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Asia » India » Chattisgarh » Bastar September 13th 2010

As I crossed the pedestrian bridge at Visakhapatnam train station I looked down upon the long blue snakes of the waiting trains and tried to decide which might be ours. There was a departure time listed for our train (the 1VK Visag to Kirandul passenger) but no platform number and at six in the morning there was nobody at the counters to ask. Though none of the ticket booths were open the platforms were all busy with the constant buzz of commuters, coolies, venders and beggars, all going about their lives with typical languorous efficiency. After a couple of failed attempts we found our train, located our carriage, gained our seats, purchased a breakfast of coffee and biscuits and then settled in for the 2 hour trip to Tyada in the Aruku Valley. A comparatively short ... read more
He's been workin' on the railroad
Transport to the market #1
Raindrops and seedling

Asia » India » Chattisgarh » Raipur May 31st 2008

Let’s start with the good: The affable old man who I met in Ujjain and spoke excellent English, with an English accent mind you! He had learned it in the good old days of the British Raj... We had an interesting conversation on the importance of good education. His only flaw was a curious dislike of Sikhs to which he attributed dubious sexual morals and greediness... The ghat's of Ujjain, the most relaxed I have seen in India, with the kids frolicking in the water, the saddhus preparing for the evening blessings and everybody else either bathing or just strolling along the ghats... This sounds of course like any ghat, but the relaxing part was that nobody seemed to notice me or at least took any notice of me and that is rare in this country. ... read more

Asia » India » Chattisgarh May 2nd 2008

been too lazy to write about my adventures (plus elecricity goes out and the computers often shut down) in india so here are some pix with descriptions to catch you up on a few things. see you in three weeks, looking forward to catching up with ya'll. :) k... read more

Asia » India » Chattisgarh » Tattapani October 27th 2005

Walked 5km to the Shiva cave. Took the wrong path and interrupted a monkey asleep on a rock. Walked on and found a great spot overlooking the river, decided to top up my tan. Got on the right track and walked through a slow-moving village. The people in Tattapani don’t do much work. Last 2km of the walk was on a cliff-side road overlooking the river, very quiet except the occasional jeep and trucks that had psychedelic paint work and the slogan "beep now". Walked to the cave through a forest, found a concret seat so caught up on some sleep. Cave was not as inspiring as the walk, sat near the shrine and admired the waterfall. Took a bathe in the spring water with AD and played guitar with a Spanish guy who had an ... read more

Asia » India » Chattisgarh » Tattapani October 26th 2005

Tattapani is known for its hot sulphurous springs. It is in a lush green valley, a huge river flows through the centre of the village. Journey took 2 hours, met a civil engineer on the bus. Hard work but very funny, "whats your Dads name?", "Malcolm", "An ENGINEER!!!" etc Checked into the Spring View Hotel which is on the edge of the river. Very friendly staff, room is basic but the sound of the river makes up for it. Walked into the quiet village. Met an Indian man who works in Shimla as a civil engineer - that’s two today, he used to be a policeman. Invited me into his home and we drank tea and ate biscuits, it was his 44th birthday. A lemon tree with lemons the size of apples was growing in his ... read more

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