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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai July 1st 2012

Bombay. Mumbai. The city of seven islands, and even more names. Legend has it that when the Portuguese first anchored their ships in the natural harbor created by a series of mangrove-covered islands off India’s western coast, they called the area Bom Bahia, the good port. Anyone with a working knowledge of the Portuguese language can tell you that there’s a discrepancy between the masculine adjective and the feminine noun in this name, but so the story goes. Throughout its long history, the island city has additionally been known as Mamba Raksasha, Manbai, Mambe, Mumbadevi, Bambai, and countless other names, until 1995, when the native Maharashtrians christened it Mumbai. But everyone I met still calls it Bombay. Forgive me if I follow suit. There’s nothing I can say about Bombay that hasn’t already been said (better). ... read more
Veggie Vendor
Gateway to India
Railroad Slum

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra July 1st 2012

Happy Canada Day everyone! I've been looking at pictures of friends on Facebook, mostly in Canada, some elsewhere (my best friend is in Scotland and has been posting some lovely pictures-- hey girl!), and I've come to the conclusion that things seem so easy there compared to here! I think I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling constantly tired; when I think about how busy it is here (the time I spend concentrating on my security, the constant traffic and people, exchanging prices, breathing polluted air) I think it's understandable that compared to India, I find Canada is much calmer. We were supposed to have a Canada Day celebration at our place yesterday, then maybe head out to continue the party, but a few hours before people came over we found out it ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra June 20th 2012

Hey all! It's only been 13 days since I've arrived, and only 9 since I started college here, but I already have a million stories to tell! I'm sure I'll forget half while writing this, but hopefully the ones I remember, and the thoughts I've had so far will do. As some of you might know, I've left my Nunni Uncle and Lovleen aunty's place, and finally found a place! Jonny and I stayed in hotels for 2 nights while looking, so as to be closer to the school and to make it easier to travel to different apartments. On the first night we stayed at the West End Hotel, (where the toilet somehow got plugged **cough**Jonny**cough**. On top of that, there was a few hours where Jonny went missing and I thought I was going ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 14th 2012

Tuesday 20:39 – Abu Dhabi Flight was great. No turbulence, good company, good films and good food. Only criticism was the service, it was good, but there wasn’t a constant supply of drinks. You had to ring the annoying buzzer which alerted the whole plane that there was either an annoying f****r on board. Or a pisss head. I stuck with my 2 cups of tea and a stubby Heineken. 8 out of 10. AD Airport – Free, easy to use/quick wifi. Checked facebook, sent mum and dad an email and skyped Bigs and Alex. Got all the typical western facilities as imagined. Clean/modern/compact and very air conditioned. Only aspect of the airport reminding you that you are not at home is the Islamic (?) prayer music which floats around, giving a cultural but eerie tone ... read more
90's ready for Mumbai
coffee with lou and the rents at heathrow
round 2 (bigs/adam)

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 14th 2012

I’d been in Bombay for over week by the time I realized that I hadn’t actually been to Bombay. The true city – as well as its major tourist destinations – lies at the southern end of the seven islands. I hadn’t left the northern suburbs since my arrival and, for some reason, I didn’t feel the need to. I preferred to stay at home and teach my CS host how to bake a cheesecake than line up with all the sightseers, hawkers and beggars on Colaba Causeway. If I hadn’t received an invitation to dine at the infamous Leopold Café (the hang-out spot of the author of Shantaram), I might never have made it there on my own. The fastest way to get downtown was a trip on the local train. I hadn’t yet utilized ... read more
Western Railway
Ladies Carriage
Don't Be Late!

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 10th 2012

I arrived in Bombay a week before the monsoon was due. For those of you who have ever visited or lived in a tropical climate, I don’t have to tell you that it’s the worst time of year to turn up. It’s hot and humid, thick and sticky. It gives you the impression that you’ve turned into a steamed vegetable. Just sitting and staring at the fan is enough make you sweat; ingesting gallons of water becomes a daily requirement to replace the fluid lost in perspiration from your upper lip alone. Every day, you search the sky for a sign that the rains will come and cool you down. But, this year, the search was in vain. The monsoon was late in Bombay. To escape the heat one day, a few friends and I went ... read more
Rain is Coming!
Monsoon Green
Dark Clouds

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 8th 2012

Hey everyone! So the first 24 hours of Mumbai has been a success!! There have been some minor blips such as swollen feet and frizzy hair from the heat and humidity, but all in all it's really starting to feel like the start of an adventure! First of all I have to mention that the week before leaving home in Canada was great, I got to see so many people and spend some time with my family. But it was also filled with so much anxiety! I felt nervous, excited, and stressed all at once. Seems like mostly all the preparations went smoothly though, and it was really nice to leave on a high note (though I'll probably miss it more now!). Then there was the actual travel, with Jet Airways. It seems to be quite ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 4th 2012

Back on the phone, the internet cafe was just to hot. We are now 5 days into our stay in kolkata and it has definitely been an experience to say the least. Before I go into our kolkata journey I will briefly tell about our day in mumbai- aka bollywood. After packing 8 people and 8 rather large suitcases into 2 very small cars for the 3.5 hour trip from pune to kolkata we arrived in mumbai. We had two taxis for the day and saw mumbai, a city of 15 million people, in 7 hours. I wish we had more time in mumbai from what we were able to see of it, it was a really awesome city. We visited the gateway of india, the taj mahal palace hotel (sight of the 2008 terrorist attack), ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 21st 2012

Tag 1: So ich bin angekommen. Um 3 Uhr nachts. Es ist schwuel, und ich bin ziehmlich platt. Erst mal ein Prepaidtaxi genommen, damit er sich auch nicht absichtlich verfaehrt. Okay er verfaehrt sich trotzdem. Ich bin natuerlich sehr dankbar dass er mich Nachst in Mumbai nicht an der Strasse rauswirft und geb ihm nach Aufforderung ein ganz gutes Drinkgeld egal. Spaeter hab ich den Eindruck, dass sich alle Taxifahrer nachts absichtlich verfahren um Trinkgeld abzustauben. Da ich das Zimmer erst ab 11 Uhr bekomme schlafe ich noch etwa 5h im unbequemen Plastikstuhl. Dazu gibt es einen netten Hindujingle vom Miniprivattempel der sich etwa alle 20 Sekunden. Verblueffenderweise kann auch das mich nicht mehr stoeren. Ich schlaf noch bin 1 Uhr im Bett und denk mir dann: Losgehts. Praktischerweise kommt gerade mein Zimmernachbahr Reece (Holland) ins ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 21st 2012

Geo: 19.0177, 72.8562I was only in Mumbai in transit to Sri Lanka. I really enjoyed the flight in but you pass all the slums on the outskirts of the airport, there's thousands of them... It's also my first sight of the Indian Ocean and I'm looking forward to some beach time.I hope to be back here in a couple of months before I head to China.... read more
On board
Coming into Mumbai
Over Mumbai

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