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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 24th 2008

China Trip Journal - 14 Friday, October 24, 2008 11:00 PM Tour 2. Tsing Ma - Lantau & Monastery Tour. Adult: 580HK$/~83 U.S. $ Children: 420HK$/ ~60 U.S. $ Duration: 6-7 hours Lunch included. Check out my photos! So Friday 8am in the morning, my next tour begins. Same thing as yesterday, the pick up took about 1.5 hours. I sort of wrote the amount of time we spend driving (unfortunately, I can't find my notes), and the time we have for each stop to look around. Stops. 1. Tsing Ma Bridge. This was worth going! And everybody have to see the most expensive bathroom facility in Hong Kong with music. So we got to our first destination and everyone had their picture taken by a photographer. He normally would give you three copies and ... read more
Tai O Market
Tai O Market
Tai O Market

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 15th 2008

Hey everyone Yesterday and Today were fantastic! I started back in Mongkok because i decided to buy the laptop i saw, which is amazing!!!!!! Then i travelled to the centre of Hong Kong island to catch a ferry to Lantau Island. Lantau's famous for having the worlds largest (85ft/34m High) seated outdoor Buddha statue, but its also very beautiful, More than half of Lantau island is a designated country park and the island is bigger than Hong Kong itself. The ferry over to the island takes around half an hour and goes past many of the other small outlying islands, once you land in Lantau you then need to catch a bus to get to Ngong Ping village which is an experience in itself, the journey there the bus driver seemed to go as fast as ... read more
Tian Tan Buddha

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 6th 2008

Got up early today to trek back over to Kowloon. Journey wasn't bad because we knew where we were going...hoping to stay on the 3rd flooor hostel, instead of Ocean View. It's called Tai Wan Hotel and luckily they had room! It was a jawdropper when we saw the room...not an Ocean View jaw dropper (a.k.a. Kill me now) but a 'Oh my god thank you; must have done something good in the past life' jaw dropper. Is just like a mini (very mini) hotel suite - little bedside lamps and everything! Riding on euphoric wave of happiness, trotted off to catch tube to Lantau Island. Had more bread from bakery for breakfast (except mine turned out to be a donut filled with jam...totally tasty, but not appropriate for breakfast I don't suppose. Bye bye weight ... read more
Cable Car ride
Cable car 2

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 6th 2008

6th OCTOBER 2008 - BIG BUDDHA!! We got up early as planned and after packing up we hauled our backpacks on again to head back to Kowloon. Luckily because we had been there before the journey was much better and we only had the packs on for half an hour!! Score!!! We went to the same hostel building as the first night but got a room on the third floor! In hostel terms we were going up in the world. For less than 2 pounds more the room was nice......twin room, tv, aircon, en-suite where you didn't have to shower over the toilet and even our own fridge!!! The last two nights here were going to be ok…I could feel it!!! After settling in to the 'deluxe room' (hardly but it was compared to the previous ... read more
Nat and I in Cable Car
A Beast!!!
View from the cable car

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island September 22nd 2008

One day tour in the small Disneyland is enough for me. there are many thing to do in one day. let explore what disneyland could offer!!... read more
HGK: Disney Figure All in The Train
HGK: Disney Figure All in The Train
HGK: Train Station at Disneyland

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island August 27th 2008

Wednesday the 27th August: Ron was still packing until 1am this morning. I soon realised having had to finish packing the day before so I could get to Louise and Colin's for a farewell dinner was not such a bad thing. Colin and Lachlan picked us up from Ron's this morning and had us to the airport within half an hour as the traffic was fine. Check-in was very long, at least an hour to reach the counter. It was lovely to have Ron's mum and dad there to farewell us. We left from Tullamarine on schedule at 11.50am, during the 9 hour flight I managed to watch four inflight movies, we both enjoyed and can recommend Iron Man and The Bank. I found somehow I had also been recorded as vegetarian and received the same ... read more
Tai O Fishing Village
A renovators delight at Tai O
Big Buddha

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island July 14th 2008

"My ego is like this giant tumor, with lots of... veins, spreading out from it." ~Sheng Shi We were sitting in that room again, light flowing through the open windows and the opened minds. Bright were those days in the temple, literally and figuratively; so bright it is that anything hidden within, any dark tumor that causes inner rot and turmoil, can not long go undetected. At least if one is willing and able to observe their self and mind. This vision that Sheng Shi gave me, among another of our great Dharma talks, came clear to my mind. I imagined this ugly, hairy tumor, with thick, juicy branches jutting out, like old gnarled trees that have grown for long and cold years. Sound disgusting? Then I drew it. And as I drew it, I poured ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 28th 2008

We arrived in Hong Kong with some visas issues, the chinese didn't want to let us back in to Bejing to take our flight the next week. Needless to say we were a little stressed so decided to check out the shopping! A little retail therapy on the black market helped as did seeing the Sex & the City movie! The next morning, to our luck, they were able to sort out our visas in one day, so we headed off to Disneyland stress free and excited! We had decided to treat ourselves and stay at Disney's Hollywood Hotel and were shocked by the difference from our dingy hostel, there was even Mickey Mouse slippers! After the shock wore off we headed to the park for the real fun! Though no DisneyWorld, HK DisneyLand still had ... read more
Happiest place on earth
It's a small world!
Stars in our hotel!

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 25th 2008

So after an overnight train from Beijing with a carriage full of american college kids and the familar no sleep routine I finally stroll into Hong Kong - I have made it fully intact and with no problems so Vladim will be happy to read that his lucky token did the trick. Hong Kong is rainy and warm and I am met by my great friend kam at the station in Kowloon and I am really looking forward to some great food - particularly some dim sum which I have not had since last year - and a good bed to sleep in. Kam is amazed at how much stupid stuff that I am carrying with me and helps me to collect my things before we head out to Tsing Yi which will be base camp ... read more
The first picture of what I was carrying!
Bank of China
Tram to the Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 18th 2008

So this is it. My final blog of the trip. How weird it is to be typing that, where has 88days gone, not that I have been counting them!! I write this whilst waiting at Hong Kong aiport for my flight, and its a good job I have time to kill as this Blog needs to cover my final two days. Yesterday I went to Macau. Now todays title is "my actual four stamps" since the last blog was meant to cover macau as well but I ran out of time. The reason for this title is that for me to go to macau for the day, it required 4new stamps in my passport, out of hong kong, in and out of macau, and then into hong kong. It was a busy day for customs! I ... read more

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