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Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 21st 2019

We're nearing the end! And its a very Happy Easter! After the thunderstorms of last night it was a nice and cool morning and so we had a relaxed morning by the pool. Minds are starting to turn to home but everyone is excited by our upgrade on Qatar which is a good distraction from the impending return to school / work / real life. Lots of discussion on what films are going to be watched on the flight home, the new plane we will be flying back on for the second leg (A350) and how exciting it is for us all to be on business class. We went for a lovely walk along the beach after breakfast as it was the first time we could actually stay out of the shade for a prolonged period ... read more
Boat life on the beach
The sight from our apartment
Whistful looks from Phoebe

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 20th 2019

Chloe, Lucas and Dad got up for an early morning swim in the pool this morning and enjoyed it before there was anyone else around. So we all ended up having an early breakfast before settling in for a day of leisure. It was another stinking hot day and we were all sweltering by 10am, so desperately trying to find shade by the pool or in the house. Mum still wasn't feeling 100% and so was taking it easy and we all spent much of the morning and early afternoon reading, playing spite and malice or swimming. We had lunch at the hotel and before we knew it, it was mid-afternoon. The ducks were back at the house and chased dad for a bit which was funny before we went to the market with Anoop. The ... read more
Posing at lunch
Pre-storm foliage
Golden Shower - flower of Kerala

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 19th 2019

We met up with Anoop this morning, after a day off yesterday. The plan was to go on a bike ride to the Coir Museum, however, having seen the bikes and knowing how treacherous the roads are, we decided to give the bike riding a miss and just get the A team van. The museum was interesting, the kids were a point and then they got a little bored. We heard about pretty much every element of this amazing plant - the coconut. From what we learnt it can basically do anything! Coconut water will sustain you, the flesh you can eat, the husk is then made into coir. Coir can make furniture, rugs, wood, rope and art, as well as fertiliser! They took us through the process of making it and were at pains ... read more
The band kicking off with each other - drummers one side, wind instruments the other
The elephant line up with the Sadhus on top
Phoebe enjoying the swings

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 18th 2019

Waking up to our first proper rest day and we all had a lie in. Just making it in time for the final call for breakfast the kids stuffed into as many cinnamon rolls as they could get their hands on - very healthy, but we deserve it! After breakfast we all made our way to the beach which was quite a sight - white beaches and palm tress for as far as the eye could see and hardly a soul on it. The temperature was fast rising so we found some shade and settled in for the morning. Chloe, dad and Phoebe headed to the sea for a swim which was like getting nto a bath it was so warm. However, the waves were fairly rough as there was a steep drop off into the ... read more
Chloe taking Dad to the sea
Northwards view
Southwards view

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 17th 2019

Quite a night on the houseboat! Air-conditioning on the blink so either hot or cold - no in between! But what a beautiful sight to wake up to...we all had showers and a breakfast of omelettes, toast and pineapple whilst looking out onto the water. It was an early morning because today we were setting off on a canoeing trip and didnt want to get destroyed in the mid day heat. Following breakfast we set off on a 20 minute cruise to where the canoeing kick off point was. Saying goodbye to our boat we met up with Anoop and Anil who grabbed our gear and transferred into another boat before we met up with our canoeing guide for the day. Dad paired with Chloe, Mum paired with Lucas and Phoebe went by herself. It took ... read more
The team with Anoop and our houseboat in the background
Chloe relaxing a bit too much
1/2 time break with a picnic

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey April 16th 2019

Time to leave Forest Canopy...very sad. It has been a really fabulous hotel, looking after everyone really well especially at meal times where the appetites have varied enormously. So it was an early start, and they opened up early for a special breakfast for us and then we were off. Bit of a trek in the A team bus this time round, it was about a 5 hour journey. We were better prepared this time round though, Mum, Phoebe and Chloe all took travel sickness pills and they were ready to go to sleep the moment they sat down! There were no 'accidents' on the way down to sea level therefore and everyone felt relatively fresh still when we got there. Anoop even managed to get some rubber bands for Phoebe's braces on the way down ... read more
The Nichols PLC
Traffic on the highway
The Kids on the balcony

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey August 11th 2018

After a local breakfast of dosa we checked out of our room early and headed off with our tuk tuk driver. This drive was even more ridiculous than yesterday’s - he met a man on a motorbike we had to follow down narrow dirt tracks to the point we had to get out and walk! Fortunately we soon came across the water and after climbing through other houseboats we reached ours. She was perfect in our eyes - clean and tidy. A lovely sitting and dining area at the front, an upstairs with seats and matts to lie on, and a small double bedroom with reasonable sheets and a bathroom that was passable as long as you didn’t look too closely or try and have a shower... We set off on our cruise just before midday. ... read more
Alleppey backwaters cruise
Alleppey backwaters cruise
Alleppey backwaters cruise

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey August 10th 2018

Having spent an extra unscheduled day in Munnar due to the heavy rain fall we weren’t optimistic about getting out to Alleppey today either. We had another night of thunder storms and heavy torrential rain. The news reports in the morning were of further land slips, new dams having to open, red flood warnings in Alleppey and Kochin and of the US embassy telling its tourists to avoid Kerala completely. Despite this, and much to our surprise our taxi managed to get to us first thing in the morning. We decided being out of the area worst affected by land slides was probably a good thing, although going to an area below sea level didn’t seem the most sensible idea... Almost as soon as we left the hotel we saw our first signs of the issues ... read more
Alleppey lighthouse
road out of Munnar

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey March 13th 2018

Kerala Day 7-10 – Backwaters Alleppey aka Alappuzha When we came back from Fort Cochin on Christmas Eve a taxi man outside the hotel made a deal with me to bring us to Alleppey or Alappuzha 2 days later at 11am, but we were ready by 10am and he was waiting for us at the front door way before time. So we checked out and they gave us all gifts – umbrellas for kids, spices for husband and necklace for me, very nice of them. So 58km of interesting roads and towns took I’d say 2 hours, beach road where the Raheem residency was located was inaccessible due to road works so it took the driver a while to figure out how to access the building but he did. We’d agreed 2000rps but he wanted more ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey January 19th 2018

Woolly says – As we stood waiting for our days transport to arrive I hoped that we had made the right decision in booking onto a tour, Jo, bless her, had worked out a route to take us from Kochi an hour down the coast to Alleppey, which had involved two longish rickshaw rides a train journey and the chance that on arrival we might not be able to find a boat to take us out. All things considered we had voted unanimously to try another tour, I tapped my paws as the minutes passed and decided that I might have time to give the girls some much needed information on our day out……. As he retrieved several pieces of paper from his backpack I had an inkling as to what might be coming. Woolly says ... read more
Floating down the Backwaters of Kerala
Floating down the Backwaters of Kerala
Floating down the Backwaters of Kerala

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