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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 3rd 2016

We breakfast in the palace in a large open jharoka overlooking the fort below and the town beyond. The view is wonderful and the food excellent, but the over-attentiveness of the staff is irritating beyond belief. They have obviously been taught they should use the customer’s name and do so to ludicrous excess. ‘Can I pour you some coffee, Mr Thomas? Would you like milk in that, Mr Thomas? Is there anything else I can get you, Mr Thomas?’ Soon followed by ‘How has your day been, Mr Thomas?’ Well, it’s only 8.30am and I have spent the last half hour waiting for my porridge and fending off your solicitous attention.... We decide to forego a visit to Udaipur that we have seen it before. Too hot, too crowded, feeling lazy..... Instead, we go for a ... read more
Woman building well
New Jain temple Delwara
Nagda temple 2

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 20th 2016

Avec les récits que j’avais entendus avant et pendant mon voyage, j’appréhendais légèrement l’Inde qui m’apparaissait comme un nouveau monde, avec les merveilles et les difficultés que cela peut représenter. J’ai donc abordé cette nouvelle étape avec un minimum de préparation logistique et mentale, en anticipant les difficultés et en prévoyant un parcours assez modeste : Delhi, les trois joyaux du Rajasthan, le Taj Mahal, et Varanasi la ville sacrée où les Hindous viennent se purifier et mourir. Malgré cette préparation, je me prends immédiatement une magistrale claque culturelle en pleine figure. C’est assez difficile à décrire, mais à peine sorti de l’avion un tourbillon de couleurs, de saveurs, d’odeurs, et de bruits m’assaille de toutes parts. Après mon premier jour à Delhi, je me rends compte à quel point l’Inde est une véritable fourmil... read more
Naviguer à Delhi...
Railroad trip
En se baladant à Delhi...

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 5th 2016

The seven hour bus ride went through some exquisite hilly scenery. I was sitting up front and got to take in all the views, as well as the general chaos that one might find on a public bus in India. The ride went well and there were two other foreigners on this bus, yet another couple of Montreal in fact. Once we arrived at the Udaipur bus station, I ended up splitting a rickshaw into the city center. The rickshaw dropped me off down the lane from my hostel. I approached and walked into Bunkyard hostel which seemed to be staffed with some pretty cool people. I dumped my stuff off into the room and then was shown to the rooftop, several floors high. It was pretty awesome and it was my first glimpse of the ... read more
Recharging the Beard

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur January 20th 2016

Book train jodhpur, visit the fort palace museum (poor), impressive Patwa ki palace/ temple and very nice food @ saffron. 20/01/16 join David from Barcelona for 6 hour sleeper carriage to Jodhpur, reaching main station after 1, walk into the main centre, check into guest house with David named after its slightly peculiar owner Anil, visit bus station and wander the streets leading to the old blue city and up to the feet of the fort walls, circle back around via 2 of the temples to the clock tower markets and return to nest after a super eggplant curry. The best street food I've had was all in colourful jodhpur. 21/01/16 Get on the very sociable 10.30am bus to ranakpur, just after passing through a very extravagant wedding parade of many highly decorated elephants, horses & ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur November 21st 2015

18-21 November 2015 - Udaipur staying at Jagat Niwas Palace, Pushkar at the Resort After breakfast we drove to Udaipur (290kms). En route we visited the Jain temples of Ranakpur. There are 1444 pillars in the temple and none of them are the same. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed a smorgasbord curry lunch (as you do in India). We arrived at about 4.30pm which was perfect timing for our boat ride on Lake Pichola in Udaipur at sunset. As we were driving into Udaipur, we could see that this was a different city to others we have visited so far. Ravi said this is his favourite city. It has several other lakes other than Lake Pichola. The area is green and mountainous so we have certainly left the desert behind. Udaipur has a population around ... read more
Jain Temples at Ranakpur - 1444 pillars in temple and none the same (1)
Jain Temples at Ranakpur - 1444 pillars in temple and none the same (66)
City Palace Udaipur and Museum of Royal Family (56)

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur August 17th 2015

Udaipur, its former nickname - the white city (although now more of a mix of yellow and blue homes), is only a couple hours away from Chittaugarh. A more laid back and maybe more touristy city than other places we've visited, but somehow still retaining its charm. Udaipur is probably one of the most beautiful places we've visited so far in India, with the huge lake Pichola complete with former palace (now a hotel) sat right in the middle of it. In the distance are copious amounts of rolling hills, it really makes for some stunning views from any of the many restaurant/hostel roof terraces. After confirming in the morning that we could catch a local bus from Chittorgarh to Udaipur, it was a no brainer. We were packed and out the door into the heavy ... read more
Window frame
Udaipur from above
Watching the world go by

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 18th 2015

After about 16 hours in the sleeper-bus I finally reached Udaipurin the state of Rajasthan, the state of palaces, forts and Royals! Udaipur is home to about half a million people and I stayed in the old city which lies at the shores of Lake Pichola. I was very tired after my arrival in the morning, so I checked in and had a long nap. I woke up in the afternoon and went for a walk in the area immediately around my guesthouse. I went first to take a look at Gangaur Ghat (Ghats are staircases down the water) and had my first view of Lake Pichola. I crossed a bridge and wandered around the other side of town and then I came back and went to the Jagdish Temple, dedicated to a Hindu god called ... read more
"Blue City", Jodhpur.
Holi celebration in Udaipur
Sunset above Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 8th 2015

Train to Udaipur we shared a cabin with a nice elderly Brazilian couple. Left promptly, and arrived in Udaipur only minutes late. A rickshaw met us at the station and brought us to the hotel, where we sat about eating breakfast until our room was ready. Fred was still under the weather, so spent the first day indoors reading and resting. Udaipur is a city built around lakes and surrounded by hills. Next day he was well enough to explore Udaipur, which is really beautiful in parts. It is much cleaner than Delhi or Varanasi, although there are several cows wandering about. Generally has a more relaxed prosperous feeling. The lake is really lovely and there are some lovely old buildings surrounding it. A lot of these buildings, even fairly ordinary houses, have inticate stone carvings ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 2nd 2015

HE SAID... We were leaving the district of Chittor (or Chittorgarh) and travelling south west to Udaipur. I woke at 5.15am to a mesmerising piece of music drifting up from the village behind our castle. I assumed it was a call to prayer of sorts. I opened one of the windows in our room that overlooked the village, put my camera into movie mode and recorded the piece. I hope I can somehow trace it when I get home, because it captivated me for 45 minutes. I spent the rest of the early morning catching up on my travel notes. We headed to the dining area for breakfast at 8am. It was a buffet of porridge, boiled eggs, toast, banana fritters and masala chai (spiced sweet milky tea). We checked out of Castle Bijaipur and piled ... read more
city palace
city palace
city palace

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur January 23rd 2015

Geo: 24.5823, 73.6882Po snídani v nedaleké kavárně a zařízení lístků na autobus si balíme věci a vyrážíme do města najít nějaké hezké místo s internetem, kde bychom mohli v klidu plánovat další dny a prostě kenom tak odpočívat. Nakonec nacházíme hezkou roof top restauraci provozovanou švédským majitelem. Trávíme tu celý den a postupně zkoušíme všechny místní speciality. Vecěr konečně platíme účet, vyzvedáváme batohy a jedeme tutukem na autobusák. Tady nasedáme do lůžkového autobusu a vyrážíme směr Jodhpur.... read more

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