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December 29th 2011
Published: December 29th 2011
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We have had a chilly time over the past day or so, but have definitely had a fantastic trip. Last night, we set out from the hotel at 5.30pm, all warmly kitted out with everything we could possibly wear....we were headed for the Ice and Snow World where the big exhibition of snow and ice sculptures is - this is the big one. And we were not disappointed, as it was absolutely amazing and everyone had a great time. Snow was all around us and Sophie and William just loved skidding on the snow and making snow angels. They have been so disappointed not to have a snowball fight, but the other excitement last night pretty much made up for it I think. It has amazed us all that there is no actual snow around (except for the sculptures of course!) yet it is so cold! Too cold for snow, I guess.

Anyway, we took our shuttle bus to the exhibition and spent 2 hours playing on snow, sliding down ice slides and admiring the sculptures...many of which had lovely lights in them. Before the trip, I had read about what to do here and someone had suggested that the lights in the ice sculptures was not worth the cold, but I would wholly disagree. This was the highlight of our trip and we loved it! The only problem we had was that our camera battery died again due to the cold, but we managed to get a few good pics, we hope you enjoy them!

We had a quiet day today - returning for another screaming sled ride on the ice slide on the lake, and then we have just been to see the famous St Sophia Church, which is a famous Russian style church. It was beautiful although I have to say I was surprised that inside was looking so sad and badly in need of renovation and it was nothing like a church. It was full of old photographs which were very interesting but a little sad that none of the church furniture was remaining. We were lucky enough to experience a choir singing while we were there and were also given a random CD by some woman who spoke a bit of English! We have no idea what is on it and I am a little worried that it might give my laptop a virus, so am going to wait til we get back to try it on the home laptop, not my work one! Apparently, it is something to do with some tour going to UK, but watch this space for more info! In true blogging style, on our way home we came across more fun where about 8 security guard type men where trying to haul up the carcass of a pig up some steps. Ian managed to photo it and it was really funny to watch...especially when the furry head dropped out of a bag at the end!

You have got to love living in China for the experiences alone!

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Rosy cheeksRosy cheeks
Rosy cheeks

We resorted to the balaclavas in the end it was just so cold!

29th December 2011

Health and safety!
I think those fine public servants who do such a sterling job back in blighty should come and check out the Harbin ice festival. Walking around a park constructed entirely of ice, including all the staircases, not to mention the -30C temperature should give them something to think about!
31st December 2011

You had really such a great time with your family all those smiles and it felt like I wanna go there too. You have good photos as well and they are all nicely shown here in your post. Happy Holidays and more blessings for you and your family. ice castles

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