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Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati March 12th 2017

It's late at night and I'm having a bit of bump trying to put into words what was one of the most amazing experiences of my life till now. I will give it a try.. College had just ended and heart breaking goodbyes had already weighed down my heart deep enough to absorb any pleasant experience. The realisation that I was not gonna see some of my favorite people for quite sometime, had wiped out all the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming trip that the eight of us had planned after college. What was originally a 14 member party, seemed to lose flavor when people started backing out. So when me and another friend started for Kolkata on 23rd morning, saying goodbye to our beloved juniors, energy levels were plummeting like the stock prices of ... read more

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati August 17th 2012

Our first four days in India have consisted of a lot of travelling and marvelling at the sheer stink of the capital of the Assam region - Guwahati. Having done copious amounts of research into the conflict zone of the state of Assam, we made an executive decision that really we would be ok. The PM of India had travelled there so how bad could it be? Arriving at Delhi airport we went straight to the Spicejet (India's answer to easyjet) counter to book the first flight to Guwahati. The travel man immediately asked us about our route from there warning us to not go out when we arrived there due to Indiependence day and to have our wits about us due to tribal friction. This advice seemed to follow us wherever we went and was ... read more

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati April 25th 2012

Assam is amazing, edgy, scary, beautiful all at the same time. We saw a "Flying fox" bat outside the train station, while waiting for our share jeep to leave. Our driver almost got into a fist fight with other drivers, over parking space. The train station, which serves as nightime shelter for many of the city's homeless people, had been the scene of political bombings in the past. Guwahati is crowded & smelly. Holes in the sidewalk leading to the sewer below. Crossing the street takes nerves of steel. We just have one afternoon in Guwahati, & want to go to the Bhramaputra River. We tell autorickshaw driver to take us to the gnat where the ferry for peacock Island docks. He drops us off, instead, by a judicial building. We make our way thru a ... read more
Sunset on the Bhramaputra
Fellow Passengers
on the ferry

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati December 21st 2011

We are back in beautiful Bangkok which feels, oh so luxurious, after India. India, hmmm, India. This was our 4th trip to India, and we still find it to be, by far, the hardest country to travel in. Life does not appear to be improving for the average person. But still a fascinating, and frustrating country! So, a 'quick' recap of the past 2 weeks. Chitwan NP in Nepal was great. We take the 6 hr tourist bus to Chitwan. We thoroughly enjoy our 3 nights, and 2 full days of activities. We stayed inside the park at a quiet rustic place. It felt abit like a camp with all the planned activities, but was fun! The park has accomadations for @ 60 people, but there were only @ 15 people staying there, so we felt ... read more
Jungle lodge in Chitwan, Nepal
Chitwan villagers in park
Carrying the cut grass

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati December 14th 2011

"Cold wave", non si parla d'altro in questo momento attraverso tutta l'India del Nord; Amritsar ed il Punjab sono come sempre le zone piu' fredde della pianura, seguite a ruota da Delhi, in cui la temperatura minima e' gia' scesa pericolosamente verso i 3 gradi, e poi giu' per l'intera piana gangetica, dove di notte si arriva ai 4-5. Come se non bastasse, tipica del'inverno hindustano e' anche la formazione di una "fog belt", la temutissima cintura di nebbia che crea disagi di dimensioni apocalittiche, con treni a lunga percorrenza che accumulano puntualmente 10-15 ore di ritardo, ed in alcuni casi si sente addirittura parlare di interi convogli partiti e mai arrivati a destinazione, inghiottiti per sempre con tutto il loro carico da questa spessa, impietosa coltre bianca.... In questo momento il Mercante si trova in ... read more
Panni stesi ad asciugare sulle rive del Brahmaputra
La mietitura del riso nelle pianure dell'Assam
Uno sguardo sulle colline del Meghalaya

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati December 26th 2009

India Allatvilaga. Ez a resz az itt latott erdekessegeket prezentalja, es a naplobejegyzesekkel ellentetben folyamatosan bovulo! Jo szorakozast:) ... read more
nemtudommineve madarka
le a lepcson

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati October 20th 2008

So I started this blog a little late, but I feel like I made it just in time to start the real part of journey. So far I have already been in Guwahati for 2 weeks and then traveled to Thailand for 2 weeks, and am now back in Guwahati. I will be here for 3 weeks before I begin my trek across India. I have experienced so many different things since I've been here already. From being stared at by every single person I come into contact with for being white, to biting my tounge everytime our driver swerves out of the way of a giant cow laying in the middle of the road. While those things are less important, I do feel like things are changing with me that feel much more real. I'm ... read more

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati July 19th 2008

Manas National Park and Bodo Village tour Partha De Sarkar Marcus of Berlin working for us had just returned from the Manas National Park and had sighted tigers twice. He was full of admiration of northeast India’s beautiful mountains, open wilderness, flora and fauna and most importantly its colourful tribal life and of work being done by Help Tourism among the Bodo tribe. Northeast is a beautiful land, mystic and mysterious. Dipak who had come from South Wales, UK, was immediately interested to visit the Manas National Park. We reserved accommodation at Maozigendri Jungle Camp of Help Tourism just outside the core area of Manas. Then on January 2, 2008, we flew to Guwahati from Kolkata and Help Tourism vehicle took us to the jungle camp. The Bodo village, poacher and militant to saviour It was ... read more
Elephant Safari
Tribal Dance

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati June 22nd 2008

“The door of the historic Kamakhya temple will remain closed on Sunday morning for the Anbubachi Mela....” Excellent timing, again. But the rest of the Times of India report is encouraging: “The door will reopen on June 25. Over six lakh devotees from across the country and abroad are likely to converge during the four-day congregation atop Nilachal Hills.” So we proceed to the temple of lust, where a stone yoni is worshipped, hardly eight kilometres from Guwahati on the airport route. The Brahmaputra flows parallel to the highway, till the hills hide the river. Barricades and khakhis mark the beginning of the road uphill. Only public buses and vehicles with special permits are let onto the hills for security reasons. We will have to trek uphill if we get down from the suffocating bus. All ... read more
Floating sadhus
Holy smoke
Secluded divinity

Asia » India » Assam » Guwahati April 16th 2008

There are some scenes you need to see, to get a feel for a culture. Some beautiful, some challenging.... (check back here often, because I'll be adding a lot here after my initial publishing...) But first: Bihu Festival , a moment of fame, and a small world. When I headed for Assam, I had a vague knowledge that a festival would be happening around the time of my arrival. I didn't stop to consider the likely side-effects: lack of accommodation. Eventually accommodation was found, at an inflated price (for India) - but such problems were a minor inconvenience to pay for the unexpected experience of the festival. Rongali Bihu festival is essentially a spring festival - celebrating happiness, and fertility etc with lots of song and dance. In Guwahati numerous committees erect big pavilions of bamboo ... read more
Assamese Musician
Assamese Bihu  Musicians
Assamese Rongali Bihu dancers at night

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