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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi January 14th 2020

Travelling in Indonesia now since 3 weeks, we only had 8 days left with our free visa on arrival. Having seen and experienced so many incredible things in the last weeks, basically only 1 thing was missing: a super relaxed beach time in a tropical paradies where we could simply enjoy the hours watching the ocean, doing some meditation and just be. There are many options for this in Indonesia, but we decided to go to Lombok as this was the cheapest and easiest option for the remaining time and for both of us, Lombok was a new destination. Well, I (Nina) have been to Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno 9 years ago, but I never explored Lombok island itself. So early morning, we took a propellers flight from Labuanbajo to Lombok Praya. The sky was ... read more
Coco Beach - this place is like heaven on earth
Pantai Kerandangan 3
Senggigi Beach for sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 31st 2018

Today is our last full day here, and we decide that we will spend it doing as little as possible. Every day at breakfast we've seen a man standing in the corner of the dining room holding a tennis racquet. The resort doesn’t have a tennis court, and he isn’t wearing sports clothes. He looks like he’s probably a member of the hotel staff, but we wonder why the hotel would employ someone just to stand in the corner of the dining room holding a tennis racquet. Eventually we realise that the object that he’s holding is not actually a tennis racquet at all, but rather a bug zapper in the shape of a tennis racquet. We’ve read about these things. We’re pretty sure that you need to swing them at bugs to kill them, but ... read more
Our resort
Our resort

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 28th 2018

I go for a swim in the sea in front of the resort. There don’t seem to be too many other people swimming, and it doesn’t take too long to work out why. The bottom is stony and gets deep very quickly, the waves are choppy, and the current is dragging me in all directions. I struggle back up onto the beach, and decide that maybe that’s enough swimming in the sea for one day. I decide to go for a wander while Issy relaxes. I walk along the road to the north of the resort and it takes me up a steep hill to a lookout point. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a lookout point because there’s a sign saying "Lookout Point", but I can’t see anything through the thick vegetation. I see ... read more
Signs to everywhere
Beach near our resort
Issy losing her head

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 27th 2018

Today we celebrate twenty-nine years of wedded bliss, and we start the day’s celebrations by sleeping in. Our resort is just north of Senggigi Beach on Lombok’s north-west coast, and we get up to see it in daylight for the first time. Our room is right next to the beach, and the waves are rolling in hard. We sit at breakfast and watch on as one of the staff members works hard at trying to clean a giant ornamental stone pot with a toothbrush. There are lots of these pots scattered around the grounds, so we think he’s probably got a long few months in front of him. We wonder why someone hasn’t thought to give him a slightly larger brush, but we can’t come up with anything plausible. We walk around the resort and down ... read more
The beach bar
Locals and fishing boats

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 26th 2018

I ask Issy how she slept. She says that she slept well, and didn’t hear any planes. I then remember that our hotel is in the airport. I didn’t hear any planes either. I open the blinds to make sure that we really are in the airport. Today we have a long day of travelling from Osaka to Lombok, where we hope to spend time chilling out on the beach. Japan has been a lot of fun, but it’s been a bit full on and we are ready for some relaxation. I'm a bit worried. Today we are flying with Garuda Indonesia. I think they might have improved in recent years, but the first time I heard about Garuda Indonesia was when they nearly landed one of their 747s on a freeway back in Melbourne, after ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi July 31st 2015

The journey from the kuala besut jetty town to the perhentian Islands was rather fun. Spent about 90% of the time airborne in the speedboat, and often came crashing back down to the sea with such force I was surprised I didn't sustain a spinal rupture. Well the perhentian Islands were gorg, for real. The main beach of the small island (where I stayed) was stunning - a stretch of golden sand laid against an emerald jungle backdrop. The sea was extremely blue and extremely clear. I spent around 6 nights on the island. I spent most of my time lazing on the beach. On one day I did a snorkelling tour. This tour allowed me to snorkel above sea turtles, swim with sharks, marvel at the coral and enjoy other pristine beaches in the area. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi March 26th 2015

Day one - Picked up sharp at 08.30 and driven up to the harbour to get my refund and start the trip. I was told that a cabin had become free and taken down to the boat to have a look and to make my decision. The boat, not being that big with 2 cabins close to the toilet or an upper deck with 20 thin mattresses with no room in-between - I chose the cabin! Being driven back to the cafe and meeting point ( there would be 2 boats leaving together each carrying 20 passengers) we all sat and had a drink while they prepared the crews and the boats. We headed off at 12.30, all the others seeming really nice - people from New Zealand, Canada, France, Switzerland as well as others and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi March 26th 2015

Not setting my alarm and enjoying a lay in i had in my mind to book an extra night at the hotel - i didn't see as being a problem as there didn't seem to be too many other people staying. How wrong i was - the hotel being fully booked for tonight! So, spending the next hour packing and finding a suitable hotel online ( and with the help of the friendly manager) i found one and only being 4km away - and with hot shower - perfect! Also being a 5 minute walk away from Senggigi I was wishing I had stayed here the whole time and only being £12 a night. After unpacking and sorting some laundry I headed off to find a tour agency to book the 4day/3 night boat trip to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi March 25th 2015

Deciding to leave Bali today to travel east to an island called Lombok - after a bit of haggling I got a price I was happy with for a return journey to and from the island. Setting my alarm for 05.30 for another early start and being driven to Padang bai ( about 2hrs from Seminyak on the east coast) and waiting for what seemed like ages for a boat - we were finally on our way! Arriving an hour later ( the public boat taking 5hrs!) and being offered a motorbike ride with my heavy bags to the hotel for 60,000 rupiah - £3 I didn't think was too bad. Arrived at the hotel to be greeted by really friendly staff, so after I unpacked my bags I headed out to find the local shops ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi March 3rd 2015

After a week in Bali, I headed to Lombok. Lombok is a beautiful island and a bit less developed tourist-wise than Bali. I took the local ferry early in the morning from Padang Bai, and it took three and a half hours to get to Lembar. The ferry ride provides wonderful views of Bali and the waters separating the two islands. The day I crossed, the weather was perfect—warm air with a cool breeze and sunshine throughout the crossing. In Lombok, I mostly relaxed and unwound, not doing too many things. I stayed in Senggigi, a beach town just north of the capital, Mataram, during my stint in Lombok. Though the town didn’t offer a lot, I greatly enjoyed staying there as a jumping off point to the rest of the sights within the island. In ... read more
Sunset and Bali
Enjoying Gili Air

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