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February 29th 2016
Published: March 1st 2016
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So we left Bandhavgargh after lunch and headed for Kanha National Park. The journey was the first of many that took longer than we were led to believe and it was dinner time and dark by the time we arrived at the hotel. This one was much bigger than the last one and set out around a lake. We had a cottage in the grounds which was very comfortable. We grabbed a quick dinner and briefly watched some local tribal dancers doing a performance for an Indian party in the hotel before an early night.

The game drive started earlier than in Bandhavgarh which turned out to be because the jeeps all line up at one gate and all want to be first so in fact we spent half an hour in the dark waiting for the park to open. We had 2 morning and 2 late afternoon drives around the bigger park which had a different landscape and was rather beautiful. We saw much of the same wildlife as before including another was walking down the road towards a jeep that was 3 in front of us in the road which meant that we all ended up reversing rather quickly to get out of its way while everybody was jumping up and down trying to catch a'll see from the photos that we did quite well!

Kanha is the only park that has swamp deer due to its perfect terrain and we saw quite a few, including a couple eating greenery from out of a lake. We also saw our first Indian Gaurs which are the largest members of the cow family - the males have spectacular horns.

We seemed to have very little time between game drives and really only managed to fit in meals and sleeping but it was worth it all for the tiger!

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