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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur April 7th 2005

Today was to be a day of luxury. We were off to Udaipur, a city in Rajasthan reknowned for its beautiful and huge palaces. In particular, the lake palace is the most famous of the lot, being situated in the middle of a picturesque lake and in fact having starred in the James Bond movie Ocotpussy. The day started off with an early morning 6:50am flight to Udaipur. However, thanks to Indian Airlines efficiency, we discovered upon arriving at the airport that the flight had been delayed until 12:30. After yelling at numerous staff (I was a bit cranky since I had to get up at 4:30am) we decided to go into Mumbai to see Chowpatty Beach - one of the nicer places in Mumbai. However, the dumb taxi driver took us to some dodgy Chowpatty ... read more
Fateh Prakash Hotel
Eating breakfast in our window seat

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 22nd 2005

In Ahmadabad we had three hours between the two journeys, which we decided to spend in the station's restaurant. Our train was to leave at 11 p.m., but the place already closed at 10 p.m., so we walked to the platform to find the train already there. This train was almost empty, it did not seem very popular, no wonder as it took nine hours for only 380 km! This time we chose one middle and one upper berth because the last time it had been very cold on the upper berths. We immediately realised that this train was smaller, the single berths on the other side of the aisle were missing. This stretch was a metre-gauge one and we had read in the papers that the government was about to unify the track system to ... read more
Lake Palace
City entrance from lake
Palace guard

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur November 10th 2004

Nadine was the one who gave herself the title of 'baby of the group', and in some ways it fits cos it is a bit like having an excitable teenager along with you. I find I can take Nadine in small doses, she's loud giggly, very scatty, (missed her initial flight, has no idea what the itinniarry is, doesn't take Maleria tablets because.... 'Well the local people don't do they?'), She thinks she might buy a house when she gets home, but maybe a job first, (though no views on a career), and wants to buy lots of Indian stuff cheap to sell when she gets home on ebay. She tends to interupt and likes being centre of attention, (except today when I've not seen her cos she's ill in her room), and I wax between ... read more
Laundry down by the lake
Up above Udaipur

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur November 9th 2004

Ok people you need to understand that I'm slightly inebriated at the moment, (on account of being out and having too many beers at a fantastic local restaurant). so you'll have to forgive any odd spellings, or owt that just has no logic whatsoever. It was an early start from Bombay Monday morning, (5.30am), and a quick taxi drive to VT, (The central station). The scene there was straight out of your typical boys own adventure type annual when preparing for an overland excursion in a remote land. The station was abject pandemonium, a mixture of travelers, porters, and people trying to sell you stuff. That early in the morning the floor was also littered with numerous local travelers trying to sleep and the general hustle and bustle was all very exciting. We are now complete ... read more
Ghandi's Ashram
At a Stepwell
Another Stepwell Shot

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur November 28th 2002

When I arrived in Udaipur with Liron on the bus we quickly got a place to settle at the Lake View Guest house, which turned out to be the highest in the city famous for the James Bond scenes of running across the rooftops of the most romantic city in India. Watching the full moon set over the fort in the distance so that the three pronged tower of the fort melted into the moon, and the sun was rising from the opposite direction over the bright white light on top of the very close Jain Temple, it didn't take me too long to realise that I had made a mistake so I called Kristen in Jaisalmer and arranged to meet her in Udaipur the next day. We spent a very romantic 3 days in Udaipur, ... read more

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