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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur January 3rd 2018

Most magnificent place...birds of all sorts everywhere as well as wild spotted deer and bif horned antelope, monkeys, a jaguar! like a massive savannah as far as the eye can see. Peacocks, owlet, parakeets, Golden Orient parrot, Mongolian migrating geese, fantails small and large, storks and egrets, Ibis and eagles and falcons, partridges and small chittering birds...and many, many more. Heaven!... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur September 19th 2015

If you are living in Delhi, then this is an ideal place to spend your weekend. Personally, I love bird watching. So, it was my plan to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or you can say Keoladeo National Park. Our planning was bit poor initially, we decided to make it a day trip and staying there for a night was not on the list. However, we kept few clothes with us as back up. We started our journey at 9 am in the morning, knowing that it's late, actually we planned to leave the city by 7 am. So, after wasting two hours we did one more mistake. We took Delhi - Faridabad - Palwal - Mathura Road and yes it was a great mistake because of traffic, potholes and metro construction. The total distance of Bharatpur ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur March 14th 2014

Geo: 27.2156, 77.4902 Of all the wonderful places and palaces I have seen in India there is one thing that has truly impacted my enjoyment of exploring here, and that is that in this country, to all men I must be invisible. At first I thought our guide's only looking at and speaking to my young roommate was an older man thing, where he was infatuated with a young woman and flattered by her attention. This was bothersome, and I mentioned it to him, but he denied it vigorously, and tried, after that, to look at me occasionally to make his point, and when he did, I felt acknowledged, a powerful thing. He is a lovely man, extremely generous and very kind, but although he is a professional guide and is 69 years old, he has ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur March 20th 2012

08.30 Hours Monday 19 March I take a rick to the Falcon Guesthouse and arrive to find the owners in the garden having breakfast. I also have a great breakfast, and then I am given the choice of rooms. I chose the cooler one the owner recommends. I have a cold shower (In some places it’s hot and in some it’s not, I just get on with it.) Anyway who asks for Hot water in a country where there is no cold water!!!!!! I decide to go to the Fatehpur Sikri the deserted city of Akbar some 15 miles down the road. It’s on the same road I came on this morning so I walk round to the bus stop and jump the bus for 20 Rups. I get out at FS and walk across the ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur January 30th 2011

Jamie here, Thought we'd try fit in all these different places into one as they are smaller and to keep it interesting! Spent a good deal of time on buses to and from all these places which has been eventful! On one bus between Pushkar and a bus station in a city called Ajmer I ended up having a big argument with the bus conductor who was trying to grossly overcharge us for having bags, which was in hindsight, quite funny. Pushkar seems to be a hippy paradise (especially for Australians and Kiwis); most of the shops seemed like they were from Glastonbury, and in fact a lot of the clothes sold at Glastonbury were made there! Meat, eggs and Alcohol were banned in the town because it had a special temple and lake for the ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur October 31st 2009

Hi all, If there is one bit of travel advice i can give to you all its this... don't eat anywhere the rough guide recommends! Myself and Jud did this in Agra at our own peril! It ended with us spending 24 hours with food poisoning, which didnt help considering we had to endure a bus journey. We have spent the last few days in Bharatpur which has a famous national park; we have spent today wandering around the park which is supposed to be a wetland (although not very wet because of the ten year drought Rajastan has been having, climate change!). We actually saw a fair bit though including numerous birds, jackals, deer and a shit load of cows! Anyway we move onto Jaipur the day after tomorrow,hope all is well back home! Jack ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur October 30th 2009

Day 13 - Bharatpur - Jaipur An early morning start saw us catch cycle rickshaws to the Bharatpur Bird Sancturary which actually was a little further from the hotel than we thought. The rickshaw riders looked like they were struggling a little but we guessed they must be used to it, although a Chris Hoy in the making they are not. The bird park was good and we spotted loads of different types of birds including Serpent Eagles, Owls, Cattle eagrets, Kingfishers, wagtails, drongos and much more. We were also told about a part of the monestary where a monk lived where he feeds the local soft shelled turtle population and were asked would we like to go for a look, so excitedly we agreed and set off towards a small building within the park. Once ... read more
Not quite a zebra crossing
Another Early start this time at a bird sancturary
Soft Shell Turtle emerges from the water

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur January 10th 2009

Leaving Jaipur we traveled on towards Bharatpur. This was the first day we experienced cold cloudy weather - about nine degrees. It's crazy how quickly we've gotten used to midday temperatures in the early twenties and sunshine. Today we felt chilled to the bone. Bharatpur is home to the World Heritage listed Keoladeo Bird Park and not much else. So we hired a cycle rickshaw and the driver was our guide for the afternoon. Our guide was amazing - he was able to pick out birds that were camouflaged against trees. Even with him pointing them out to us, it took us a brave while to spot them. On return to the hotel we had a quick game of table tennis. A hilarious experience as Vin ignored the table for the most part! ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur October 6th 2008

So glad to leave Agra and the horrid sweat box behind - did not get a good sleep at all! The shower was sparse at best and Sarah ended up with a bug on her leg. But anyway, it's in the past and we are in a lovely - and brand new - room in a nice hotel. Not a great journey. The first bus from Agra was full and when the next arrived (30m late of course) it was a mad pushy scramble to get on and get a seat. Super tired so was feeling crabbit but trying not to be outwardly so. Got some heavy angry music on my ipod and turned it up loud and also played some solitaire to pass the time. We were not at our final destination when we got ... read more
Across the water
Entrance fees

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bharatpur September 21st 2008

Friday we rode a public bus for a couple hours to Jaipur, our second largest city so far after Delhi. We're staying at the Jaipur Inn, and, get this: we have a bathtub which means that the shower is separate from the rest of the bathroom! So the whole floor doesn't get soaked when we take a shower! Amazing! The hotel is quite nice. The restaurant has good food but it takes 10 hours to make! After lunch we went to Raj Mandir to watch a Bollywood movie. The theater was really nice inside but we weren't allowed to take pictures. We watched Singh is Kinnng. It was a typical Bollywood movie with lots of singing and dancing. No subtitles but we could get the general idea. There seemed to be a lot of funny parts ... read more
Amber Fort
Jaigarh Fort
Amber Fort

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