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Asia » Cambodia » Central » Phnom Aural November 10th 2013

So like I said we were woken up at 6am on day 2, not that we needed waking up we were wide awake and had hardly slept much at all but I think we were both proud of making it through the night lol. Next part was tackling the god awful shower. I refused to walk anywhere without my flip flops on and that included the shower! I couldn't get the hot water on so had a cold shower that trickled out of the shower tap, I don't think I've ever experienced showering over a bucket before in my flip flops. It's so etching I will look back and laugh at but at the time just made me want to cry lol. Brad managed to turn the hot water on so at least he didn't have ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Phnom Aural November 9th 2013

We leave Vietnam today and have done a trip along the Mekong delta, it's not exactly what we thought though as we are going to Cambodia and thought it was mainly a boat trip but it's actually a lot on the bus, probably more. We got picked up about 8am and had a 3 hour drive to the Mekong delta where we got on our boat, because we are staying the night we didn't get long, everything is rushed. We stopped at a little place where they make rice paper and popcorn and sweets which was pretty cool to see but was only there for about 10 minutes. We then had an hour on the boat to lunch where we've been brought to a little restaurant in what feels like he middle of nowhere!! We finished ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Phnom Aural April 29th 2012

so, after Sihanoukville we headed to Phnom Pehn for a bit of a break from drinking. Sort of. We visited the genocide museum and the killing fields. A bit depressing but very informative. We met a couple of Scots who took us to a Cambodian club called Pontoon. We didnt notice until we were leaving that it was full of old men and prostitutes! After spending six days in the city we made our way to Ratanakiri, in the North of Cambodia. Very small place but very pretty. We met another Scot here who had lost his bag due to bad bus drivers putting it on another bus. We spent the next few days with him visiting a minority village, waterfalls and swimming in a volcanic lake. we were all heading back to Phnom Pehn but ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Phnom Aural July 2nd 2008

Sunday 29th June Finally took off from Sydney after a five hour delaydue to aircraft maintenance. So instead of getting to Bangkok at 10pm got there at 4am. Had a compensatory voucher (from my travel agent for some other mix up) for what seemed to be a 10 star hotel so thought that rather than sit 4 more hours in an airport , took the shuttle bus and enjoyed a few hours of luxury.Then up and on the 8am flight to PP Looking out the window of the wooded hills I couln't help remembering the lovely Cambodian girls I had taught about 30 years ago back at what was then the Westbridge migrant hostel. In their mid teens, they had lost all their older male relatives in the POl Pot regime. They themselves had been force ... read more

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