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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 8th 2012

We left Aurangabad at 7am and it took seven hours to get to Mumbai not an overly interesting drive but I did see two guys and four goats on a motorcycle and what may have been a dead man on the roadside. The roads here are generally poor and incredibly dangerous, fortunately I have only been in one accident in the two months I have been here and that was a motorbike we hit the other day (not serious). We arrived at our hotel around mid afternoon farewelled our driver and checked into the hotel, I had arranged earlier in the week. Mumbai is a pleasant surprise at least the area where we are staying, it ranks with Udaipur in the pleasant city stakes, and I particularly like the rotting British architecture that surrounds us. We ... read more
Mumbai traffic
Victoria Terminus
Inside the Victoria Terminus

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Gorai March 4th 2012

Mumbai to Kerala (4th to 10th March) Carla: Glad to say that my inclination just to slope around at the Manoribel was scuppered by Al who was keen to at least leave the place for a short while on our weekend there. So on Sunday we visited a nearby landmark (literally as you can see the thing for miles in the landscape) called the Global or Vipassana Pagoda. It’s a Burmese Buddhist temple built to encourage world peace and harmony through a meditation style known as Vipassana. Apparently if you practice this art you can achieve peace and freedom from anger, depression and all mental ailments. You have to start by doing a ten-day residential course, the first nine days of which you are to remain silent. So, despite the free board and lodging included, that ... read more
Station platform at Mumbai
On the train
View from our house in Karala

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 4th 2012

By Polona A day after Jan's birthday it was time to leave Goa. Honestly, if it were up to the two of us we could easily persuade each other to stay there till the end of the trip. Not that it was that awesome, it was just that simple. But I am not sure how fun that would have been for Brane. So after seeing Old Goa we were waiting for the night bus to take us all to Mumbai. This was our first overnight bus in India...and I swear the last one as well (he, he...I can swear now, that we already have tickets for an overnight train to Delhi, which is our last long journey on this trip, so HA!). Looking forward to catching some sleep on the cosy double bed that was waiting ... read more
Mumbai washing area
Brane style!
The slum

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 28th 2012

Dr. M studied the toddler. Unconscious, the whites of the child's eyes were partly visible, and her mouth was widened by the long tube which had been carefully guided through her mouth, past her throat, and into the terminus of her windpipe. And then the good doctor noticed something amiss. The left hand. Why was it so blue...and swollen? He studied the right side. Perfectly normal, nothing to be concerned about over there. But what about this left side? He touched it, manipulated it, felt for pulses, checked the capillary refill. Not good. The IV line, which had been placed on the dorsum of the left hand, was surrounded by evidence of multiple placement attempts. Suddenly, the source of the cyanosis and swelling became clear. He dropped the puny hand, summoned all of his residents into ... read more
Patient with Mitral valve damage due to Rheumatic Heart Disease (virtually nonexistent in the USA thanks to the way we manage Strep infections)
Petechial rash in a girl with Congenital Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia.  Word??  I had never even heard of this rare condition!  One of the most mature girls I've ever met at the ripe age of 7 years old.
For even i am not immune.  Contact lenses are not welcome in India.  This is what happens when you go against this principle.

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 27th 2012

Bonjour tout le monde, Pour votre plaisir, je met en ligne mon Blog de voyage. Pour linstant, ce sera plus un album photo que un vrai blog. Je ne suis pas sur quil en sera autrement, mais bon... on verra un peu plus tard. je nai pas beaucoup explorer les diverses options qui me sont offertes a travers ce blog, je vous demande donc detre indulgent. sans plus attendre, voici donc des photos prises depuis notre arrivee en inde. Elle vous feront donc passer par Delhi, Agra, Sawai Mandhopur, Bundi, Udaipur et Mumbai. Pour chacune des photos, il y aura une petite description, mais nhesitez pas a me poser des questions si vous voulez plus de details. Aussi japprecierais si vous me faisiez savoir quel genre de photos vous interesse et ce que vous avez envie ... read more
Temple Lakshmi Narayan - Delhi
vue sur le taj
Taj Mahal

