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Asia » China » Beijing June 17th 2006

Beijing... the fast-changing capital of the most populous country in the world, and the only Chinese city I had visited before I came to China this time. My parents took me and my brother to Beijing for a family holiday ten years ago, when I was 13. It was my first visit to Asia, and has since inspired me to come back to Asia several times to see more. Returning to Beijing, I was wondering whether it would still resemble the city I remembered from so long ago, and whether it could live up to my memories... We arrived in Beijing on Sunday on an overnight train from Harbin. After freshening up in the City Central Youth Hostel across the road from the train station, we spent the afternoon visiting the Temple of Heaven Park, Tiananmen ... read more
Statue, Chairman Mao Mausoleum
Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tiananmen Square
Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tiananmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing June 17th 2006

Well we have had a few more action packed days in this amazing city. Its just so big. No matter where we go or what we do the scale just shocks. And it's heating up too, which cooks the pollution up nicely - we have been lucky though as its not humid which apparently makes the air like a soup. Nice. Early on Thursday we went to Prince Gong's Gardens which were beautiful apart from the terrifying Chinese tour groups with their matching hats and leader with a flag who seem to push each other out of the way to get to the next place on the tour even though they are all travelling in one group! Had lunch with Sam which was wicked as we saw the CBD and caught up with her and learnt ... read more
Our Hutong (Street)
Temple of Heaven
Prince Gong's Gardens

Asia » China » Beijing June 15th 2006

see there was these rickshaw drivers right! and they were hassling us ok so we give them the slip and as we do this smiling man sympathizes with us, he's a local so we walk and he tells us he's a calligrapher and he's all about helping us, and tells us sure i'll show you to the forbidden city....... oh! here is my teacher's studio please meet master chang the famous beijing calligrapher, his father was national calligrapher for chairman mao! chang appears humble and speaks not a word of english, but no matter, our charismatic persuader friend will translate for us the illustrious master chang will create for you! for free!! some art work, here today.... what are your names?? ahhh! li-cha-duh. this is a very good name!! these characters together mean: strong man who ... read more
Yew Tree Dance in Palace of the Sun Park
 writing from the journal
Peeking Peking Park Geezers

Asia » China » Beijing June 13th 2006

So, finally here! Just discovered it's not as censored as I imagined.... able to log onto my hotmail and even use my mobile phone! After my journey here.. (got sitting next to lovely old Spanish lady who was trying unsuccessfully to strike up Spanish conversations and give me all her food!) found the hostel where I'm staying. Despite my ideas of China being a tropical paradise and not packing any waterproof clothesI in the past 36 hours I've managed to become soaked to the bone on 2 occasions and have trekked through mini rivers in the area I'm staying in my poor trainers, which I'm now going to have to bin! On the upside, I've seen a lot of amazing places in my short space of time. Spent today in Tianenman square and the Forbidden City. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 13th 2006

Rain puddles on ancient stones where emperors trod. Curling dragons’ talons, silk wings and sparrows make M twirl and fly. So much space, and after the rain we suddenly see the sky! ... read more
Heels Up
En Route to the Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing June 11th 2006

This entry will be here soon... Think of SUN, HEAT, POLLUTION, STICKINESS, and everytihng involved with a hot day. Well have you thought of it... Because its exactly like that... I feel so gross everyday... And I have a cough that's not going away!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 11th 2006

You think New York is crazy...check out Beijing, China...rules of the road are definitely not obeyed...I've had close encounters with "Death" disguised as buses, cars, taxis, bikes, and even people. Though the road may have lanes, it is pretty much an open racetrack with a couple of traffic lights (which serve no useful purpose) here and there. Fortunately, the people here are SOMEWHAT cautious. Basically, they just try not to run over you. Oh by the way, I'm a foreigner on a bike; we travel in packs and stay in packs so that we don't get run over; it's a way of life. If you read about the bike, you know how dangerous my life is on the road...but I deal with it and I try to take public transportation as much as possible (specifically a ... read more
Busy Street

Asia » China » Beijing June 7th 2006

Firstly, with regards the last blog, I apologise for the lack of stirring photos of the Great Wall etc., but the digital camera was in Alison's bag... (fortunately, we still had the SLR). I guess you'll just have to wait for my return to the UK for me to bore you senseless with slide after slide, after slide, after slide...zzzzzzzz This entry is more for the benefit of would be visitors to Beijing, but may still be of interest to friends and family back home, as it is a few hints and tips that may help you save time, and money in and around Beijing. Accommodation We stayed in the City Central Beijing International Youth Hostel - try saying that with a mouthful of yams! It has a broad range of rooms from dorm beds at ... read more
Summer Palace

Asia » China » Beijing June 6th 2006

Dair: We've been in Beijing for going on five days now, and I know this sounds cliched, but it seems like an absolute lifetime has passed since we left Aberdeen. It has been an unsettling past few days, mainly because of every traveller's (or any airline passenger's, for that matter) worst nightmare - lost luggage. We arrived pretty much on time in Beijing after an extremely comfortable flight, but all good feeling toward Qatar Airways quickly evaporated with each bagless rotation of the carousel. To make matters worse, it wasn't a mutual seen of desperation... my bag arrived, only Alison's failed to make it out of Doha. Nerves hanging by a thread, we summoned up the energy to go through the necessary reporting procedures and board a bus into central Beijing. It was horribly overcast, and ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 3rd 2006

Everyone knows I love Chinese food, and would probably eat it AT LEAST twice per week while at UIUC. So one would think…HEY! Ketan is going to have a blast eating Chinese food everyday…but that is not the case…It’s true that there are different styles of Chinese food, but after a while it all tastes the same (except for the lamb stick kebabs, which I don’t think I will ever get sick of). I could venture into the world of Chinese seafood dishes, but I was never, am not, and will never be a seafood fan. Tofu, on the other hand, has an ominous potential to becoming a staple dish in my diet, but that will require me to have at least a 6 month experience of eating it. BUGS! Hell no…that is totally out of ... read more

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