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Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house March 1st 2012

A common denominator of Japan and China is leadership that denies shameful moments in history. Japanese leaders Ishihara and Nagoya remind me of two museums I visited on my trip to Harbin in 2009. The Germ Warfare Museum and the Harbin Jewish Museum offer two separate accounts of the Second World War within the same city. Harbin, China's Ice Festival town bordering Siberia once had a thriving Jewish Community. In 1937 the Japanese Army set up a prison camp for experimental torture similar to Joseph Mengele's work in Auschwitz. All the while it appears that Harbin's Jewish hybrid looked the other way. Was there any mutual support? What are the lessons learned? Last week Tokyo's Governor url=http:/... read more
Germ Warfare Musem, Harbin

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 29th 2011

We have had a chilly time over the past day or so, but have definitely had a fantastic trip. Last night, we set out from the hotel at 5.30pm, all warmly kitted out with everything we could possibly wear....we were headed for the Ice and Snow World where the big exhibition of snow and ice sculptures is - this is the big one. And we were not disappointed, as it was absolutely amazing and everyone had a great time. Snow was all around us and Sophie and William just loved skidding on the snow and making snow angels. They have been so disappointed not to have a snowball fight, but the other excitement last night pretty much made up for it I think. It has amazed us all that there is no actual snow around (except ... read more
At the entrance to Snow and Ice World
Amazing ice sculptures
William the snow angel

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 28th 2011

It has been an animal-packed few days! As promised yesterday, we saw sea lions, beluga whales and much much more at Polarland! The fun bits came, however, in the Chinese-ness of the visitors. We went to watch the sea lion show but it was absolutely packed with Chinese school children! The show was clever, although a little noisy in true Chinese style. After the show, we had a look around the place and saw allsorts of other winter animals, including arctic foxes, polar bears and sharks! It was a little on the small side but lovely to see nonetheless. We had a quiet evening in the hotel with a big darts match between the boys in the family! This morning, we had hoped to wake up to a snowy world - the one thing that has ... read more
Polar bear dinner?!
And sharks!
In the mouth of the tiger

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 27th 2011

This Christmas holiday, we decided we would do a bit of exploring within China as the Chinese don't have holidays so it is much more comfortable to tour around. Seeing as Ian only has a short Christmas holiday, we are away for 5 days - we have ventured 3 hours by plane, north of Shanghai, to Harbin in Heilongjiang Province. Harbin is very near the Russian border and is world famous for the Snow and Ice Festival held every year in January and February. Fortunately, we have been lucky in in that the festival opened in the past few days and construction is well under way of many of the ice sculptures - and quite a few are finished! After a quiet Christmas day at home, we set off yesterday morning and arrived here late afternoon. ... read more
Christmas dinner
Everybody ready for dinner!
Matching girls!

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house May 3rd 2011

First impressions of Harbin: *busy *lots of people *a bit dusty *first world country, very clean *beautiful river and esplanade *good shops, including grocery stores *weird food *very fashion-conscious people *don't get stared at quite so often as in India *lots of tall buildings and constant construction *drive on right hand side of road - left hand drive cars - very confusing *language is difficult to understand - so far we have shi shi (thank you) and ni hao (hello); mandarin *lessons between Gordon and myself are held in room 1822 (our room) every night after dinner *Gordon is meeting McCain staff today, but factory looks good *Meeting today with someone who can help me with English-teaching jobs *taxi drivers drive fast and rather recklessly, weaving in and out of traffic *I don't know if I ... read more
City Centre
Underground market
Grocery shop

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house August 21st 2009

Because all the trains were booked, I had to take a plane to Harbin. With one hour delay, I arrived in Harbin in the dark. But of course, there were some friendly Chinese that helped me find my room. The instructions were not correct, but after a while I had a room and bedding etc. I share the room with a still unknown person and the kitchen without any appliances and the bath room I share with two Korean girls. Unfortunately they don't speak English, what I find a bit strange because I heard that even in primary school English is taught is South Korea... luckily my roommate turned out to be German, so I can communicate with her! The next day I met some of my classmates who already arrived the day before. During that ... read more
The bike repair shop
Harbin between the two campusses
Downtown Harbin

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house June 2nd 2009

Hello all, We are not living in Harbin but our city is not on the map so Harbin is the closest they had. Daqing is our hometown. We have been living in China for a year now as ESL teachers. Our stay will end on June 23rd. China has been great we have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Harbin, back to my old town of Yan Cheng to see an old friends wedding and to a new friends home town. China has been so great, we have learnt so many things and have seen so many great things like the great wall. The biggest changeling for us over here would be the cultural barrier. I know they say that North China is the last great communist front but what I really did not know was ... read more
our park
Our home

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