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CHINA: FACES OF ANHUI. I lost a tooth in Shanghai...bit on a peppercorn in a duck-laced caesar salad...affecting my smile for the rest of the trip...smiling for photos with my mouth shut! Waited for a train...heavy packs...zillions of Chinese also waiting. Then one seat became vacant...walked towards it to try to secure the seat for Denise...the guy next to it smiling broadly to me...beckoning me forward. He had no maybe had two...made me feel quite at home smiling to each other...both with our toothless grins! If there were no other people around I may have asked to take his photo...face full of character...a crowded railway station...not appropriate! But on Yellow Mountain, in a lonely locale in Anhui or an ancient village..."May I take your photo please?" The incomparable Teng Ge singing "Heaven"...the song I sing ... read more

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