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Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa March 11th 2018

Rano sa mi podari zazrakom napojit na wifi ale akurat som stihol stiahnut maily a poslat spravu domov, potom ma to zas vyhodilo. Okolo 6.15 som uz v uliciach. Tie su uplne vymrete, vcera bolo vonku uz kopa ludi. Mozno je to tym, ze je nedela. Davam si v stanku prvykrat smazene banany. Chutia fajn. Na bus do moni ma posielaju cca 3km vzdialenu krizovatku. Vonku fajn klima tak si pochodujem po ceste. Oslovuje ma vodic auta, 150k, potom klesa na 100k, odmietam. Pochvili mi zastavuje bus, nastupujem, hovorim 80k, sofer nesuhlasi tak vystupujem. Dostavam sa na krizovatku (hlavny tah labuan bajo - maumere). V blizkosti vidim cakat bus co nesuhlasil s mojou cenou ale nez k nemu stacim prist, opat sa pri mne pristavuje rovnaky vodic. Zacina uz s cenu 100k, vravim mu 80k. Chvilu ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa March 10th 2018

Pred hotelom stepujem od 5.45. Dost ludi tu beha, to som fakt prekvapeny. 6.10 serem na chuja a idem pesibusom na hlavnu cestu. Tu zastavujem motorkara, ang nevi ale bere ma po odbocku smerom k dedine bena. Tura by mala trvat 6-8 hod. Caka tu motorkar, tak, ze za 30k ma tam odveze. Suhlasim, keby ma netlacil cas (poobede ako obvykle ma prsat) tak by som aj zjednaval. Tych 10km ubehlo rychlo. Sofer je asi znama firma, skoro kazdy ho zdravil. Najskor ma chcel vyhodit len pri vyhlade na sopku inerie, tak to ne, chod pekne dalej. Gps trasu som si stiahol na Fajn stranka na turistiku v indonezii je Zapinam endomondo a ide sa. Polnacka ma privadza k dvom domom, tu mi ponukaju guida ale ten neni potrebny. Cez vysoku travu sa dostavam ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa March 9th 2018

Na ranajky krekry co mi este ostali z minula. Dobra sprava z airasia, zmenili mi let. Letim o 20.min skorej z jakarty do kl o 6.05, aspon skor vypadnem z letiska kde planujem stravit noc. Na recepcii zistujem moto, podla ocakavania za 150k na 24 hod. Tak vola chlapokovy nech ju donese. S nim zjednane len pol dna za 100k r, motorka ma v cene aj plnu nadrz. Neradi mi tankovat z flias co su po ceste. Zvacsa je to pancovane, voda s benzinom. Este 2x vybehnutie na izbu, prsiplast som si zabudol nabalit. Prva zastavka na poste, kde bezproblemov kupujem znamky, jednu kupujem aj pre seba. Dalsia zastavka v bri atm, podla ocakavania som dostal poplatok 2 percenta, ono keby vyberam z mbanky vyjde to narovnako. Fio si nechavam na vychodny timor, uvidime ako sa ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa March 8th 2018

Na ranajky som cakal opat donuts ale prekvapko, palacinka plnena bananom. Mensi chaos pri platbe. Najskor mi chcel zaratat len dve noci ale upozornil som ho na tri. Potom mi ratal 60k za noc, opat upozornenie, ze dohoda bola 50k r. Nieco pre siedmou vybehnutie na hlavnu cestu ( je tu len jedna cesta) a cakanie na bus. Zacalo poprchat, neskor dazd. Mototaxi zistuje kam idem. Otazka kolko stoji bus, zrazu uz nevedel po anglicky, fakt zaujimave. Stopujem dodavku (chodia medzi mestami ked sa naplnia). Zistujem cenu, nasadam. Som prvy zakaznik. Najskor som myslel, ze to je bus, no sekol som sa. Odbacame do pristavu, prave prisla velka lod s kopou ludi. Na reku zachvilu sa naplnime. To tu ale uz cakali dalsie 4 dodavky. Uplne, ze nikto k nam nenastupil. Keby nebola velka leja tak ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa August 4th 2017