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra February 27th 2012

Namasté ! On quitte Mumbai ce soir, et honnêtement, elle ne me manquera pas ! Le trajet en train a bien été,mais comme a eu de la misère à se trouver un hotel ! Ça ne m'étais jamais arrivé, et à Phil non plus, on a dû chercher pendant près de 2 heures, avec nos gros backpacks, à 25°C, sous le gros soleil, dans des rues pleines de marchands (et donc, de tannants). Tout était plein ! Sauf si l'on voulait payer 50$ la nuit, bien entendu.. Donc pour le double de ce que l'on payait jusqu'ici, on a trouvé une chambre avec seulement un lit et une mini table comme mobilier, déjà pleine par notre bouteille d'eau, les bouchons d'oreilles, etc. On devait fouiller et sortir nos choses sur nos sacs, sur le sol, où ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 23rd 2012

There are separate male and female wards here. Just to emphasize that fact, the two gender-based wards are separated by 2 floors. These wards, as I've demonstrated in some of the photos posted earlier, are essentially colossal rooms crammed with beds from end-to-end. It makes sense that the two adult sexes should be separated, right? But what about the pediatrics population? Did you know that there are no children above the age of 12 in the Pediatric wards? The reasons are fairly straightward: the hospital does not want male and female children, who are "of age", to be placed together in the same area. Due to bedside procedures and general physical exams, it can be necessary that the adolescents disrobe, so the inevitable embarassing situation is mitigated by moving the adolescents to their respective gender's adult ... read more
This child has Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return, or TAPVR.  This is considered a cyanotic heart condition.  It is a big deal, and will require a surgical fix.
TAPVR on chest x-ray
Adorable 2 year old with a patent ductus arteriosus.  Great example of the continuous, machine-like murmur.

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 21st 2012

In my outpatient clinic last Friday morning, I saw about 15 patients with my team. Tenof them had Tuberculosis in one form or another. So far, during the last 3 weeks, I have seen pulmonary TB, TB meningitis, TB peritonitis, TB tuberculoma, disseminated TB. I had always heard that syphilis was considered to be the "Great Imitator," but how it could eclipse Mycobacterium in its various forms is beyond me. Due to the advent of multi-drug resistant TB in Mumbai, all patients diagnosed with this infection are started on AKT (Anti-Koch's therapy, as it is called here) immediately in the hospital setting. When they are stable for discharge, they return within 1-2 weeks for follow-up on their condition, where they receive an update on the sensitivities of their cultures. This follow-up is a great time to ... read more
Outpatient room
The Gateway of India
The famous cafe made famous by the Mumbai attacks and Shantaram.  Delicious food, btw.

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 16th 2012

I figured it out! There is a local government body called the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), which amongst other things, funds and operates KEM Hospital to serve Mumbai's urban poor. It has allowed the hospital to evolve into the massive tertiary care center that is has become. Cost of care for the citizenry is heavily subsidized by the MCGM, which operates on an enormous budget funded by taxpayers. I suppose this is not unlike how our county hospitals operate under state tax revenues in the USA, but because of the high volume of generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in India, KEM is able to provide cheap medicines that would be enormously expensive in the USA. For example, Zosyn (Piperacillin-Tazobactam), our famous shotgun-approach IV antibiotic, is priced at a mere fraction of the cost here. I would ... read more
Great example of clubbing
Clubbing from a chronic respiratory disease
Neurocystercercosis calcification with surrounding edema

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Juhu February 15th 2012

Mumbai or Bombay as it was known earlier is really a fast paced city, something of a cross between New York and Los Angeles. It is the commercial capital of India and is known for producing the largest number of films each year. Think Bollywood and Slum Dog Millionaire…Jai Ho. After my wonderful shopping and bargaining in Delhi and Jaipur, I travelled to Mumbai by flight. There are plenty of low cost carriers which fly at an interval of 1 hour. A swanky new airport and hordes of cheap taxis (no nonsense drivers who take you to your destination easily) will make your travelling pretty easy. To avoid being stuck in rush hour traffic jams that can last 2 hours, avoid travelling during 9 -10 in the morning and 6 – 7 in the evening. A ... read more

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