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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 31st 2019

Today we leave for home, which is always bittersweet after a great vacation. We are both excited to be back in our own beds, watching for Charlie the seal, enjoying our awesome home and seeing our friends and family . However, leaving the sun, smiling locals, healthy/tasty food and the chill vibe is also sad. Some take-aways from our time in Bali: The people of Bali are so welcoming and gracious. They are always ready with a smile and a greeting, no matter the time of day. It never feels contrived and you do feel like a very valued guest. The food is amazing. It is fresh, flavorful and varied, with options from grilled meats/vegis to noodles to rice to smoothies. We have been careful over the past two weeks to not drink the water (even ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 30th 2019

The next two days are football focused, with today being the Clemson/Ohio State game and then tomorrow the Seahawk/49er game. Luckily, we found a great beach bar with TV’s and the right channels, so we aren’t missing a thing! Our first night at the Nike Villa room was quite comfy, with a big king-sized bed, blasting AC and being very quiet. I am posting some pictures of the property, which is quite serene and tropical. We enjoyed our full breakfast in the small little outside eating area and then got ready to walk the 1+ mile to the Sanur Beach House for the 9am Clemson kick-off. Even at 830a the sun is hot and by the time we arrived to the bar, we were sweating and ready for some cold refreshments. Since it was still early, ... read more
Ken Bonding with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence
Go Tigers!
Nike Villas

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 28th 2019

It is time to say goodbye to the Swallow House, but before we leave we get to have another wonderful breakfast on the patio served by Uly. This time it was the fruit, with black rice and little mini-rice cakes. I also realized that I hadn't really posted any pictures of the guesthouse, so most of the pics on this blog are from the Swallow House (not the Nike Villas). We had time for a last dip in the pool, before packing up, saying our good-byes to Wayan, Uly and Coco the cat. Luckily, they were able to haul our bags on the motorbike down the path to the road, where are driver was waiting to take us to Sanur. The mileage to Sanur is only 20 miles, but the traffic in the various little villages ... read more
Bathroom in the Swallow House
Hallway leading up to the 2nd floor
View from the second floor of the Swallow House

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur January 1st 2019

Bali We arrived in Bali a day before Jack, Ella and Anna & after a busy few weeks we were looking forward to a bit of a holiday with the kids. We greeted them after their long flight wearing local(ish) gear as a bit of a joke. Our first few nights were in Sanur, right on the beach with pools, tennis & bikes. It was very quiet as their peak is July. Day 4 and we had a car booked for Ubud for the morning. While waiting in the lobby Sue talked with a driver who then brought the car round. It was immediately obvious however that there was no way we were going to get 5 people plus luggage in - about 10 minutes later we worked out it wasn’t the wrong car he had ... read more
Water Palace at Karangasem .
Jack and Anna at the Water Palace
on the beach Ella and Anna

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur October 3rd 2018

Yo Leute - was geht? Wir machen heute einen auf lässig... Einfach auf dem Board abhängen und so. Peace man!, oder so ähnlich haben wir uns heute gefühlt: obercoole Checker waren wir! Die Surfschule, die wir ob sehr guter Bewertungen eigentlich auserkoren hatten, hatte keinen Platz für uns - also musste eine Alternative her: S-Surf hatte ein paar Bretter stehen - und wir nach einer „harten Verhandlung“ einen Preis von je 500.000 und 6 Bier - ein guter Preis für 4 Stunden Surfkurs... Aber der Reihe nach: Frühstück im Hotel, Taxi mit dem nächsten, alternativen Weg zu Nicola und Rudy, gemeinsam Pläne geschmiedet - und dann die ausgelastete Surfschule... aber die Sumatra Balinesen von S-Surf hatten uns gleich als potenzielle Kunden ausgemacht - und dann „reingequatscht“ - aber wir sollten es nicht bereuen. Kurze Trockenübungen ... read more
Tyrone Surf
Anja Surf

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 15th 2017

We arrived in Sanur by 8pm, left our bags in our room and went for a cheap dinner in a local 'warung'. We came back to our room, which was nice although not the cleanest, and went to bed. At about 2am, I woke up to use the bathroom. In a daze (and not wearing my glasses), I thought I saw things on the floor but wasn't sure until I opened the bathroom door and turned the light on. A little shriek escaped my mouth when I saw a cockroach about 6 inches long crawling its way towards me. Shaun woke up and I turned the light on in the bedroom. I then realised that I did actually see black things on my way to the bathroom, which turned out to be happy cockroaches dancing around ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur September 24th 2017

Naprawdę chcieliśmy wejść na Mt. Batur. Naprawdę. Nawet biorąc pod uwagę fakt, że szlaki trekkingowe oddalone są o ok 10 km od nieszczęsnego, wzbierającego Mt Agung. Do końca negocjowaliśmy warunki z lokalnym przewodnikiem. Oczarowani tym, co zobaczyliśmy na Bromo i Ijen, byliśmy przygotowani na kolejną pobudkę o 2.00 w nocy i 3 godzinny marsz w górę na wschód słońca, bo wschody słońca na indonezyjskich wulkanach to przeżycie, którego nie zapomni się nigdy. Niestety nasz potencjalny przewodnik stwierdził wczoraj, że nie jest na tyle szalony by ryzykować wejście w tak niepewnych warunkach i powiedział pass. Nie pozostało nam nic innego. Musimy dziś przymusowo ""januszować"" nad basenem spędzając ostatni dzień w Sanur na lekturze książek, piciu drinków z parasolkami i wyrównywaniu t-shirtowej opalenizny, która coraz częściej staje się obiektem niezdrowej sensacji innych turystów i kpin ze ... read more
Dragon fruit.
Balijskie figury bogów.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur February 6th 2017

Geo: -8.68964, 115.253... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur January 9th 2017

What a night. Tom was up all night with an upset stomach. Best guess is the milkshake that he had for dinner was probably off. That will be the last milkshake he'll be having for a while I think. He was good enough to regale us all with the gory details of the nights events -stories that I won't even repeat to a priest. Luckily for me he chose to wake mum for medical assistance and Emily for the use of her phone so he could use the flashlight function to find a bottle of water. Consequently everyone was very tired this morning - yours truly being the possible exception. We arranged for breakfast to be had in the villa today. We had thought that they would come and make the dishes in front of us ... read more
Breakfast in the Villa
Brett fixing the eggs
Keeping up the fluids

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur January 8th 2017

It's been very exciting to plan and anticipate this trip together But finally the day arrived where we actually got in the taxi and headed to the airport. It's 40 degrees in Adelaide at the moment so the thought of escaping the heat for a short while is very appealing. Anyway, flight was uneventful. Smooth with barely any turbulence. Flying time is about 5 hours so much better than the 24 hour slog to Europe. I was surprised when we flew over Bali at just how dense the housing is. It was rooftops as far as I could see. Very green but buildings everywhere. When we landed we headed to the immigration counters and managed to find ourselves at the front of the line which was a nice change. I'm normally at the back of a ... read more
Bali traffic
Back streets

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