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Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad November 10th 2018

Sara is feeling rather better. It's 8am and we decide to walk the heritage trail on our own, a round trip of about 3 miles. Just outside our hotel and opposite the Sidi Sayeed mosque are about a dozen beggars in their usual position seeking alms. There are people sleeping in the street and on charpoys, the whole place is incredibly dirty and smelly but still basically asleep. The first place we encounter is one of the great gateways into the Badhra fort. Sadly much of this has either been demolished or turned into government offices so there's not much to see. Next to it is a Hindu temple that is giving hot meals to the poor wretches who present themselves and sit quietly in two lines in front of the temple. Women gypsy beggars appear ... read more
Jamma Masjid, Ahmedabad
Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad
Rani no Hajiro, Ahmedabad

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad November 9th 2018

Sadly we have to leave the idyllic pleasure of the Taj Mahal Palace. As usual hotels worry about traffic and we arrive at Mumbai airport ludicrously early at 930am. The queues look horrendous with the hordes returning from their Diwali holiday, but Indigo have an enormously efficient queuing system for bag drop and we are through security by 10am. The security check ignores three bottles of water they find in our hand luggage, but confiscate one bottle – “Water not allowed sir”. “Can I keep these bottles though?” “Yes sir”. Hmmm....maybe he was thirsty. The new Mumbai domestic terminal is a huge improvement on the old one, efficient, light, and spacious. Indigo are also a revelation, a seemingly brand new A320 neo, with more cabin luggage space than BA business and plenty of leg room. We ... read more
Adalaj stepwell looking up
Adalaj stepwell
Gandhi's home at the ashram

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad March 15th 2018

Our next destination on the tour of Gujarat was Ahmedabad, the main city & textile centre and also the former capital of Gujarat. En route we stopped at the Modhera Sun Temple, built in 1026, which consisted of a large “stepwell tank” with steep steps leading down into the turbid green water. Two small sandstone temples, decorated with multiple carvings of Hindi deities, elephants and intricate designs, were situated nearby. After a further hour of travelling we stopped at another spectacular 11th-century stepwell, in the shape of an inverted Temple which plunged deeply down steep steps into the depths. Numerous shrines and elaborately carved statues were present on the walls and steps - a most unusual and interesting structure. That evening we enjoyed our first Gujarati Thali - a meal consisting of many small dishes of ... read more
Gujarati Nomad Gypsies on the move
Diu Fish Market
Modhera Sun Temple

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad October 20th 2016

Geo: 22.7682, 72.406... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad November 9th 2015

After our whistle stop tour of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we were happy to spend some time eating home cooked food in Ahmedabad and then headed for some enforced relaxation in Goa. Ahmedabad is an expanding city in the heart of the Northern state of Gujarat. We’ve been here before, seven years ago. It has a lot of residential building, road expansions and commercial growth. We were lucky enough to be there during the nine day dance festival of Navaratri (which literally translates to 9 nights in Sanskrit). Imagine thousands of people, all dressed in vibrant, beautiful colors, dancing along a similar theme and moving in unison around various concentric circles. Those are the ‘garba’ dances that take place during the nine nights. It was a pleasure to witness and although some of the moves are ... read more
Some new friends in Ahmedabad
Thali done right

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad January 5th 2015

Wow...what a place this is. More on that later...back to the 1st and leaving Dubai. I got my first full on experience of getting bumped off flight as a nonrev flyer. Seventeen years in the industry and some major traveling done before and I never had anything like that. There were 5 flights between two airlines and two terminals in DXB that I didn't get on and then got the last seat -88b- on and A380 to BOM on Emirates. Yes, I got on the A380!!!! That was exciting on its own. It was only a 2.5 hour flight but we got dinner and i was able to get a movie in. EK is definitely the way to go...even in economy to India. We landed at 2:30am..yikes. Then the wait. With that many people on the ... read more
Pick a destination
At The Gateway to India
The Taj Hotel in Mumbai

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad December 26th 2013

Trekking (or backpacking, or hiking, or tramping) has taught me a lot that is useful elsewhere in life - how to plan ahead and prepare, how to be resourceful, how to navigate, how to make do with little, and a lot more. Below is a short list of what I've learned trekking that has come in handy while traveling in India for 6 months. 1. Make your own breakfast. If you are on a tight budget, breakfast is an easy meal to make on your own. Rooms with stoves are very hard to find and cost much more than a regular room so stick to a cold meal. Cereal or muesli and powdered milk is a classic trail meal and easy to find in India. Just add purified water and you are ready to go. True ... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad February 19th 2013

February 6... It was an early morning again today as we were headed to see the Taj Mahal and wanted to be there as soon as it opened, which was sunrise or around 7am. We were in line to get in by about 6:15 and then it was a lot of waiting around. There have been some changes at the Taj since I visited in 2004, the primary one being related to security at the entrances. We were pretty much in corrals (separate male and female lines) while waiting, then had to pass through metal detectors and have all bags checked by x-ray (just like at the airport but the line moved a bit faster.) The other noticeable change from my previous visit was having to wear shoe covers up on main platform where the Taj ... read more
Agra Fort 2
Madhogarh Villagers 7
Amber Fort near Jaipur 11

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad February 19th 2013

February 16… My idea of hell is being trapped in a car for 12 hours – what was I thinking when I opted for a car journey between Udaipur and Sasan Gir?? You look at the map and it’s only 600 kms between the two places, mostly on major highways. Well, I had hoped it wouldn’t take quite as long as it did, however, this is India. We left at about 6:20 am. The first couple of hours after leaving Udaipur were through the hills – the longest stretch between curves in the road might have been a kilometre or two at most. Then we reached the flats of Gujarat but traffic volume had increased by that point so we probably didn’t travel more than 60 kms per hour. Once we neared Ahmedabad, language conspired to ... read more
Male lion A - Safari 2 #5
Male lion B - Safari 2 #1
Male lion A - Safari 2 #12

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad January 24th 2013

So after a busy afternoon (including an awesome lunch of wraps in Romali Roti at Khan Cha Cha’s in Connaught Place), we just about make it back to Maan K to get our taxi to Terminal 1 (Domestic Airport of the Indira Ghandi International Airport). We fly Spicejet again to Ahmedabad and as we have 5 hours to kill before catching the midnight train to Bhuj we stay at the Airport & catch up on emails, blogs, pictures etc. We get a prepaid Taxi (Rs 300) to the station which is quite big. M has some snacks from the Indian railways canteen before we board the train to Bhuj. We are allocated a coupe (First Class this time) which is pretty good and comfortable and arrive at 7.35 am (which is also when we wake up! ... read more
Dhanete woman with her handiwork
The Saltflats of Kutch
The Yellow chilli Resturant

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