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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan October 14th 2011

I'm falling behind on these, clearly, but I only have a couple days left before we go into the full thick of it with shows, so I am going to make a push to try to catch up. Forgive me if things aren't as detailed as you'd like. I already feel like I am writing a ton. Also, even when I'm connected to ethernet, the internet here is painfully slow... adding a single photograph to this blog takes around 10 minutes... for that reason I probably won't be adding as many in the future. Anything I talk about is definitely on the flickr page, so I encourage you to go there and take a look... Anyway, so Putuoshan - after visiting the big, new temple, we took the cable car up to the top of the ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan October 13th 2011

Day two in Putuoshan. If you look at this island in the travel books, they will tell you that the scenery is lovely, but the food is nothing to write home about. Well, this is me writing home about food that is not worth the effort! After deciding to skip breakfast in the hotel because of the expense/attraction ratio, we went back to the same place we ate the night before, and it was pretty weak. I'd describe it further, but unless you like fried bread, sticky buns, peanuts and spicy pickled green something for breakfast, you wouldn't be that thrilled. If that's your thing, email me. Sated with our least satisfying breakfast to date (the hotel in Shanghai has us all spoiled with its buffet), we headed out to see as much of the island ... read more
footprint rock...
Entry to the new Temple
Lesser gods

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan October 11th 2011

A break! Masumi, Datri and I took advantage of the break from shows and ran for it... after several thoughts about places to go, we decided on Mount Putuo, or Putuoshan, an island in the East China Sea a bit south of Shanghai. It's small, and used to be remote, but now is pretty easily accessible from the mainland thanks to a series of very long bridges connecting several islands. Thus it was that we took a four hour bus ride, then a twenty minute ferry to one of the most holy sites in the Buddhist religion. The island itself is essentially a mountain surrounded by narrow roads with temples in every corner. We chose a pretty new and nice hotel, and the room was sweet, roomy, and slightly expensive, but split between three people the ... read more
orange samaritans
temples by moonlight
Datri and Masumi

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan July 3rd 2010

The time we spent in Datong was unique for a few different reasons. It is by no means a tourist city and we clearly stood out when we walked around the streets. We enjoyed it for the fact that it felt like a real and true glimpse of China, from the vegetable vendors on the streets to the mind blowing amount of high rise buildings being constructed. It's becoming more and more evident as we see this amazing country, that it is growing at a frenzied pace. In Datong they are constructing a "new'' city with high rise apartment buildings in various stages of development and new tree lined streets just waiting to be used. This new part of the city is currently not populated yet, but when it is, surely the city will be neat ... read more
China South 004
Buddhist Caves
Army Headquarters

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan October 30th 2009

We reluctantly got out of the comfy bed around 7am, took hot showers and headed downstairs to the breakfast room. It was a typical Chinese breakfast buffet- fried rice, lots of meat and random Chinese pickled vegetables, toast, random baked goods, watermelon, hot juice that tasted like Tang and probably was and of course rice porridge. We ate until we were full and then headed outside with everyone else to the bus. As we waited for the few stragglers, a few teachers started playing their version of hackey-sack (they kick around an object with feathers on it) and Martin joined in, getting lots of laughs and "very good!" comments from everyone. It was cute. We found out that we were actually in the city of Ningbo and were on our way to yet another high school. ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan October 21st 2009

Here in China, all 6 million people get the same week off in October for traveling home to see their families. Great idea...not. It's kind of like the chaos of Christmas travel in the US. Except 6 million times worse. Of course it was my time off too and I wasn't going to sit around Suzhou for a week, so I fought the swarms of people to see which surrounding cities still had bus tickets available. I ended up heading to Ningbo a few hours south, the easiest place from which to get to the famous island of Putuoshan. I was dying for a glimpse of the ocean, and had heard that this island contained some awesome hiking, beautiful Buddhist shrines and great beaches. Two of the three were true; I spent the day wandering around ... read more
Guanyin in her cave
Guanyin in her temple
Guanyin in her BIG temple

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan July 13th 2009

This morning I returned to Shanghai after a wonderful weekend at Putuoshan (Mt. Putuo) one of the four Buddhist mountain pilgrimage sites in China. Mt. Putuo is a small island to the South-east of Shanghai, near the port city of Ningbo. Most visitors to Putuoshan are Chinese Buddhists making their pilgrimage to the island's temples. On Friday afternoon, Ruikai, Hunter, YaoYao, Nancy, Joyce and I took the overnight passenger ferry from Shanghai to the island. Nancy and Joyce actually ended up missing our boat, but were able to get on the next boat, an hour behind us. We had left our roommates in charge of planning our transportation and buying the tickets, and they decided to go with 4th class (out of 4) tickets, so our bunks were on the very lowest level of the boat, ... read more
Me at the South Heaven Gate Temple
Being a monk is hard work
South Heaven Gate

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan July 13th 2009

I took close to a thousand pictures over the weekend...... read more
Nancy and I
Pushing some rocks over

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan June 2nd 2008

Putuo Shan ist eine Insel unweit Shanghais. Übersetzt heißt es etwa Berg Potala, wobei Potala der Wohnsitz von Avalokiteshvara - Schutzpatron Tibets - ist. Von den vielen (wohl über 20) Klöstern der Insel haben wir 5 besucht. Da ich mich aber nicht mehr an alle Namen erinnern kann, habe ich sie nummeriert, der Reihenfolge des Besuchs nach. Kloster I ist gefolgt von Kloster IV das touristischste, wobei Kloster V wohl das wichtigste ist, da es oben auf dem (heiligen und höchsten) Berg der Insel liegt. Die Bilder sprechen sicher für sich.... read more
Hafen Zhou Shan
Putuo Shan
Kloster I

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Putuoshan September 6th 2007

In lieu of going to Guiyang I decided to go to Putuoshan, one of China's sacred mountains. Putuoshan is 25 minute taxi ride, 1 hour bus ride, and 3 hour ferry ride away! Someone from the travel agency bought my bus/ferry ticket and I found him to get my tickets. The guy was a little scary looking because he was very cross-eyed (I judge, I know). I asked how many people were on the tour and he said, "One." I freaked out for a second, thinking that I had to spend the day ALONE with the cross-eyed man. Then he told me that I would ride the bus/boat myself and meet the tour guide on the island. Afterall, this makes more sense - the bus/boat ticket is 225 rmb each way. I left my apartment before ... read more
Monk at Standing Buddha
Beach near sunset
Three in a row

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