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October 22nd 2011
Published: December 28th 2015
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This is the continuation of my previous post talking about Bangalore day-outs. Off all the places I visited from Bangalore, I did go to this National Park (BNP) most number of times. This wild park was established in 1970’s and spread tremendously over thousands of acres. I visit here precisely because of Tigers. It’s a treat to watch those wild beauties in the safari in one of the exotic national park in the state.

Well, it’s around 30 km away from Bangalore city, I had gone there by bike, by bus(BMTC Volvo), and by car in different occasions. When I visited with my friend (Swamy) on his bike may be 3.5 years ago, the wild park was so crowded as that was on a weekend. I think the park is open except Tuesdays. The reason why I mention that trip is, I do have some photographs of the same.

The ticket rates were moderate, and there are a variety of tour types going up in price. The park consists of a zoo, butterfly house and safari. There is also a ‘grand’ safari which consists of a bus with air-conditioning and costs more than normal rate. You can also choose a ‘jeep safari’, 4 people into a jeep.

The safari park is broken into 4 different safari ‘zones’ –

#1 Herbivore Safari: You get to see lots of deer, Elephants bathing in water, oddly crocodile too

#2 Bear Safari : So many of them will be roaming on the road, some of them were sleeping on the side of the road, few came close to the van, we could almost touch their feather through the window which was covered with a metal grid.

#3 Lion Safari: There were couple of lions sitting by a gate. Further along we came to some low buildings that had some lionesses in a caged enclosure and loads of lion cubs in a second enclosure. In my last visit, I was impressed that lions did put on some weight and looks very magnificent in the authority they possess. Finally the most awaited one,

#4 The Tiger Safari: This was the one I was most excited about . Precisely the white ones , man they look bloody awesome! Their fur, texture, eyes, moves, teeth flattered me, watching them close made my day. Those wild cats gave some amazing poses that I very much regretted for not bringing my DSLR. This happened in a family trip.

To photographers; In the safari, The way in is NOT the way out. So don’t think that you can take photos when you come back. There is no coming back! Hence if you find some real photographic moments just click.

We didn't end up going to the butterfly house in my first visit, couldn't find it. it’s not actually inside the main park but left of the entrance. I did go to Butterfly park in my second visit, Once you finish with the safari, the bus will drop you near the gate of the Butterfly park. They do have hundreds of butterflies swarming around, but rare ones are few, you may also find few monkeys too! So be careful with your edibles. Here also you need to take separate ticket for your camera.

You may very well spend one hour in Zoo, where you will see many kinds of birds, slithering snakes, aquatic wildlife, reptiles, also exotic animals like Zebra, Emu, White peacocks etc.

Here is a nice park for children inside the zoo which gives a mini carnival feeling. Plan for an hour or more there and kids would love it. It can be called as a mini amusement park with rides like Giant wheel, a small merry-go-round so on. Horse ride facility is also present there. Do note that, this facility is not that of BNP, but is a privately run park,

The BMTC bus stand at BNP has a shopping complex along, and a lot of shops which sells standard consumer items are present there.

The food seems to be average both in terms of taste and price. We saw some people waiting for ‘blessings’ from elephants with its trunk, kids were having too much fun with giant animal as some even try cross the giant between its legs.

All in all Bannerghatta National Park makes for a good day trip.

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29th December 2015

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4th January 2016

Thanks a bunch!
Surely, I would remember while visiting Himachal :)

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