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Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago January 31st 2018

Myeik est une ville assez moyenn, sans particularité notoire, comme finalement toutes celles de cette partie sud-est du Myanmar. Ce qui compte ici est dans la mer, qu’on appelle l’archipel de Myerk ou les Merguis Islands. C’est un chapelet d’îles (800 selon la police, 1.500 selon les syndicats), vierges, la plupart inhabitées et souvent inexplorées. Cet archipel s’étend jusqu’à l’extrême sud du Myanmar, à hauteur de Kawtaung, soit une belle trotte. Un seul hébergement dans toutes ces îles. Il y a évidemment de magnifiques spots de plongée et de snorkeling, les accès sont très lointains. C’est dire si, y accéder et avoir le privilège d’y consacrer plusieurs journées se méritent en temps et en épaisseur de portefeuille ! Des départs sont aussi possibles depuis Kawtaung et de Ranong en Thaïlande. Ainsi, la plupart des visiteurs qui ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago February 6th 2017

Here it is, I'm finally diving the Mergui Archipelago in Burma. This place has got higher on my list over the last few years. I was booked on a trip twelve months ago, but it was cancelled just 10 days before it, due to a group cancelling and not reaching the minimum number of divers. I was booked on A-One-Diving...and they were truly honest by re-imbursing fast not only my deposit, but also my flight ticket from Bangkok to Ranong. So on this trip, I only took my ticket last minute and put down the deposit once I was certain the trip was going on. We ended being 8 guests....and a liveaboard that can take easily twenty we had all the space to enjoy the boat to ourselves. So the plan is first to fly ... read more
Octopus time!
We only saw two other liveaboard in 6 days!
Harlequin Shrimp....a pretty rare sighting! Have to find them first!

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago November 26th 2008

After a couple of weeks of silence, I didn't fancy joining the other guys at the full moon party on Ko Pangan. If I'd heard good things about the parties I'd probably have gone anyhow, but from what I hear, it's a load of pissed up tossers on a beach getting lairy and a load of thai policemen trying to catch people doing drugs. Not a great scenario for fun fun fun ! Instead, I decided to go do some underwater meditation instead......diving! I was really close to Ko Lak where a lot of dive boats operate from which seemed an ideal opportunity. On the last day of the retreat I'd spoken to a girl who'd been a dive master for a few years on the andaman coast in thailand. She'd said the closer you got ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago April 15th 2008

Now, questionable security at border crossings are not that uncommon in this world. Questionable in the sense that maybe you make the tall grey arch beep a concert and they flat out ignore it, questionable in the sense that maybe those X-ray screeners aren't really even turned on (and their "guns" look like halloween props), questionable in the sense that you think the sole security screener is clearly abusing cheap cough syrup on the job while you prance through with your huge metal beltbuckle, 2 pound bling around your neck, and maybe your gat sticking out of your underwear. But, has said border crossing ever been done in a makeshift parking lot while the crossee in question is hidden away on a boat? Meanwhile, the passport receives a beautiful, full-page purple stamp given on the hood ... read more
peacock mantis
porcelain anemone crab
Photo 4

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago January 11th 2007

For the first time in my life I feel I have been to the edge of the earth. I sailed in forgotten waters off the coast of a mostly forgotten country, was rescued by squid fishing gypsies, walked on dense uninhabited islands and virgin stretches of sand, dove lush reefs as well as devastated reefs, swam into nurse shark caves, and even encountered the Myanmar Navy, all in 6 short days in late November. My adventure began November 21st when I flew a puddle jumper from Yangon to Kawthoung, an island bordering Thailand on the Myanmar side. We touched down 3 times in that journey and only once did we have a smooth landing. Have you ever landed front wheel first in a mid size passenger jet? If you have you probably haven't lived to ... read more
Calm Water
Dead in the water
Mo Money

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mergui Archipelago December 4th 2005

In Myanmar it is an established guidebook fact that you can actually avoid paying entrance fees without incurring the wrath of fellow travellers for being a hairy-tight-ass! For here in Myanmar, you are depriving an evil tyrannical power of money, ever so slightly weakening him and thus contributing to his ultimate downfall...or NOT! And so it was, as I roamed around Shwedagon Pagoda, the most sacred pagoda in the world in the first shards of morning light, enthusiastically avoiding the $5US admittance fee I had my first shart! Shart: when one farts and a little piece of s__t comes out. There's no doubt that Shwedagon is a spectacular Pagoda, However if you’ve just been on a Pagoda pilgrimage tour through Thailand and Myanmar, and have seen these phallic symbols competing for prominence on every hill top ... read more
That's an order!
Colonial architecture, Rangoon.
Schwedagon Pagoda

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