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January 7th 2011
Published: April 21st 2011
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Before donation day we did lots of rock painting and made some bookmarks and posters. The group was made up of Avatar Puri, Rajendra and all the foreign children that were at the Ashram: Cal, I and the two girls from Slovenia.

We set up a construction area under the White House and drew and painted. Then we chose a good day to have a market stall. We gave the Karma Yogis half price and we gave a free painting to the Swamis in the Ashram.

We did it while the group was there and lots of people were from Europe so we got some Euros as well as Indian Rupees. In the end we raised about 36572 rupees!! We tried to give out receipts and keep some records but there was always more money than the paper said. Some people gave more money for donations!

On donation day we drove in a big car and ate some dried mangoes that Satya's Mum bought from Europe. When we got to the village we shared some of the mangoes with the kids there.

When we got there, there was a lot of people that needed donations. We gave everyone a blanket and some special bikes that you can move with your hands and some wheelchairs for the people that didn't have legs. Then we listened to Swamiji's talk to the village people for about half an hour. It was a pretty hot day but the nights are cold at the moment and we helped make a lot of those people smile😊

We got some good frames for the pictures that a school from Slovenia and our friends Edin and Ori in Australia drew and decorated the Ashram Hospital walls. They look SO great!! The Hospital Manager was SO excited!!

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