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November 10th 2013
Published: November 10th 2013
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So like I said we were woken up at 6am on day 2, not that we needed waking up we were wide awake and had hardly slept much at all but I think we were both proud of making it through the night lol. Next part was tackling the god awful shower. I refused to walk anywhere without my flip flops on and that included the shower! I couldn't get the hot water on so had a cold shower that trickled out of the shower tap, I don't think I've ever experienced showering over a bucket before in my flip flops. It's so etching I will look back and laugh at but at the time just made me want to cry lol. Brad managed to turn the hot water on so at least he didn't have a cold shower lol.

We were down at breakfast for half 6 and baring in mind I'd basically only eaten steamed rice the day before I was starving but I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything in this place so literally had some of a baguette and that was it. Brad managed to have an omelet baguette so at least he had eaten something. We then all had to get on a little speed boat to visit a couple of places along the river, one where they had loads of fish and the second where they made scarves. It was actually quite interesting to see the women using old fashioned wooden machines to make scarves that we'd wear back home. Then we were back on the speed boat for a couple of hours to take us across the border to Cambodia. We had to wait at the Vietnamese border while our guide sorted out our visas and as we walked in there was a little shop selling food including Oreos so YES we jumped on a packet of those bad boys ha!! Once our visa were sorted we were back on the boat and in Cambodia. Once there we had to get off the boat and back on to, yes, another bus. It was so surreal at the border though all of us just waiting around in what I can explain as some sort of garden with a building in the middle where the officers were checking our documents. Didn't feel like you were going from one country to another at all.

We had to wait for a while for the bus and when it finally arrived it was a little mini bus ok for 12 of us to get on but not with luggage too!!! We were all squashed in and to make matters worse me and Brad were sat at the back and the couple who came to sit next to us decided they couldn't bare to sit apart for 2 hours so 4 of us had to squash into a 3 seater with an empty seat in front of them!!!! By this point I was at boiling point. They were all German though so didn't understand my very loud moan lol. The drive felt like it took forever and the roads were awful, just another unpleasant part of the disastrous 2 days really!! When we finally reached Phnom Penh we got off the bus as quickly as possible and got a tuc tuc to our hotel, there was no way we were staying on the bus any longer than we had to. We just couldn't wait to get to our hotel have a proper shower and chill out!!!

Well, we got there, and it was just awful. The hotel felt like a prison with bars on windows and the top of doors and then we looked at the bathroom and you guessed it guys, it was horrible again!!! The shower was literally over the toilet!!!! I just burst out laughing because if I didn't I would have cried, brad was just angry so it just hadn't been our few days really. We decided to just go get lunch as we were starving so we went out and tried to calm down lol. We decided we didn't need to see another city and wanted to get to Siem Reap as soon as possible so after a little walk around we headed back to cell block A and booked a really nice hotel for the next 5 nights in Siem Reap and now we are currently in a taxi on our way there!!! So we did 1 night of hell instead of 2 I think that counts as passing the 2nd bush tucker trial!! The journey takes 5 hours and our driver is mental it's like they don't care for their lives when driving out here!!! But I am so glad to get out of the dump and on our way to heaven!!!

One thing I will say is Brad has looked after me soooo well the last few days, I definitely wouldn't have coped without him, it's made us closer, if possible!! Soppy moment over lol.

Daddy and everyone else who has messaged us worried about the storm just to let you all know we are fine and missed it by a couple of days I think. So thanks for your message Jess and Dad!!

Love B&K xxxxxx


10th November 2013

Hi there! Am planning a trip to Cambodia for February and am reading as much as I can about how best to travel around. Is it better to get a taxi rather than a bus to go between Siem Riep and Phnom Penh, or had you just had enough of the buses????? And if it's not too nosy, how much was it? Advice much appreciated! Rachel
10th November 2013

Hi Rachel, our taxi was €65 but I'm sure the bus isn't that bad, we were just fed up of the buses ha! If you hook in advance though they do flights that are only 45 minutes. Hope that helps,enjoy your trip!
10th November 2013

Hi Kate & Brad, It sounds like you have had a rough couple of days. I, too, have been worried about you with the terrible things that have happened in the Phillipines. Pleased to hear you are both safe. Love and miss you. Nan xxxx

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