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November 16th 2014
Published: November 16th 2014
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Banargutta national park


Safari Bus
I wake up exited .I waited for these day finally I am going to a national park.I panned for national park two times before but both the times i am unlucky.
1St time.
-Ranthambhor national park (RAJ.)-no tickets are left.
2nd time.
Madhav National Park shivpuri-Do all hard work. Also reach there but it start raining

But these time i decided to try my luck again. Also we plain good. We already book our tickets and we are going in late summer in Bangalore.
21st -octuber.

Me and my 3 other friends booked tickets and also conform that buss fess(for safari) is also included in ticket. Total ticket fee-360 inr(safari+ butterfly park + zoo +boating).
So we all decide to meet at Brigade road and from there we are going to take direct buss for (Buss no-G4) Bannerghatta National Park
For tariff visit-
For buses(bmtc)-

Present day:

I am exited so I reach there early(brigade road) we decide to meet at 8:30 am and now it is only 8 am. So I decide to explore that area. Brigade road is quite beautiful in its architecture. It is quite a mixture of old and new Bangalore style.It is looking more beautiful because it is a pleasant morning and also it is Sunday but in evening it is crowded. After exploring some time and eating a delicious burger at mac-Donald I leave for bus stop.after 5 minutes my friends also reach there.we choose brigade road because of seats (it the starting point of that buss) .It is around 40 min journey (33-kms).It is our first time through that route we are exited the best thing about Bangalore is its climate and because of climate it became a joy ride with friends and after 15 minutes IIM Bangalore passed ,we looked each other and one friend commented NAHI HO PAYENGA. And we starts to laugh loud.After 40 minutes of travel we finally reach to national park buss stop(it take 25 rs )
Buss stop is clean and bigger (it is located at outskirts of Bangalore) compare to other stops.As we plain so we now it is going to be along day So we headed for breakfast first.There is a canteen inside the campus (or you can also eat inside zoo,lots of stalls inside). We order parotha (15rs per) and dosa(10rs per).parotha is not good ,if you are a

Zoo Elephants
north Indian you are going to think why they call it parotha(it is terrible).Dosa is OK (before coming here I know only dosa which is filled with potato(aloo)but hundreds of verities are available.After breakfast we headed towards safari ,there are also ticket counters there so you can buy tickets on the spot.
We move toward safari whose entrance is just before ticket counter, if your are coming from buss stop direction.So he took our ticket and cut it from end ,we are finally in.we cross a lawn between that we can see lots of foreigners with there kids and as always they charge more from them but later we found they also get good seats.
We take our seats in bus(seats are based on first come priority). you don’t need to rush because all seats are good and you are going to get your share of view.
Its around 10:15 am. Initially you will feel you are in some kind of village. but when you enter into the 1st gate you will find it is quite real damn real (its gates is like gate in Jurassic park movie).there are 2 doors.1st door open ,we enter after it get closed than 2nd door will open and you enter in the main area(good amount of security).

Its around 10:15 am. Initially you will feel you are in some kind of village. but when you enter into the 1st gate you will find it is quite real damn real (its gates is like gate in Jurassic park movie).there are 2 doors.1st door open ,we enter after it get closed than 2nd door will open and you enter in the main area(good amount of security).

Bear Safari
We are on the last seat, we are concern about the view the something happens.We got the glimpse of a black bear .every one is rushed to see him(him or her I don’t know my gender knowledge is limited only to cows & dogs).Then we see a whole big bear. I am using whole because it is really big. He is lying on the ground(like a dead) and my friend commented he is in love and every body laughed .but again we got some bears lying continuously in the same position.(just in 10 meter region) there is no movement in them. we start to think they are models and real bears are still going to come and just 40 second after we see group of bears moving identical to each other. we then again start to think they are costumes and some one is inside that acting like a bear and we expresses ourselves loud. full buss start to laugh including buss driver and it is just a matter of moments we can see whole area full of bears they are very close, big, fantastic, real beautiful.

Some bears are concern about our presence some are veteran they don’t care. As one bear is start moving in front of our buss ,two of them start moving we the buss. people start clicking photos. We are all exited .After some time moving along the bear buss make a way and we just cross the exit gate of bear safari.

Lion Safari:
We entered into the zone by same Jurassic park like gate. Just in 2 minutes we find our self in between group of Lions. you can feel the presence of king. They are big. some of them are with there lioness (I don’t know about that lioness to which lion she belongs).
Here we can easily see the difference(lioness with

LION king
hairs).they don’t care about our presence they are setting like kings and give expressions like –I don’t care if you are human or anyone I know you can’t do anything, its like two lions are talking with each other.
Lion1- Look humans.
Lion2-Ignore them ,they are regular.
And we are feeling that we are not here to see them. Actually it’s a human safari for Lions.
Look look a lion is very near to my window. I feel like I can touch him. but it is not possible and even it needs guts to do that.1st time I am that close it is intimidating ,exciting Wow!. At that time I am just there, not thinking about anything, just constantly starring at him only. After these we enter into the tiger safari

Tiger safari:

Same type of gate, All in our bus is constantly starring a tiger near our bus .you can easily absorb the alertness in his walk. He is not looking you but he is looking you, he is so present ,so deadly. His beauty is enhance more when you absorb his shades of his body
. All intimidating stories about sunder ban(West Bengal) ,all stories about

tiger, how they hunt (discovery channel).how much they show patient, all these things is moving inside my mind. Specialty about these park is that they have both normal and white tigers.
There are only 1700-1800 total tiger in India now. They are super animal, they climb, swim, jump and by these experience I get my answer why they are national animal.
After Watching tigers glory. we went out outside safari zone and our next destination is butterfly park.

Butterfly park:
After 50 minutes of Safari we head toward butterfly park. The most latest addition in beauty of bunnergutta national park. It is quite beautiful it is started in 2005.A beautiful statue of butterfly is made outside the park and you get surprise when you go inside. Area is full of butterflies. Some butterfly can come and seat on you
They are just like stars every where .Structure is also beautiful(dome shape).As you move inside ,you can absorb that pound and other stuff made to enhance the beauty. We spend half an hour and then we move inside information center. There you will get all information about the types of butterfly present there and also you get to know how butterfly grows. It is good, you can go with your kids.

After that we went for Zoo. Zoo is large in area. But we can find lots of varieties of species, specially if you are interested in Snakes and tortoise. Some snakes are quite big and some turtles are very small. We also find ostrich is a real surprise.
Things to Remember
1. Try to reach early.
2. It is good if you take food with you, Don’t expect much in terms of food
3. Check your watch before going for boating because they promise more and give you less

Thing I absorb in animals
LION-fearlessness, confidence.

Best of luck and Enjoy.

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White Tiger

Royal bangal tiger

Boating area in national park

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