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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pali » Marwar Junction January 7th 2011

Before donation day we did lots of rock painting and made some bookmarks and posters. The group was made up of Avatar Puri, Rajendra and all the foreign children that were at the Ashram: Cal, I and the two girls from Slovenia. We set up a construction area under the White House and drew and painted. Then we chose a good day to have a market stall. We gave the Karma Yogis half price and we gave a free painting to the Swamis in the Ashram. We did it while the group was there and lots of people were from Europe so we got some Euros as well as Indian Rupees. In the end we raised about 36572 rupees!! We tried to give out receipts and keep some records but there was always more money than ... read more
OM painting
flower pot deco
market day!

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pali » Marwar Junction December 26th 2010

Still caught up in the bureaucratic bits about the next job appointment in China. So we'll enjoy longer stint in India in the meantime. Have been teaching some yoga classes to visitors and also had the very good opportunity to be a student now that some of our inspiring longer time Swamis are leading morning classes. Pot painting has been one of the projects keeping me amused here. Afternoon walks with Tulsiji and the dogs, a bit of horseriding, meals with longer time karma yogis, random moments with resident Artist Mirtaji, sitting with Mataji, practicing harmonium and constantly searching for what mischief the boys are up to fill the days in Jadan. Evenings I'm sleeping more than I ever did. I guess that's the flip side to massive days and low supplies of chocolate!! Seeing things ... read more
play room
mantras and knitting
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