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Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen October 5th 2018

Hey guys, So after Macau and Hong Kong and Immigration, we were pretty wrecked yesterday, so we just stayed in bed till lunchtime, then had lunch, then had dinner, then went back to bed, so that explains the absence of a blog. Today was vaguely more interesting though, although I think we slept for the same amount of time...We were hoping to go to a tea market to check it out today so we were taken to one a couple of blocks from where we are staying, we made it to the second floor, I'm not sure if it went any higher but it's, as you can probably imagine, filled with tea. That's one thing I really love about China, everything is sold in clumps, like when we went to Dafen the other day, all the ... read more
Evil Duck Beers
The Tech Market
Wrist Watch

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen October 2nd 2018

Good Evening (Morning)! I recently noticed that we have been posting our explorations on facebook more than my travel blog (So I am going to back track as well). ———— This week we are on National Holiday Break. In the Republic of China, the autumn harvest moon is celebrated on the Full Moon of the Eighth Lunar Month. That happened to be last Monday. Consequently, the moon doesn’t like to always be accurate, so they made the first week of October the National Week. So What Does That Mean For Us? That means, a full week off to do absolutely whatever we want. No work (HOORAY!) I’m sorry. I’m giving this explanation after the first Day of National Week when we went to Dafen Oil Painting Village. (See that thread, I will post that later. Cause ... read more
Songsi Avalokitesara
Bodhissattya Padpamani
Shijianzun Avalokitesara

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen October 1st 2018

This week marks China’s National Week, a week long celebration of The Republic of China. Our first year here, so why not embrace all that this beautiful country has to offer? Monday was the official start of the holiday week, very similar to the USA’s Labor Day. Most businesses and all government offices were closed. Our day started rather lazy American-ish. We woke around 10am, had a very American breakfast (egg white omelette and fruit) and went to the gym. Thinking we were much closer, we thought we would go to Huaxing Temple. After a lot of research, it was determined that we would go another day. Instead, we hit another local spot / not-so tourist tourist trap: The Dafen Oil Painting Village ————— After wandering around the metro of Dafen, ignoring the multiple KFCs, McDonalds, ... read more
Young Local Artist!
Homemade Curry For Lunch

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 28th 2018

Hey guys! So, we made it! Mostly alive and almost entirely intact. Just a really quick post today because from 8:00 in the morning to midnight Brisbane time was spent in airports or airplanes and, best case, nothing interesting happens in them. So yeah, the flight was good, kids were good, food was less good. Border control in Shenzhen was somewhat arduous but that was pretty standard I think, and it wasn't hard, it just took a long time and now we have our fingerprints on file, so our plan for the Chinese 'Heist of the Century' is now going to require some tweaking ;-) From there we caught a couple of metro trains back to the area Kate and Lloyd live and then walked through a bit of the city to get to their apartment. ... read more
This is what we look like before the reality of 9 hours on a plane sets in
Misleading Image

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 28th 2018

Hello! We went to an area in Shenzhen called Dafen today - it's a really cool art district with a gazillion (I counted them) galleries for oil painters. It's awesome, basically an art factory - which sounds less romantic than it should - but some of the stuff is really really good. There was enough there to keep us going through the whole afternoon - lots and lots of walking but it was a really nice area. All the streets look the way you imagine they should, crowded and narrow, and even though it's in a grid there are little alleyways that stray off the main roads. There was one alleyway that we walked down that opened up into a bit of a bigger square where some guys had laid out a massive painting - it ... read more
Tiny Gallery
Old building

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 17th 2017

The suitcases are getting heavier, there’s a need for some serious strategising before the long haul home, am sure there’s at least a couple pair of shoes surplus to requirement, not mine though, still Hong Kong and a gazillion malls to go, quite glad of the small trolley case to tuck the camera and computer bags into, these thoughts as we trail behind Emma in the vast Shenzhen airport, merely an indication of the shear scale of this whole area. Hamish quote, “you have to find your own bite sized chunk to live in otherwise its overwhelming.” Overwhelming it has been every day. Shenzhen has a population of about 20 million, Dongguan 6 million and Guangzhou 25 million another mega city, you cannot tell where one city ends and another begins, what do you call this. ... read more
view from apartment
new expressways
familiar sight every couple blocks, going up

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 15th 2017

Hot and Spicy is Chengdu, they are very proud of the fact that no other region of China can match them. When taken out for the infamous Hot Pot, the really nice people have a section in the boiling cauldron of Chengdu spices, chillies and numbing peppers, that is relatively spice free. Secretly though and I would be no different, they like to watch the snot run, the eyes pop out, the face turn red and the sweat run, by KKs third Hot Pot she was handling it like a local, AAh she’s no fun anymore. A very big favourite is the lamb kebab at the small shop front BBQs and street stalls, it is such a joy to be amongst the full spectrum of Chengdu society, sitting, queuing, young and old, revelling in these tasty, ... read more
In front of Mickeys farm map
Team at Mickeys farm
Some of the structure round the irrigation system

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen August 19th 2017

I have found myself dead center of a swirling vortex of friend-making obstacles. I’m a 41 year old INFJ childfree expat living in a migrant city that is younger than me. Now, three of the five obstacles are by choice. I chose to be childfree. I chose to be an expat. And I chose to live in Shenzhen. But these circumstances have had consequences. Currently, if it’s 9pm and I’d like to go hang out and have a drink with a friend, I don’t have anyone that I can call. Zip. Zilch. No one. Now, before I complain, I’d like to praise. I have amazing friends. I have childhood friends that are as close to me as family. I have a very close friend in Shenzhen (you know who you are and you know I love ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen July 27th 2017

Thursday the 28th July. The last day of term, my last teaching day in China. At 9a.m. one of the Chinese teachers came to the foreign teacher’s staff room and told us that our ten o'clock lesson was cancelled as the whole school is having a water fight. She tells us we can join in if we'd like to. As none of us had known about this no one had any spare clothes or anything that could be used as ‘a weapon’ in a water battle. I asked one of the Chinese teachers that I knew lived on site if she had anything I could borrow and she lent me a dress. I found a bucket and I was ready for battle! The children loved it and for over an hour we ran around the playground ... read more
Some one got me!
Jack shooting

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen July 23rd 2017

Weekend Outings Shenzhen is a big city and even though I tried I didn't get to do and see everything but I thought I'd talk about a few of the things I did manage to see and do during the weekends. The weekend after Destry and I went to Hong Kong, Laurent, Destry and I went to Happy Valley. Happy Valley is a theme park in Shenzhen which also has a water park. I'd never been to a proper water park before so the aim of the day was to get on all the water rides. However, when we arrived at the park the water section wasn't open so we went on a few of the theme park rides, including a roller coaster that uses a swing shot motion to activate the car, it was pretty ... read more
The three of us at Happy Valley
The Effile Tower
Sea Dragon Group picture

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