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Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié August 11th 2017

Another bus journey to take us to Kratie. It's amazing how the body can adapt to so many journeys! Today we sat at the back of the bus... The thought of more room lured us in, however the reality was that it was over the wheel and extremely bumpy! When we got to Kratie we had lunch at the Red Sun and had the most amazing chips. They were crinkle cut and hand fried - just like my mum used to make! We then explored the local market, it was much better here than in Kampong Cham and the locals made us feel much more welcome. After a short while chilling we set off to see if we could spot the Irrawaddy dolphins on the Mekong river. Harry said that he sees them nearly every time. ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié February 11th 2017

Getting to Kratie left us feeling a bit grumpy and ripped off. Having crossed the border from Laos into Cambodia we were then herded onto a big bus. There wasn't enough room for all of the bags and rucksacks so some had to be on the bus itself. Before we left, our passports were handed back and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. An hour later we reached the town of Stum Treng from where we would be put on different minibuses depending on our final destinations. We were dropped off in a huge yard with no information about what would happen next. We were encouraged to order food but our sandwiches were not ready when our minibus arrived and wanted to go. The kitchen delivered something akin to a chicken sandwich just as the driver ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié July 16th 2016

Absolutely the best 18 bucks I've spent in ages. The coffee and pumpkin bread (think ginger bread) that the good people at Sorya kayaking served up at 7.00 in the morning was almost worth the price of admission alone. Once the kayaks were loaded onto the truck we clambered on with them, 2 French girls, 3 French guys, myself and Lucky our guide, for the 40km drive to the drop off point on the Te (pronounced Tay) river. A bit of a slither down a steep, muddy bank and we were paired off (double yaks) for the 15km paddle, which was fortunately all downstream. About half way along we stopped at a village and clambered up through more mud, but nothing like what was waiting in store for us. The village is a small family concern ... read more
Rice field
Getting down and dirty

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié July 15th 2016

Kratie lies on the banks of the mighty Mekong river in the north east of Cambodia around 250km from Phnom Penh. The reason I decided to come here was to kayak with the Irrawaddy dolphins. There are only 3 rivers in which these dolphins still exist although they are still found in some coastal areas. In the stretch of the Mekong just north of Kratie the remaining population of Irrawaddy dolphins is between 70 -80 individuals. This was to be one of the highlights of the trip but as Von Moltke said " no plan survives first contact with the enemy". Bloody Prussian. Sadly he was right and I received an email from Pete, the owner of Sorya kayak adventures a couple of days back very apologetically telling me that the Mekong was now too big ... read more
Irrawaddy Dolphins1
Mekong river

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié March 6th 2016

What a special time. With Kratie English School, at home sweet home, with a kind Cambodian family, a grand group of fellow volunteers, wonderful friends. I ride up in the morning dust on a tuk tuk, welcomed warmly by the teachers, English and Canadian accents, big smiles.. And up at the teachers table (under welcome shade and with breakfast bananas) I watch the 10am lesson in motion. There's two outside classrooms at Rith's family home, adorned with student drawings and name tags and colourful charts. Football kitted arms up waving, pick me, energy and enthusiasm to learn, definite cheekiness. The current gang - Charlotte, Robyn, Jaydon, Jess and Shawn - give me the lowdown, I was excited to get started. Timetables, lesson plans, insights and ideas. It was a group who would share so much, I ... read more
Lesson in motion
Cycling about Orusey vilage
Start of high school class

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié February 29th 2016

New country. And I'm reunited with the Mekong. It's a quiet blue sheen here. 'Soosadai' It was a 22 hour ride from Vientiane starting with a sleeper bus, complete with soft fleecey rug and a great excuse to read and play - to stay up late with an Oliver Sack's book, listen to my 'Missing' podcast 'can one go missing?' and play my mystery puzzle game! Our Chinese new year readings in Vientiane - well, me reading from a magazine over fried rice after our dancing session in a post curfew club - had told how I'd meet a new love over my weekend trip. This tickled us with the idea of the shared bus beds on my horizon! But it appeared it would be Oliver who would take my fancy. On awaking, I found the ... read more
Markets ahead
Bike route continues
Mekong, Koh Trong in sight

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié February 7th 2016

Ok so it doesn't rhyme. It's pronounced "crotchy." And this one time Mom and I went to Sugarloaf in Maine and while we were there we decided to go look at some schools. The GPS took us a really weird back roads way. And one of the roads was called "Katie Crotch Road." Actually. So the name of this place was too perfect and I decided to go here based entirely on that. There was a rooster on our bus. But it only crowed at the beginning of the trip. Not a sound you expect to hear on a bus. At the Cambodian border, a lot of people got off the bus to do the visas on their own. We had handed ours in at the bus station, so I stayed on the bus until I ... read more
Floating Village

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié November 29th 2015

So our bus dropped us off on the riverside in the centre of this mellow town and we got ourselves sorted with some accommodation in silver dolphin which had a good party atmosphere and a rooftop bar with a lovely view over the river. It was really noisy for us though as our room was just off the rooftop bar, so stay somewhere else and just visit the bar! We ventured out and explored the town and the night market, I just love South East Asia for grocery shopping! Out are you supermarkets and delis and in are you wooden baskets on poles flush with fruit, honey coated crickets on the back of a moto, shops on wheels and locals haggling over fish and meat cut on wooden slabs in the markets! The next morning, we ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié November 25th 2015

La première journée de pause à vélo, voila le genre de journée qu'on apprécie particulièrement à bases de blog, massage, resto, marcher, jus de fruit... La journée se finira dans le même lieu que le veille mais avec bien plus de monde et s'agit du dernier jour de la fête de l'eau. Cette tradition symbolise la fin de la saison des pluie normalement le lendemain des bateaux, radeaux partent pour la capitale mais cette année celle-ci fût annulé sur la capitale mais cela n'empêchera personnes de tout de même faire la fête au temple bien-sûr toujours le même groupe de farang ( Français en Cambodgien) va ce joindre à eux !... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié November 24th 2015

On the road again ! Direction Kratié une ville bien plus connus du grand public mais très sympas la route qui nous y mènent est de 45 kilomètres on choisit donc de faire une petite halte sur une îles qui n'est pas de tout repos après la rencontre d'un groupe de Cambodgien qui joue au foot, le match Barang vs Cambodgi et vite lancé très physique avec pas mal d'obstacle sur le terrain, des arbres, des poteaux ... Finie par un match nul nous partons côte ouest, pour rejoindre de nouveaux la côte est et la ville de Kratie trouvant une guest house sur river side à 7 dolls pour 4 plus que raisonnable, dans cette ville un peu touriste un petit dinner occidental feras le plus grand bien à tout un chacun! Pour finir à ... read more

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