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Asia » China » Beijing » Fragrant Hills October 31st 2019

Fragrant Hills (香山公园/Xiangshangongyuan) had been on my list of places to visit in Beijing, but after seeing pictures of it in the autumn I knew I had to visit then as the trees all looked really pretty. Getting there was pretty simple and only involved a couple of buses for me. Fragrant Hills also has its own subway station, so it's really accessible from the city centre. As I made my way from the bus stop to the entrance, I was surprised that there were so many people about on a weekday. By this point, I really shouldn't be as there are crowds in most places in China. I enjoyed my walk along the streets leading to the park's entrance and it reminded me of the streets leading the trailheads in Korea and those leading to ... read more
Qinzheng Hall
Qinzheng Hall
So Many People

Asia » China » Beijing » Fragrant Hills November 9th 2015

.....lots of low doorways. Just doesn't have the same ring as Peking Duck, not that I've ever been a real fan of that dish, always seems to have too much peking and not enough duck. Crickey, it's the 9th of Nov and I'm just getting to finish this?, where were we? And forbidden to enter the Forbidden City, sounds counterintuitive but there you go. Thanks to the international athletics competition.... and the upcoming national day, (70th anniversary of the defeat of the Japanese), half the factories around Beijing have been closed down and the rest ordered to restrict their hours. Also, cars are restricted by rego numbers to 1 day on, 1 day off, half the traffic disappears! So.... It's clear and clean, bright sunny day, but it's also so less crowded than I'd expected, way ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Fragrant Hills November 4th 2012

CHINA: Travels with a Rickshaw Driver. On my second trip to China...just Denise & Tour Leader...I've been here before...I learnt on Day 1...what has become my modus operandi when I arrive in a Chinese city...I find a taxi driver to take us around as required. And it all started when we met Wong...a Taxi driver...and his brother Wun...a Rickshaw driver. Taxi drivers get work by picking up passing fares...the success of their day...a lottery. All depends if that hand goes up at the moment they pass by. So...if you can find a taxi driver that is prepared to negotiate an appropriate fare "for the day"...and you use him on other days...he makes more in those days than he would in a month or more. But be warned...such practices can have you invited to their homes...or ... read more

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