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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bannerghatta November 16th 2014

7:am I wake up exited .I waited for these day finally I am going to a national park.I panned for national park two times before but both the times i am unlucky. 1St time. -Ranthambhor national park (RAJ.)-no tickets are left. 2nd time. Madhav National Park shivpuri-Do all hard work. Also reach there but it start raining But these time i decided to try my luck again. Also we plain good. We already book our tickets and we are going in late summer in Bangalore. 21st -octuber. Me and my 3 other friends booked tickets and also conform that buss fess(for safari) is also included in ticket. Total ticket fee-360 inr(safari+ butterfly park + zoo +boating). So we all decide to meet at Brigade road and from there we are going to take direct buss for ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bannerghatta July 28th 2012

Some of you may ask, "Why Jenni, how could you possibly have seen lions and tigers and bears at the ANCRiSST workshop you were supposed to attend today?" Well, my dear readers, there are two likely possibilities. The first is that the workshop hosts decided to bring a menagerie at lunch to entertain us guests--not an unlikely scenario considering the immense hospitality I've seen here--and the second is that I skipped out on the conference. As you may have already guessed, I did indeed play hooky today! After talking late into the night with Bala, Hussain, et al. I heard their plans to skip out on the conference and go see some tigers at Bannerghatta National Park. Naturally I was thrilled at the opportunity to a) get some extra sleep, b) have another adventure in India, ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bannerghatta January 25th 2012

It’s a cool morning and there is a light fog covering the ground, after breakfast we were cleaning our teeth when the monkeys took up residence outside our front door, I went out to move them along when the male attacked me and I had nothing but a mouth full of tooth paste so I spat it at him, he was momentarily surprised but then he charged at me again, I stood my ground and he backed off. It is painting day at the sanctuary today but Ruth and I are collating medical files for the bears, we have to record all the details of inoculation history, weight, when they were last wormed etc, it took most of the morning to complete the files we were given. The lads turned up about this time with a ... read more
My first wild cobra
Not a happy boy
They couldnt get him back into the bag

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bannerghatta January 22nd 2012

After ten hours sleep in a comfortable bed I awoke feeling refreshed a good hour before breakfast, both Ruth and I are starving as we had not eaten since 3pm yesterday. Again I enjoyed the buffet breakfast eating a fair bit of the western foods but I also tried all the Indian selections as well although I wasn’t overly impressed by any of them, the omelette rocked though. I then went to the gym for a work out, the equipment was not the best but I made do, the treadmill belt was loose and particularly dangerous. I then returned to our room for a shower and to pack my bag, Emma Gatehouse the Free the Bears coordinator would be arriving at 11am to pick us up. When 11am came we met Joanne another volunteer from South ... read more
One of the camp chital deer
A monkey attempts a break in
Comfortable are we?

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bannerghatta October 22nd 2011

This is the continuation of my previous post talking about Bangalore day-outs. Off all the places I visited from Bangalore, I did go to this National Park (BNP) most number of times. This wild park was established in 1970’s and spread tremendously over thousands of acres. I visit here precisely because of Tigers. It’s a treat to watch those wild beauties in the safari in one of the exotic national park in the state. Well, it’s around 30 km away from Bangalore city, I had gone there by bike, by bus(BMTC Volvo), and by car in different occasions. When I visited with my friend (Swamy) on his bike may be 3.5 years ago, the wild park was so crowded as that was on a weekend. I think the park is open except Tuesdays. The reason why ... read more
Tiger Safari - Marvellous
Zebra - At Zoo
1st visit:Myself & Swamy with a tourist

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