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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida March 13th 2014

I boarded the fast ferry at Sanur to Nusa Penida, an island off Bali, upon the suggestion of a couple I met at my homestay in Ubud. They rented a villa there and thought we could spend time together. I had wanted to go to Nusa Penida and this was my big chance. The ferry is a fast, modern boat and takes 40 minutes to make the crossing, if the sea is calm. There is no pier at either end, so you roll up your pants, put your shoes in a big container, wade in and climb on the swim platform of the boat!!!! The island is green & lush, with tropical plants and flowers, white sand beaches and only one small inn, The Ring Sameton Inn, and bungalows near Crystal Bay. The Inn, where I ... read more
3 boys in a boat!
Fisherman collecting seaweed
lounge area at Ring Sameton Inn

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Lovina March 11th 2014

7 mars (Encore a Ubud...) A mon reveil, je decouvre un immense cafard pattes en l'air au pied de mon lit. Ouaip. C'est la deuxieme que je vois depuis mon arrive en Indonesie. La premiere etait minuscule et sortait de sous les chaudrons dans un restaurant de Kuta. Je me rappelle qu'a ce resto, on m'avait fait passer par les cuisines pour rejoindre les chiottes derriere. Bref. La lourde bete dont il est question ici est la, sur le plancher de ma grande chambre d'Ubud, morte de je ne sais quelle facon. Reglement de comptes probablement. Ca joue dur chez les blattes ici. Dommage que ca ne soit pas le cas chez les poulets colores aussi... car a 5h30AM, ils etaient tous a leur poste les poulets, les coqs en premiere ligne, comme la veille, a ... read more
Journee de priere
Rice terrasse

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 8th 2014

Hello again from Bali! After a few weeks of hanging out at Kuta Beach, we find ourselves into a daily routine. It's funny how even on a holiday a routine seems to develop for us! We spend the morning enjoying our patio and pool while we do our social media and phone calls to family and friends. Next, we make the 20 minute walk to our place at the beach where we enjoy people watching, reading, talking with the local people and vendors and enjoying a few beverages. I had my eyebrows plucked the other day. You can get absolutely any service on the beach. Warren even had his ears plucked!! We have a late lunch on the beach at a local stand (noodle soup, rice & veggies etc). Some days I walk across the street ... read more
Hindu Offerings
Cremation Bed
Balinese musicians

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 7th 2014

5 mars Je quitte le quartier touristique de Kuta ce matin, alors que je me colle sur d'autres voyageurs dans un minibus inconfortable. Le vehicule s'eloigne de Kuta en traversant la cite mouvemente de Denpasar... pour se rendre a Ubud, un peu plus au nord de l'ile. Ubud. Il parait qu'on en parle dans le livre "Mange, Prie, Aime" de cet endroit, mais bon. Comme je ne l'ai pas lu et que je ne suis aucunement influence par ce bouquin... je ne pourrai pas vous dire si on y mange, y prie ou y aime. Bref. Mais je peux vous dire qu'on y voyage par contre. ... C'est apres une bonne heure et demie de transport que je pose mon corps suant devant le portique de chez "Donald Home Stay". Aucune idee c'est qui Donald en ... read more
Ubud Dance
Fontaines sacrees

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 5th 2014

3-4 mars (Kuta, ile de Bali, Indonesie) On est en basse saison a Bali. Il y a trop de commerces pour le peu de touristes dans les quartiers. Les gens sont insistants: "Come my shop! Come my shop! Welcome my friend! Want Foot massage? Rafting? Look my shop!" Ca me rappelle la Thailande tout ca. Alors que je me fais dorloter sur une table de massage (5$ pour 1 heure. Qui dit mieux?) , une balinaise s'offre pour me couper les ongles pour quelques dollars... et une autre veut m'epiler la poitrine (!)... et l'autre qui veut me pedicurer aussi... tout en meme temps!! "Haircut? More handsome man with haircut." A la nuit tombee, l'artere principale s'envenime et la fete s'allume comme un feu. Chaos. La frenesie s'empare des bars et des clubs plus bruyants des ... read more
Tite grenouille
Mais qui exactement veut s'acheter une grosse quequette en bois pour ouvrir sa biere?

