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Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj March 15th 2016

Dear Readers, Greetings from "Kutch Adventures India " I hope you are doing well and ready to read real life story of "Undelivered Parcel" that resulted into beautiful friendship between an American traveler and I who never met in person but seems like we know each other for years :) It was May 2015 when I posted a picture of hand stitched quilt on my Instagram and I got message from Jessica "I tried to ship a package back to the United States from Bhuj. It appears it never left India and went back to post office in Bhuj. What are the odds I could send you some money to investigate locally (if you are near Bhuj)?? " This parcel contained some handmade scarves, quilts and some old Rabari embroidered pieces that she had personally collected ... read more
Thanks letter from Jessica
Jessica when parcel was undelivered
Kuldip when he released parcel after following up for 8 months

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj November 23rd 2014

No mobile coverage, no proper signposting, a big lake infested with large crocodiles, dense jungle littered with ruins of ancient dwellings and a 3 km trek leading to an ancient Shiva Temple where the deity is in a subterranean cave and most importantly very little mention on the net and not listed in Wikipedia- does seem unreal and straight out of a horror movie set. But Chavda Rakhal- the hidden gem of Kutch is anything but that. Off the beaten track, this hunting ground of the erstwhile ruler of Kutch State still remains a private property of the Jadeja Royal Family of Kutch. Just about 15 km from Bhuj, the headquarters and biggest town in the Kutch District of Gujarat, Chavda Rakhal which literally means ‘Chavda’s Estate’ can be reached by following the Bhuj –Mata Na ... read more
The Placid Pragsar Lake
Ancient Kutchi Inscriptions
Natural Delights

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj February 6th 2014

December 29th 2013 “It's coming around again, Its slowly creeping in The time at its command Soon enough it comes, And settles in its place Its shadow on my face, Puts pressure in my day” Powderfinger Riding into the Great Rann (Desert) of Katchchh (Kutch) and its White Desert, I have a sense of reaching an end..... of place and time. Something about deserts. This place is a seasonal salt marsh in the Thar Desert (Kutch District of Gujarat and Sindh Province of Pakistan). Covering 7,500 squ kms it is the largest salt desert on Earth. Approaching the Pakistani border, we are stopped at a check-post and politely told politely that we cannot go closer. We stop and chat with the two soldiers and one takes David's bike for a little test ride down the road ... read more
Onwards to the White Desert
Salty bath - White Desert
Not too threatening border control

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj January 23rd 2014

Benvenuti in Gujarat, la terra di Gandhi e del probabile prossimo primo ministro indiano, uno degli stati piu' industrializzati del paese ma allo stesso tempo ultimo rifugio per animali in grave rischio di estinzione quali l'asino selvatico ed il leone asiatico, patria della cucina vegetariana piu' raffinata e soprattutto luogo ancora poco visitato da turisti stranieri: sara' qui che il Mercante trascorrera' le ultime settimane di questo viaggio in terra indiana. Ahmedabad, la capitale dello stato, e' una grande metropoli di quasi 5 milioni di abitanti in continua espansione, e la grande vetrina in cui esibire tutto il meglio di cio' che e' stato raggiunto in venti anni di sviluppo economico esponenziale; per il semplice turista tutto cio' si traduce in un traffico infernale ed un caos totale. Facile a dirsi, il luogo piu' adatto dove ... read more
Palitana: la collina di Shatrunjaya
Ahmedabad: la camera di Gandhi nel suo ashram
Veraval: la moschea sulla spiaggia

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj March 28th 2013

Dear Travellers. Welcome to Kutch Adventures India . Today I’m sharing some pictures with brief story of Dhebar Rabari-one of the most interesting traditional community living in Kutch who are known for their nomadic lifestyle, along with their sheep, goats and camels and their beautiful Rabari Embroideries that has made them world famous. History of Rabari: Mythological stories inks Rabari back with Shiva and Himalayan Valley. The recent history reveals that they moved down to Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) to Gujarat and to Kutch. Some people also believe Gypsies in Europe could also be one of their decedent families. Anyway in Kutch, district of Gujarat state, Rabari are divided (actually I’d prefer to use the term “Known”) in 3 sub-group. “Kutchi, Dhebar and Vagadiya” 1-Kutchi Rabari (or K... read more
Rabari family, Kutch
Quilt, water carrier