Adjusting My Travel Philosophy I flew in to Flores island on a one-way ticket and only my first two nights' accommodation reserved. I didn't want to overplan my travel. My plan was to wing it and enjoy the journey as it unfolded. I have traveled in Indonesia in this manner before and never had a problem. Maybe I was lulled into a false sense of security. Up until now, everything has fallen into place beautifully. I shared a car to Ruteng when my transportation fell through. When I snagged a room at the convent in Ruteng at the last minute, the staff at the hotel in Labuanbajo couldn't believe their ears. When I realized that I would arrive in Bajawa (where I am now) after dark, I enlisted the help of other people and managed to ... read more
The Trail We Hiked
Tolo Ledo Village
Hot Springs

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa July 16th 2015

It was a journey of highlands, coast and endless turns. Blessed with curves, Flores doesn't trifle with straight roads. Her rolling hills, climbing peaks and plunging valleys have invited road builders to carve into her shapely body, working spaghetti magic from head to toe. With tight corners and snaking lanes, a journey through Flores makes for an exciting ride. You never know what's beyond the horizon or around the next bend. As climbs unveil specular views, descents bring new discoveries. Villages nestle in flattened lands whilst others spread over slopes. Cows, goats, chickens and dogs share the roads, which are lined by rice and nuts spread drying in the sun. Buffalo wade in paddyfields, vendors display watery petrol and children wave and call as you pass by. Every so often the road turns to dust, with ... read more
Spider ricefields, Cancar
The 17 Islands Riung Marine Park

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa September 2nd 2013

Selamat Malam, Tage verschwimmen die Uhr läuft rückwärts,Alice und der Hase verfolgen mich bei Tagträumen, keine Zeit fürs Leben mein Träumer...keine Zeit du bist 28.....Schaffe, schaffe Häusle baue. Wochentage ergeben einen unzulänglichen Einheitsbrei DiFrSa, SoDoMo und spielen keine Rolle mehr. Zeit? Eine Uhr ? Hab ich schon seit Jahren aus meinem Leben verbannt, muss ja auf meinen Blutdruck achten... Was ist das, Zeit?In einem schwarzen Loch der Gravitation ausgesetzt, verzerrt, verschwunden,verbannt? Lebenszeit was ist das? Arbeitszeit? Was ist das? Muss ich mich 40 Jahre abrackern? Für eine läppische Rente, die private Altersvorsorge nicht vergessend, um in meinem Eigenheim auf den Tod zu warten?Das Kreuz kaputt, die Seele taub, die Augen blind!Nun ja immerhin könnte ich mir eine hübsche junge polnische Altenpflegerin leisten und ihr, mit meinen alten Knochen, so richtig san... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa May 15th 2013

Today we set out from Ruteng, originally planning to try to make it all the way to Ende, the largest city on Flores, or Moni, a small town near our final roadtrip goal of Mt. Kilimutu and the colored crater lakes. We changed our plans when we realized it was going to take too long and there were some other orange crater lakes at Wawo Muda, outside Bajawa, that we also wanted to check out, and it seemed a much more reasonable goal for the day. Tomorrow we will set out as early as possible for the lakes, and then see how far towards Moni we are able to get. Our ride today was rather eventful. For one, we stopped to rest our asses and stretch our legs next to a school in an unknown village ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa February 26th 2011

After leaving Ruteng we made a brief stop at Danau Ramanese an attractive aquamarine crater lake surrounded by forrest and the home of Long Tail Macaques before travelling another three hours through some stunning mountain scenery before the rain and fog closed in and visability dropped to only metres, as we dodged trees and vehicles careening out of the fog. It was a slow but interesting end to the days travel. Bajawa is an attractive little mountain town but the weather is so bad we couldnt really get out and explore it, we checked into our hotel and then the driver took us to a favoured restaurant for a good lunch of calamari for me and chicken sate for Ruth, not bad at all for seven dollars all up. The rain petered out around 4pm and ... read more
Danua Ranamese
Interesting Taxi
Mangaruda Mata Air Panas

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Bajawa August 24th 2010

Nusa Tenggara - the stretch of Indonesia starting east of Bali and extending as far as Papau - is a delectable chain of islands linked by rugged peaks and valleys that have been dipped in glowing green vegetation and sprinkled with thatched-roof villages. We flew over this mesmerizing landscape in a very small plane, one with external propellers that looked more like something you'd pull out of a cereal box than an actual means of transport. But made it we did, landing at the very modest airport in Maumere. (I've seen convenience stores bigger than this thing. The luggage pick-up consisted of a very narrow conveyor belt, about 3m long with a guy at one end shoving bags through a not-so-discrete curtain. If you missed your bag's 10 second journey down the belt, you had to ... read more
flores 051
My plane to Flores
Stilted houses

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