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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 7th 2019

Lantau Island, the largest of Hong Kong's islands features Ngong Ping cultural themed village, 34 mts tall Tian Tan buddha statue also known as Big Budda, the Po Lin Monastery and its vegetarian restaurant, souvenirs shops and cafes. I highly recommend to leave early for Lantau so as to avoid queues . We made a mistake by not booking tickets in advance and so we had to queue up to buy tickets and THEN again wait in line to board cable car. Online booking can be a smart option There are 3 cabins av.aliable(standard and cristal bottom cabins and private cabins). Max. 8 people can accommodate in 1 cabin. We chose single ride standard cabin and descended by bus. Even though we visited on a weekday it almost took 2 hrs in queue, but once got ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island May 28th 2019

We were able to have a lie-in in the Regal Hotel at Hong Kong airport because the flight wasn’t until 16:40. However, as we hadn’t been given new e-tickets and we were so skeptical about having a seat on the plane we were determined to check in when the El Al desk opened. Breakfast in the Regal was surreal. There was half a plane load of Israelis including the crew in the restaurant - we could have been in Tel Aviv. There wasn’t too much to do as we didn’t want to go into Hong Kong for shopping so we sat in the hotel lounge trying to concentrate on the blog. We had a quick lunch and rushed back across to the airport. We had our seats as promised so we went through check-in, passport control ... read more
Our flights to and from Japan

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 2nd 2018

Hello. Today we went to Disneyland! This is important for a number of reasons, which I shall enumerate thusly. It's Disneyland We found our way there alone without Kate and Lloyd It's Disneyland! It was really cool. I thought I would like it, but was mostly doing it for the kids, but then I got on the train with Mickey Mouse windows, and there were bronze statues of Snow White and Donald Duck and Jimmy Cricket behind little perspex screens, and I found myself all giddy with excitement even before we arrived. Navigating the metro system in Hong Kong is, full disclosure, not a difficult thing. It all makes sense, everything is in English, the trains come every couple of minutes, there's not a lot to get wrong. But even so, we made it without error ... read more
The Mickey Train!
Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island November 2nd 2017

I utilized miles for long haul flights on this extended part of the Midlife Crisis Flashpacking Trip. I am on course to requalify for Platinum status with American Airlines this year, but any additional flying won’t be enough to qualify me for the next tier beyond Platinum so I couldn’t justify forking out cash for flights. My award flight to Singapore was booked at the last minute and the only available seats required me to stay overnight in Hong Kong. As my flight the next day was at 4.10pm, I decided to visit Ngong Ping near the airport before boarding that flight. I landed in HK at night on November 1st and made my way to the Regal Airport Hotel where I had booked a room with some American Express points that I was unlikely to ... read more
Tian Tan Buddha
Path of Wisdom
Cable Car

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island September 30th 2017

Friday night we met up with our friends Frankie and Amy, who are our friend Chris's parents. Frankie and Amy live on Ma Wan island where we've been staying and know the area well. They invited us to a traditional seafood restaurant owned by local fishermen. Even though we'd not met for a long time, we got on straight away. The food was fresh and plentiful and the drinks were flowing: The Alsace gewurztraminer perfectly accompanied the rock fish and razorfish, 2 delicacies none of us had ever tried. The boys were just as happy with TsingTao, the local Hong Kong beer. Frankie guided us around the old fishing village before beer and icecream completed this very full day! Thank you Frankie &Amy for your hospitality. Have a great trip to Taiwan!... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island October 30th 2016

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Disney. I've been to Disney Land Paris eight times and this weekend would be my first trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Changing out of our Minnie Mouse outfits and putting normal clothes on (though where we were going, our costumes perhaps would be more ‘normal’) Val and I left for Hong Kong straight after Halloween day at work. We had booked a Disney hotel for the Saturday night and had thought we had somewhere booked for Friday but during the day we received an email telling us our stay had been cancelled. We still have no idea why. We arrive in Hong Kong not knowing the area and having no where to stay. We try a handful of places ... read more
Chip and Dale
Donald and Daffy Duck

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island September 13th 2016

Troy and his girlfriend Maddie came to Hong Kong last year. We spoke to them shortly after we arrived here, and they suggested that we visit the giant Big Buddha statue near the village of Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, about 30 kilometres from the hotel. Troy also made some other suggestions, mostly in response to Issy telling him about all the things that I'd apparently done to embarrass her over the past few days. The drug sniffer dog at the airport didn't seem to mind at all being patted, and I thought it was quite rude of the customs officials to tell me to leave it alone and move on. I also can't see what's wrong with wearing board shorts and thongs every day. If the staff at posh restaurants don't want to let us ... read more
Cable car ride, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Big Buddha, Hong Kong
Big Buddha, Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 1st 2016

While travelling in China, I decided to stop over Hong Kong for a couple of weeks. I am not a fun of very modern and big cities but Hong Kong has got a mixture of sights that make of it an appealing city to visit: beautiful islands, a lot of walking trails hidden in the lush vegetation, heritage villages, wonderful bays and friendly local people. I was recommended by some local people to stay in a place called Lantau island which is nearby the airport. I first took a bus to Tung Chun, which is within the metro station and there is also a big shopping center, and then I got on another bus heading to a little village called Pui O where I found a nice campsite close by the beach. I was surprised to ... read more
Old lady selling dried shrimps
Lantau Island

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island February 23rd 2016

I doubt that many tourists visit HK without going to see the Big Buddha up close. You see it from so many parts of the city, sitting calmly in the distance, drawing you in until you just have to go there. Erected in 1993, its true name is the Tian Tan Buddha. It is an impressive 34m high and looks down onto the Po Lin monastery and Ngong Ping village, both of which are great to visit. You can get there easily by yourself or, like me, you can try to pack as much as possible into the day and grab a tour. The best part of the tour was being dropped off at the actual Buddha and not at the bottom of the 268 stairs that lead up to it! This way you can wander ... read more
The Big Buddha
Blog 4

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island February 23rd 2016

As part of my day tour of Lantau Island, I was able to visit the quaint and picturesque Tai O fishing village which is situated on the western coast. Here, the houses are on stilts . They look old and rustic (or just rusty) but the tour guide said that much of that was for the benefit of tourists and they are actually lovely and modern inside. Wandering through the traditional seafood market is great fun. Have a go at identifying all the different dried products you see. Some are obvious and some you may regret asking about. Apparently, most of the dried seafood used in HK is produced in this village. To see the village properly, you need to get out on the water which is part of the tour. Not on a tour? You ... read more
Houses on stilts
Dried goods
Boats everywhere

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