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur March 4th 2014

Worst Boat Disembarkation Ever – more later…… Sanur, Day 1 We booked a oneway speedboat from Gili T to Sanur with Super Scoot – seemed to be the only company doing this route, which goes via Lembongan and takes 2 ½ hours. We asked around and paid 375,000IDR - prices ranges from this up to a million at our hotel (haha no, we said). Left luggage at the boat office and it was put on board for us – this was good, as it was a little bit of a climb up a ladder to get on, but only ankle-deep in the sea. You can sit outside at the back – a bit fumy from the engines and bumpy at times, but neither of us felt sick. Until we stopped at Lembongan. We hadn’t noticed that ... read more
Leaving Gili T
Our room at Laghawa Beach Inn Hotel

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 1st 2014

Well here we are in Bali. Hope everyone is surviving the wicked cold if you're back home. Think spring!! We had a smooth trip down to Bali from Thailand flying from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur and onto Bali in a few hours. The first thing we noticed was the humidity compared to the dry heat we experienced in Thailand. Bali is on the end of the rainy season and rains often through the night but is clear and sunny during the day. We're very happy with our Balinese style cottage hotel. The buildings and grounds are decorated in marble, carved wood and fancy concrete mouldings. The pool just outside our room is surrounded by lots of greenery and shrubs. For me it is paradise as I am a pool conisure! Our cottage is spacious, clean and ... read more
Kuta Beach
Buying shorts and getting a foot scrub!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian February 27th 2014

We left Sanur and headed off to our next destination of Ubud, a town regarded as the cultural capital of Bali. An hour long taxi journey took us inland, climbing steadily all the way as it set at a high altitude (Ubud was the location of the book “Eat Pray Love”, later turned into a film starring Julia Roberts). As we made the gradual ascent, it was wonderful to look out over the endless green paddy fields rolling on and on between the steep jungle ravines. With a little trepidation, we opened the imposing gates into the grounds of our next accommodation, the Bali Breeze bungalows ( They are located just off the noisy main road, opposite a busy petrol station and it didn’t seem like the same location we had carefully researched and selected beforehand. ... read more
Duck Satay Anyone?
Mount Batur and Beyond
Bali By Bike

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 26th 2014

Stair rods - trapped! Unable to go anywhere right now unless we wear our attractive ponchos! Important info for travellers: the ATMs are quite unlike those in the UK. Last night, discovered my debit card was missing, last used in the ATM on the main road. Must have forgotten to take it out, but how? Discovered today when resorting to taking out cash with my credit card that the money comes out first, then a delay, then it says transaction over and asks you to exit. No sign of card until you press it - stressful, as it looks like the machine has eaten it, and very easy when chatting with your travel buddy to get over-excited by the appearance of cash and forget that you haven't got your card. No warning beeping. Sad face!!!! No ... read more
Banana overload at breakfast!
In a restaurant
Scary artwork!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 26th 2014

I showed some views of Ubud sixteen posts ago. I returned there in June 2012 and paid what must be my 4th or 5thvisit to Ubud, mindful of the town’s fame as the centre of Balinese art. I bought some traditional paintings there twenty-five years ago, and this year visited with the intention of studying the art properly. I head the name Bali for the first time back in London in the Swinging Sixties. A girlfriend recounted how, travelling the ‘Hippy Trail’ she and a friend arrived in a new place and were dropped off at the market. She said that the king looked out of his palace and sent a servant to fetch the visitors to stay in the palace: which they did … for at least a week. She described a paradise and my ... read more
... and my second.
My second teacher
Mid Twentieth Century Painting

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