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December 26th 2010
Published: November 1st 2011
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Still caught up in the bureaucratic bits about the next job appointment in China. So we'll enjoy longer stint in India in the meantime.

Have been teaching some yoga classes to visitors and also had the very good opportunity to be a student now that some of our inspiring longer time Swamis are leading morning classes.

Pot painting has been one of the projects keeping me amused here. Afternoon walks with Tulsiji and the dogs, a bit of horseriding, meals with longer time karma yogis, random moments with resident Artist Mirtaji, sitting with Mataji, practicing harmonium and constantly searching for what mischief the boys are up to fill the days in Jadan. Evenings I'm sleeping more than I ever did. I guess that's the flip side to massive days and low supplies of chocolate!!

Seeing things more than ever... like when Mirta's finger that ran under the sewing machine
needle. I saw it in morning and it happened later in evening.... Had this gift for such a long time but still not sure what to do with it. Maybe nothing! Maybe it just means to be ready?! We also had cobra and viper in the Ashram recently.

Bought some new frames to get some children's artworks from the school up in the hospital. Phase two of my decorating there. Exams are on so the energy level in school is very different and the library is closed most days 😞

A couple of weeks before Christmas the three wise men came to greet MM Sw Jasrajji. They had THE best outfits any traveling Kings could ever hope to find! One of many Jadan classics.

Swamiji is back with us in Jadan. Had vigil on Christmas eve for Mahaprabhujis Mahasamadhi. Pushpaji and I were the only Karma yogi all night stayers. Cal was up until at least 3am though, doing laps on his bike and so excited. Then went home to draw a few Christmas presents for friends.... Had my first public performance singing and playing harmonium. What a debut. Music teacher so supportive. My hands shaking so much which is bizarre as I had no clue I would react like that!.

Wish everyone bountiful compassion and joy for the New Year!

The whole world is moving and I am standing still........

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