So I was diving Myanmar... wait, what?

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April 15th 2008
Published: May 16th 2008
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Now, questionable security at border crossings are not that uncommon in this world. Questionable in the sense that maybe you make the tall grey arch beep a concert and they flat out ignore it, questionable in the sense that maybe those X-ray screeners aren't really even turned on (and their "guns" look like halloween props), questionable in the sense that you think the sole security screener is clearly abusing cheap cough syrup on the job while you prance through with your huge metal beltbuckle, 2 pound bling around your neck, and maybe your gat sticking out of your underwear.
But, has said border crossing ever been done in a makeshift parking lot while the crossee in question is hidden away on a boat? Meanwhile, the passport receives a beautiful, full-page purple stamp given on the hood of a truck that looks like it hasn't run since 1972?

So the scene plays as we cross into Burma from Thailand on the 3rd day of the dive liveaboard through the Similans/Surins and up to the Mergui Archipelago. And YES, you can dive Myanmar - and it's like diving Thailand, but with barely any other divers. I'm not going to go into details on the dives here, but let's just say some parts of Myanmar are so uncharted that our divemasters couldn't brief us on a couple sites. "Well, I've only dove this twice myself, there are some strong currents but we have no tide charts or anything for Myanmar, so lets just call this an exploratory dive!"

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22nd May 2008

I am so glad you did this before the cyclone amy

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