decision what really we were going to do and we opted for 'no rush - no fuss' type of travels. After being dropped by the agency at the ferry terminal we hopped on a ferry ... read more
Gili Meno
us enjoying last sunset in Asia
Gili Air

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan September 17th 2012

Next up was Gili Trawangan, this is a very small island off the coast of Lombok, Gili literally means Small Island, but this collection of 3 islands tends to be known just as the Gili’s. Gili T is the biggest and has a reputation for being the most party island of the three. The island is only tiny, about 3km by 2km, all perfect white sand and coral reefs and no cars, sounds dreadful! Getting to Gili T involved the most expensive boat yet! About 40 quid each and it was a bit of a minefield. These boats have varying safety records, some do sink and the Lombok straight is a rough and dangerous bit of water, so we splashed the cash for the most reputable we could find. This paid off though as we had ... read more
cool as they come!
gili T sunset!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air September 17th 2012

The journey to Gili Air was really simple, the three Gili islands are so close together that there’s an island hopping boat service that takes you there. The journey took all of 20 minutes via Gili Meno. Although as always it took as about an hour to find out what time it left in the morning, after being told 5 different times! Before we made the short trip across top Gili Air we’d had a quick look on the internet for a few ideas on places to stay, it wasn’t really a surprise to find next to nothing so as soon as we arrived we headed off to find somewhere for to stay. We looked at 3 or 4 places before deciding on bungalow set about 50 yards from the beach, it was fairly basic but ... read more
little gili air
millions of rupiah! ...unreliable cash machines on Air!
nobody but us!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani September 17th 2012

Finally...we bring you the Rinjani story....better late than never (its very time consuming you know and we have been far to busy having fun!) While we were on the Gili islands we seen lots of agents offering the chance to climb a volcano called Gunung Rinjani on Lombok, and after a little while we sort of started to think that it might be something good to do. It’s not often you get the chance to climb a volcano and later in the trip we’re doing the Inca Trail trek and maybe this could provide us with a bit of practice, and much needed exercise! We jumped on the internet and did a bit of research, you know the simple, sensible stuff. How high, how far and how difficult is it? Well it turns out that its ... read more
...and Rach
the "small waterfall"
very safe bridge...

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi September 17th 2012

After being dropped back in Sengigi and despite our desire to just sleep, we showered and headed for the pool! Unfortunately for us we booked into a hotel on a massive hill, and were given a room at the top of a massive this was painful! On the evening we went for a lovely meal on the beach and had a nice early night ready for moving back to Bali again tomorrow. We have now realised that hungover boat rides = no fun at all. On waking up the next day...the real pain started! We groaned our way down the hill for breafast and even more so to the taxi! Then we winced our way along the walkway to the boat and onto the boat. Unfortunately for us we had not managed to book a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi September 17th 2012

Getting from Gili Air to Sengigi on Lombok was another pretty straight forward local boat. At the other end we were supposed to be getting on a bus to Sengigi when someone looked at our ticket and said to follow him. He then told us to put our stuff in a horse carriage and tried to take us to the bus, Now we are becoming wiser travelers we busted him on this, got our bags back and walked the 1km to the bus! On arrival in Sengigi we were dropped at a tourist info point and for once we just went along with them and let them book us a hotel. It was ok and served a purpose as we were only staying one night before we plan to climb up mount Rinjani the day after.After ... read more
cool customer
Our new friend!

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