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Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan September 25th 2015

The Imperial Mausoleum of Xixia Dynasty was the second place visited after the Helan Shan. It is located at the foot of the Helan Mountain in the autonomous region of Ningxia, bordering Inner Mongolia. To reach the archaeological site, I caught the bus "101A" but it is not the only one that goes to the western part of the city, so if it happens to miss it you just wait for a few minutes and another one will appear. While waiting for the bus from the chaotic Yinchuan bus station, I had some stock of provisions for my trip, looked inside the many shops on the street, to see if I found something which I needed and setting off to the archaeological site which is about 30 km. west of Yinchuan City. I am always attracted ... read more
Imperial Mausoleum of XiXia Dynasty
West XiXia

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan September 23rd 2015

I traveled the entire day along the Gobi desert of Inner Mongolia to eventually reach Yinchuan, the provincial capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region, nestled in the middle of the Ningxia Plain. I was standing on the train for the whole trip, but this was not too bad, after all, if it was not for the cigarette's smoke that pervaded the train car. Beside the inconvenience of the people smoking on the train, I feel attracted by the uncomfortable places because I always meet up with the most interesting and kind people It is like when you stay in the hotel with all the comodities and frequented by businessmen, bankers and government officials. It never happened to find out interesting people when I stopped in those places. So, I find myself more at ease when I stay ... read more
Helan kou

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan April 26th 2013

(Delayed blog) At the earliest possible time (in this case it was 18 days beforehand I believe) I bought my train tickets without any help from a Chinese from the ticket booth on the Baobeibuxingjie in Baotou. Perhaps it would have been wise to ask for help, since I found out later that the train there was the lowest quality train available. Explained why the 7 hour train only cost ¥19 !!! I boarded early morning at 9 am. This train had NO HEATING (!) which I felt straight away. This being February, temperatures are far below comfortable. My feet were frozen when I got on the train and never warmed up again, during the whole 8 hours I was on it. (1 hour delay). I arrived at the Wuhai west station to be met by ... read more
Movie park entrance
@ the movie park
@ movie park

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan May 11th 2012

Ni Hao China! Yesterday was the second day of instruction at the Ningxia Institute of Technology. The past few days have certainly been filled with adventures of their own. During these last few days my thoughts of China and its people have definitely changed. In these next months you, my reader, will learn about my world here in this fascinating country and interactions with its people. This time I will tell you about my trip from Minnesota to Dawukou. On the 22 of August 2006 my cousin Chris took me to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Air Port. I would first visit Japan on my way to China, which was a journey in itself. While I was sitting on the airliner a number of seats were empty. At first I thought, ‘Great, perhaps I ... read more

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan May 11th 2012

30 Sept 2006- Small Packages Think about a diamond ring for a moment. They are expensive, yet they come in small packages. Other things, such as Rolex watches or earrings, also come in small packages. These are about the best and most expensive of gifts. Probably in the United States the stores are telling you, “X amount of days until Christmas”. If you are buying stuff for little children those things come in rather large packages and are cheaper than diamond rings. The Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology is very much like the diamond ring; it may come in a small campus but it is very valuable. The last time we were simply walking through a part of the tapestry known as Dawukou and parted company at the gates of my school. Yes, I know ... read more

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan May 11th 2012

R. Draeger Jr. Tapestries Have you ever seen a tapestry? Normally they can be found in castles throughout Europe. In these places tapestries have two purposes. The first is to keep the castle warm, which is not easy when they are mostly made of stone. Speaking of stone, it is not very pleasing to the eye, (unless you study them for a living) and so the second purpose of the tapestries is to give the resident of the castle something pleasant to look at. Okay, there are tapestries which also tell of stories past, but for this newsletter we’ll just overlook that aspect. I know what you are asking your self now, “What exactly do tapestries have to do with China?” or “What is up with the mention of castles in Europe?” China is not a ... read more

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan May 11th 2012

September 19, 2006 Night & Day Welcome back! Please watch your head- the door to the balcony was not made for tall people! At this point you, my reader, may be wondering, “What does night and day have to do with any balcony?” Keep reading and I will tell you.1 While the weather is nice I have decided to show you the view which, depending on the time, can be the difference between night and day. While this city is charming, in its own way, air quality can certainly affect the morning view. This is because Dawukou is still a coal mining town and in a desert where the wind may or may not blow regularly. When after a rain or windy night, the view in the morning can be exhilarating. The day time view is ... read more

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan May 11th 2012

My 'pad'... On 31 August 2006 my South Korean room mate, Mr. Kwon, moved into my apartment. At this point you may be asking yourself, "Was that trouble for me?" Think about this for a moment. When I stayed with my cousin, during my brief time in Minnesota, I thought I took up allot of room. In Dawukou, however, my room mate and I still have plenty of room in the apartment. Heck, I have room for two more roommates, even more. That is if you don't mind sleeping on the floor. The last time I ended newsletter #1 I was falling asleep and remained so from 2 P.M. until 6 A.M. the next morning. That was due to the effect of airline food, illness and massive time change. Now I shall give you a tour ... read more

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan January 9th 2010

This was a 4 days trip to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region which is the smallest province in China. About 30% of the population are the Hui minority group are Muslims who originated from Central Asia. Islamic architectural and food can be seen almost everywhere here. We based ourselves in the province capital, Yinchuan and make day trips to surrounding places of interest. 1st day was a wasted day as we had problems with the tour agent. Eventually, we hired a car to move around without the tour guide and this was the travel arrangement for the entire trip. Our first destination was Helan Mountain but we had to turn back because of rain, strong wind and lightning after having brought the tickets and entered. We went to the Shapotuo desert on the 2nd day which is ... read more
River raft with floats made from goatskin
Shapotuo Desert
Camel lines in Sand Lake

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan July 27th 2008

Hello! Tonight we are staying in a city called Yinchuan. It's been a hectic trip so far! It's hard to believe that we left more than a week ago. This is by far the best gaming cafe we have found so far. We have only spent time in a cafe a couple of times before now. The upload speed is great and they even let us plug in our camera! That is a first. Everyday it seems we see something incredible. Here are some statistic's we've been keeping: 1. We are in hotel #6. We sometimes forget what floor we are on. 2. We have spent 40+ hours driving in the truck from Beijing to where we are. It doesn't seem so far on the map but the road is not always easy going! There are ... read more
Summer palace
Marble Boat
Summer Palace

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