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj January 11th 2011

Dear Readers, Greetings from Kutch Adventures India Exploring Chinkara (gazelle bannettis) Sanctuary in Lakhpat-Kutch with my 2 cousins, Neerav and Chetan, on motorbike which was our best companion to take us through forest area. Let me define the word Forest in Kutch. It means nothing but 8-10 ft. tall bushes of local Kutchi vegetations found in wilder area where Chinkaras lives beside other animals such as Blue bulls, Jackals, Hares, Mongoose and Wild boars and protected by Gujarat Forest Department. Ironically Government allowing cements factories and thermal power plants to establish their businesses around this sanctuary to let them make money and pollute environment and cornered these species in smaller area gradually. They says it’s “Development” while environmentalists calls it “Destruction” The idea was to p... read more
Sunset time
Heart shape leaves
Blue bull

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj August 9th 2010

Hello again... Hope you all are doing well... After reign of Scorching Heat, The Monsoon season rulling the Rann of Kutch and Bhuj as well.... Land of Kutch covered with Green Grass, Smell of Earth sailing across the desert, Frogs, insects, birds and Cooldeep singing so loudly.... "This Sex is on Fire...." ;-)) ha ha... Some scene hide back in Nature as I was affraid of using Camera due to rain and some moments, scenes are caught which are Magical enough to get refreshed... :-) Note: sorry for not being able to stay at home... Nature is calling..... "The more I get... The more I want..." :-)xx ... read more
black & white

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj July 29th 2010

After a few days in Mumbai we decide to head up North to Bhuj. Brecht, the Belgium guy we met at the Bollywood studios comes with us. He's so laid back, will stop and talk to anyone and get's a lot of attention being 6ft 9 and looking like Peter Croutch!! The three of us catch a taxi to Bandra train station. The roads are packed and we still can't get over how people drive here. The taxi weaves in and out of the traffic hooting his horn at any bike, rickshaw or cow that gets in his way. Brad's in the back nearly hyperventilating with every second word beginning with 'F'!!! As we approach the train station we pass the smell of the slums which takes your breath away, even the taxi driver covers his ... read more
Photo 23
Photo 32
Photo 24

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj April 17th 2010

Dear Travelers... Once again I am going to upload pics of Beauty of my Garden in Bhuj. These are the Flowers that keeps me Happy while there is hardly any reason I have to be happy.. Nevermind, Watering these plants every morning makes my day otherwise how could one survive while the Temperature is 44 C and Summer is becoming cruel.. However I am keen and optimistic to welcome monsoon which is still 2 months away.. But I'm preity sure that these lovely flowers and their fragrance will help me not to think of decreasing numbers of Forest, carbon emitions and dirty Governments who only talks to "save our planet" and promoting all those "Industries" keen to make money and distroying our lovely planet at higest For you just keep admiring beauty of Nature... Here... There... ... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Bhuj January 5th 2010

Hello and Namaste!! It's pleasure to be back in Country and exploring places. Enjoying Winter more than ever I did before though sometimes Sunlight that I missed more than anything else in England, scares me when I imagine temp. will reach more than 40 C in Summer.. Don't worry.! I can survive.. :-) As I wanted to, I had almost 3 months Holidays doing nothing other than wandering here and there into the Wild, met various spices of Birds, Animals, Insects and most interesting outcome was that I found the secret to be a "Wildlife Photographer" don't tell anyone else.. ;-) it's a Secret ... You only need to be an Adventurous, love Nature and its creatures. and of course, a Camera ;-) and you are one of the Wildlife Photographer... Why people go to University/college?? ... read more

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