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Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park June 27th 2017

In continuation of our self-drive from Bangalore to the Tiger Reserves of Madhya Pradesh we proceeded from Pench towards Bandhavgarh National Park via Jabbalpur. Starting our journey on the 7th April, 2017 (Friday) evening from Bangalore, we reached Rukhad near Pench, Madhya Pradesh next day night. We stayed two nights at Pench and visited the Pench National Park. In this blog I tried to depict our journey further from Pench to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park before finally returning to Bangalore. At the end I also mentioned our learning points from the trip which may be useful to the prospective travelers to this route. 10th April, 2017 Monday – Pench to Bandhavgarh via Jabbalpur Drive to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve via Jabbalpur Contrary to our plan we started late from Pench at around 9 AM. Bandhavgarh National ... read more
Tigress in the wild - Kanha
Marble Rock Jabbalpur
Tender morning - Bandhavgarh National Park

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park February 29th 2016

So we left Bandhavgargh after lunch and headed for Kanha National Park. The journey was the first of many that took longer than we were led to believe and it was dinner time and dark by the time we arrived at the hotel. This one was much bigger than the last one and set out around a lake. We had a cottage in the grounds which was very comfortable. We grabbed a quick dinner and briefly watched some local tribal dancers doing a performance for an Indian party in the hotel before an early night. The game drive started earlier than in Bandhavgarh which turned out to be because the jeeps all line up at one gate and all want to be first so in fact we spent half an hour in the dark waiting for ... read more
Swamp deer

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park October 25th 2015

Kanha National Park, MP – 5th to 8th Oct 2015 We are at the mercy of Club Mahindra to decide our travel plans. So, first week of September, we ended up choosing ‘Kanha National Park’ in Madhya Pradesh. We had heard a bit about it, but certainly didn’t know enough to block the dates and also book flight tickets within an hour (not putting any effort to get additional information). We wanted our kids to experience flight journey, so we went ahead and booked the tickets to Jabalpur which is the nearest airport, yet 150 kms away from our resort. That’s our (rather mine) habit ‘Take test from life and then learn’. Following lessons were learnt this time… · Overall travel is 6 times costlier by flight (for 5 people) · Our flexibility is totally lost ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park November 29th 2010

Sarah and I did our fair share of travelling in India, and one of the most intensive trips that we took was to Kahna: An 8 hour bus from Goa to Bombay, 2 hour flight to Nagpur, and an 8 hour drive to Kahna. Sarah will joke that it was a long trip for me to see my tiger but, as anyone who appreciates true wild life would agree, it was worth it. The whole trip was a great adventure – starting with the ride there! After bussing from Goa to Mumbai we got a flight to Nagpur where I haggled with a private driver to get us to Kahna. 6000 Rupees to have a driver for 4 days was a great deal! However after about 10 minutes we pulled over and the driver swapped out ... read more
Bref and Sarah at Kahna
Bref and Sarah

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park November 20th 2010

The date of our departure from India, from Kolkata on the 18th of November, has been known to us for longer than that of our arrival in Mumbai three months ago. I really should have attempted to plan our means of getting there from Delhi much earlier than I did three weeks ago. I admit to a certain degree of naivety and laxity in planning; I should have known that even this far in advance, such popular trains as the ones I wished to take had the potential to be fully booked. It did surprise me however that even my second and third choice contingency plans were also derailed by massively waitlisted trains. There was, therefore, going to be no Sundurbans adventure and no trip to Bodh Gaya, indeed, upon researching my remaining options it seemed ... read more
Wol's house (for John and Blane)
In the park #1

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park July 13th 2010

It’s raining Tigers in Summer! - Hector Dsouza The guides and forest rangers affectionately call him 'Langda Munna’ (lame Munna) after a forest guide who is also lame and named 'Munna.' Seems pretty indecent, but it's all taken in the right spirit in Kiplings forest. The story goes when this male tiger was two years old, it hurt his paw while on a hunting expedition, resulting in a limp for a couple of years. When we spotted Munna from a hand shaking distance on our recent visit, the limp wasn't visible. The name stuck on, though. A variety of reasons brought me to the Kanha National Park in central Madhya Pradesh this June. Summer is the best time to visit the park when the meadows are bereft of grass, trees are bare, and animals ranging from ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park March 7th 2010

Since I last wrote, things got crazier in my life and I had traveled a lot. The day was 27 Feb 2010, although I had never missed a bus/train, I was hurrying as I was very much excited to go on the very first adventure tour of my life. My excitement about the adventure of my new life held for me have never been more profound. I was on my way to Kanha National Park which is one of the India’s finest tiger reserves. It is spread more than 940 sq km in a horse shoe shaped valley bound by the spurs of the Mekal range, the park presents a varies topography. A google search will give you a lot of other websites to learn more about the place as I do a lot of googling ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park February 21st 2010

After our safaris in Africa, it was always a dream to see a tiger in the wild. (Lions, and tigers and bears…oh my! This was the last box to tick!) After a bit of research we decided we would visit Kahna National Park to try our luck at a wild tiger. This trip would take us pretty much to the very centre of the country, with Jabalpur being the closest city and our destination by train from Agra. After a ridiculous train ride (6 hours late, 4 hours slow, and the original trip scheduled to be 11 hours; equating to a 21-hour trip arriving into Jabalpur at 9pm rather then 7am) we took a 3-hour taxi to Kahna National Park and the government run Baghira Log Huts and Hostel. We chose this place because it’s the ... read more
The first tiger we saw...

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park October 22nd 2009

Day 10 - Kanha It was another early start for us, with a packed breakfast being provided by the hotel, which we hoped would be an improvement on the last ones! When we arrived at the gate, it was less disorganised, but there were a lot of jeeps in the line. At this park, there are actually more tigers, around 93, but the park is much larger meaning it is harder to see one. There are only a couple of routes that the jeeps follow, and we actually followed our other jeeps. We were joined in the unlucky bus by Adam and Emily, and Emily hadn't seen a tiger yet either having missed out on the first day's tiger spot as she had felt a little under the weather, so decided to have a lie in. ... read more
Mahoots on elephant back
Wild Dog

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park October 21st 2009

Day 9 - Bandhavgarh - Kanha Another 4.30am start for the unlucky bus on another optional safari but after seeing the photo's and some video of tigers last night from the rest of our group we set of again determined to change our luck, By then we felt like we had seen all of the 12,000 spotted deer in the park. We also saw some wild boar and more huge spiders. We headed to the half way point as the tigers proved to be just as elusive as the previous day and our eyes had started playing tricks on us, so much so that Kathryn had spotted the rare less well known wood tiger when she cried out for the jeep to stop and in turn three other jeeps skidded to a halt only to find ... read more
Wild boar
More spotted deer
Wood Tiger

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