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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai August 14th 2019

Chapter1- Introduction So hello welcome back. This time I will talk about my trip of Europe. You know me, I am Mrinank Bhattacharjee of class 6, an 11 years old author. It all starts with a sleepy but an exciting night, not like the normal excited but the you are gonna blast type night when we were boarding our flight. Chapter2- Flight We left home at 10pm and reached the airport by 11pm. Our flight was at 1 at night so by the time we reached the airport we were already sleepy. We boarded our flight and then everyone slept, uncomfortably of course except my brother. After 6 hours of my sleep I watched a movie called ‘Fantastic Beasts-The Crimes of Grindelwald. It was a nice movie but with a sad ending. After we reached London, ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 9th 2019

India is somewhere neither of us has been to before, so are very interested to see it. We have done a fair bit of homework for this as we want to get to see as much as possible. The ship docked at about 4.00am in the morning, and by 7.30am, we were all allowed to start leaving the ship. The ship is docked a long way from the port entrance, so there are loads of shuttle buses to take everyone to the entrance. No need to book these though as there are so many of them. The journey to the entrance took about 10 minutes. Once off the buses, they checked our visas again and we were in Mumbai. It was absolute chaos. For about 20 minutes, we walked through man after man asking us if ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai April 6th 2019

This is it. We're off! Its an early start with a 6am pick up from home. We managed to pack everything last night and the bags are ready to go by the front door. As ever some last minute charging of phones, headphones and power packs overnight and then we are ready. Chloe was ready to roll at wake up time, as ever, Lucas and then finally Phoebe emerged. We got to the airport in good time and had a Pret A Manger breakfast of croissants, apple juice and coffee (me) before heading over to get our treats from WH Smiths. Laden with crisps, sweets, sandwiches and drinks we headed to the gate. Olivia was a bit worried about our visa pictures but we got through the gate in the UK without any trouble. The first ... read more
Jet Airways flight to Mumbai

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 5th 2019

Had to get up a little earlier today as taxi driver was picking us up outside reception so after a superb breakfast (The Sahara Star does a wonderful selection) we wandered outside and he appeared as if by magic. We had to head right down to the Gateway of India which we visited last time as that’s where the boats go to the island. So along the fantastic road built out into the bay on stilts to get clear of the main city traffic. As the road is 4 lanes and then goes to 2 it does have a bit of a traffic jam at either end but undoubtedly quicker than the stop, start clog of traffic by any other route. Then across to the other side of the pointy bit at the bottom of Mumbai ... read more
190305 Mumbai (163)
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190305 Mumbai (227)

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 4th 2019

Last year we had just one full day in Mumbai so did the standard tourist trip down to the Gateway to India, Crawford Market and the railway station taking in Marine Drive and Bandra Worli Sealink. This year we have planned two days to allow us to see a bit further into this massive city. First on the list was Dhobi Ghat, the major laundry for the city. This is where the main hotels send their washing as it has the best reputation. We asked the hotel for a taxi to take us there and got a ridiculous quote of 6000 rupees so instead asked for an outside taxi. That one cost 600 rupees (£6). With difficulty we persuaded the taxi driver that we only wanted to be taken there and dropped off. The taxis over ... read more
190304 Mumbai (64)
190304 Mumbai (265)
190304 Mumbai (27)

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 3rd 2019

A leisurely start to the day as our flight to Mumbai was not until mid-afternoon so plenty of time for breakfast and to pack. We’ve got quite good at packing having had two room moves in the 3 hotels we’ve stopped in. As a result my suitcase in particular really is a pretty dreadful mess. This not helped by a small spillage of Douwe Egberts coffee grains out of our emergency drink supply pot. Hope everything doesn’t get stained coffee coloured when I put the washing in when we get home. It is unusual to have coffee grains on one’s knickers but at least none have landed on my white suntops. As it happens we haven’t needed the hot drink supplies at all this trip as all the hotels have been generous with drink supplies but ... read more
190303 Mumbai (30)
190303 Mumbai (9)
190303 Mumbai (12)

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 28th 2019

Blog # 7. Sunday, March 3, 2019. Earning our stripes in Tadoba, then Mumbai and back home. Dear family, friends and colleagues, Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing OK. We have come to the end of our five week India odyssey. This is the last blog of a trip that was one year in the planning. As usual, we have had a fantastic time. The highlight of the whole trip for me was undoubtedly this past six days. You can guess why. Wild animals. I’m talking sloth bears, wild dogs, a rare black leopard, various deer and birds and – most significantly of all – magnificent tigers! A life-long wish come true to see tigers in the wild. Tigers are endangered and elusive, and for me it was a race against time to see ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 16th 2019

I glanced down at the newspaper in front of me, my spoon hovering over a fresh bowl of cornflakes. The headline read: Army to decide time and place of response. Huh? I read a little further: The possibility of a military strike against Pakistan appeared to loom large after the Modi government directed armed forces to start preparing to avenge the killing of forty Indian soldiers by a jihadi group backed by Pakistani intelligence agencies. There is a growing clamor for retaliation against Pakistan. Wait! What?! That sounds bad. Might a hot conflict ignite between India and Pakistan during my trip? I’m not sure WHAT to think, but I’d say this bares monitoring. * * * I went back to my room to digest this news and catch up on all the developments in what was ... read more
Cow in Khar Station
Chowpatty Beach
Seagulls Swirl

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 15th 2019

The night before I had been thinking, try as we might we cannot conform a trip’s purpose to its actuality. I might want this trip to be spiritual or a trip where I meet a lot of fun people, but so far that’s not it. Maybe this trip will be setting myself small yet difficult tasks and accomplishing them. This could be a range of things such as walking across beeping rivers of traffic, eating at adventurous cafes, maybe even surviving a Krishna brainwash could count. Or today’s task: navigating Mumbai’s commuter rail system. Up in the suburbs it isn’t really practical to take a taxi all the way to the tip of Colaba where the Gateway to India and other tourist attractions are located. If I wanted to go I would have to take a ... read more
Mumbai Commuter Rail
Churchgate Station
Gateway to India

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 13th 2019

My arrival into India wasn’t quite what I had expected. Back in 2009 when I arrived in Delhi everything imaginable was moving about everywhere, including the airport access roads. Cows, dogs, and people, all over the place. However, at 4am in this corner of Mumbai the streets were practically empty. I was staying in a hotel in the western suburb of Khar. The air was sultry and slumbering as my taxi dropped me off in the still black morning. I checked in and crashed out. A few hours later I awoke as the sun began to shine. I wandered downstairs and discovered my hotel’s vegetarian breakfast. After polishing off what I could, I set off to explore the area on foot. India come and get me! But once out on the streets, nobody bothered with me ... read more
Western Suburbs
ISKON Temple
Plaza outside the Temple Doors

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